2002/03/01 - #: 8740-N2-0669/02 - NewTel Communications Inc. - TN 669 - General Tariff - Public Mobile Telephone Service

2003/04/22 - Telecom Order CRTC 2003-159 The Commission approves an application by Aliant Telecom Inc. to withdraw public mobile telephone service in Newfoundland, conditional upon Aliant Telecom reimbursing each subscriber $2,000 to ease conversion to an alternative service. Reference: TN 669.

2005/04/18 - NewTel Communications Inc.

Description:  Approved tariff pages


050418.pdf - 107KB

2002/11/19 - Aliant Telecom
Description:  The Company is in receipt of letter from the Commission dated 2002 10 29 and provide responses to questions concerning NewTel Communications Tariff Notice 669
021119.zip - 85KB

2002/10/29 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Letter addressed to Aliant Telecom Inc. - Re: NewTel Communications Tariff Notice No. 669 - Interrogatories

2002/07/17 - Aliant Telecom
Description: In NewTel Communications Tariff Notice No. 669 dated 2002 03 01 Aliant Telecom Inc. ("Aliant Telecom" or "the Company") proposed to remove from CRTC 13001 all references to Item 170 - Public Mobile Telephone Service in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Company is submitting a response to several letters it has received commenting on its proposals.
020717.doc - 44KB

2002/06/05 - The Town of Burgeo - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Burgeo Town council hereby express grave concern and opposition to NewTels application to have the Mobile Phone Service along the Burgeo Highway, Route 480, decommissioned.

2002/05/23 - Kelvin L. Parsons, M.H.A. Burgeo-LaPoile District - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Comments concerning decommissioning of mobile phone service.

2002/05/22 - Newfoundland and Labrador Community Ambulance Operators Association
Description:  Comments objecting to application of Newtel Tariff Notice 669.
020522.wpd - 120KB

2002/05/16 - Andrew Moriarty - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Please accept this correspondence as formal intervention against the application of NewTel Communications to have its IMTS/MTS telephone system decommissioned.

2002/05/01 - Glenn E. Burton - "Hard Copy Document"

2002/05/10 - John Vallis, Hr. Breton Lions Ambulance Committee - "Hard Copy Document"

2002/04/08 - Lee LaFosse - Layden Lake Outfitters
Description: Comments received concerning NewTel Tariff Notice 669.
020408.pdf - 83KB

2002/03/01 - Aliant Telecom Inc. - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Response to letters dated March 7 and April 2, 2002 from Kelvin L. Parsons, Q.C.M.H.A, District of Burgeo and LaPoile.

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