2002/02/27 - #8740-N2-0668/02 - NewTel Communications Inc. - TN 668 - General Tariff - Provincial Centrex Service

2002/05/29 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-223 The Commission denies the application by Aliant Telecom dated 27 February 2002, on behalf of NewTel Communications Inc., to modify the provisions relating to contracts for Centrex service under a minimum contract period. Reference: NewTel TN 668.

2002/04/15 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description: Aliant Telecom Inc. ("Aliant Telecom" or "the Company") provides the following comments on GT Group Telecom Services Corp.'s (Group Telecom) letter of 2002 04 03 in regards to NewTel Communication's Tariff Notice 668.
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2002/04/03 - GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
Description:  GT Group Telecom Services Corp. (Group Telecom) has reviewed Aliant Telecom Inc's (Aliant) filing which proposes changes to the terms and conditions associated with NewTel Communications, Minimum Contract Period (MCP), for Provincial Centrex Service submitted in the above Tariff Notice (TN).
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Date Modified: 2002-05-29

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