2002/05/10 - #8740-B7-0100/02 - Bruce Municipal Telephone System - TN 100 - General Tariff - Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Service 3 Mbps

2002/07/15 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-279 - The Commission approves an application by Bruce Municipal Telephone System, dated 10 May 2002, to revise item 11.1B, Digital Subscriber Line - Business, under section 900 of its General Tariff, in order to re-introduce the rates for 3.0 Mbps service provided through Off Backbone Access. Reference: TN 100. Eff. date= 15.07.02.

2002/07/08 - Bruce Municipal Telephone System - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Bruce Municipal Telephone System (BMTS) herewith requests to withdraw. BMTS is not able to offer the service in our operating territory at this time.

Date Modified: 2002-12-12

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