2002/03/01 - #8740-M1-0813/02 - Maritime Tel & Tel Limited (MTT) - TN 813/A - Amendment to TN 813 

2002/02/15 - #8740-M1-0813/02 - Maritime Tel & Tel Limited (MTT) - TN 813 - General Tariff - Housekeeping Changes

2002/05/29 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-226 The Commission approves the proposed consolidation of tariffs for private line circuits and rate increase for some inter-exchange circuits. Reference: Aliant Telecom TN 7/A, Island Tel TN 566/A, MTT TN 813/A, NBTel TN 877/A and NewTel TN 666/A. Eff. date = 29.05.02

2002/03/13 - Municipality of the Country of Richmond - "Hard Copy Document"
Description The attached correspondence from MTT Aliant Telecom was reviewed by Richmond Municipal Council and unanimously adopted by our Council.

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