2002/11/15 - #8740-B2-6708/02 - Bell Canada - TN 6708 - Access Services Tariff - 800/888 Carrier Access: Multi-carrier selection capability

2003/07/10 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2003-46 The Commission approves the withdrawal of the 800/888 Carrier Access: Multi Carrier Selection Capability development charge per query, effective 1 June 2002, for Aliant Telecom Inc., Bell Canada, MTS Communications Inc., and TELUS Communications Inc. Reference: Aliant Telecom TN 57, Bell Canada TN 6708, MTS TN 492, TCI TN 505 and TCBC TN 4188.

2003/01/14 - AT&T Canada Corp.
Description:  AT&T Canada Intervention Reply Comments
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2002/12/27 - The Companies (Aliant Telecom, Bell Canada and MTS Communications Inc.)
Description:  The following constitutes Bell Canada's response, on behalf of itself, Aliant Telecom Inc., and MTS Communications Inc. to an intervention dated 16 December, 2002 from AT&T Canada Corp. and AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company associated with Bell Canada Tariff Notice No. 6708, Aliant Telecom Inc. Tariff Notice No. 57 and MTS Tariff Notice No. 492
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2002/12/16 - AT&T Canada
Description:  AT&T Canada Corp. and AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company are in receipt of the above-referenced tariff applications from Aliant Telecom Inc., Bell Canada, TELUS and MTS proposing to withdraw the 800 Carrier Access Multi-Carrier Selection Charge Development Charges from their respective tariffs.
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2002/11/25 - AT&T Canada
Description:  AT&T Canada kindly requests that Bell ceases billing of development costs immediately and provides a rebate to the company by December 25.
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