2002/03/22 - #8740-B2-6662/02 - Bell Canada - TN 6662 - General Tariff - Service Overlaps 

2002/11/06 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-69 Bell Canada - Service overlap between Brampton and Streetsville exchanges. The Commission approves an application by Bell Canada to allow it to continue to serve 14 customers from the Streetsville exchange in spite of the fact that these customers will be located in the Brampton exchange as a result of changes in the boundary between the Streetsville and Brampton exchanges. Reference: 8740-B2-6662/02.

2002/05/21 - Bell Canada
Description: On 26 April 2002, Bell Canada responded to a letter from AT&T Canada Corp. (AT&T) dated 22 April 2002 regarding TN 6662.
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2002/04/26 - Bell Canada
Description: Description: Bell Canada is in receipt of a letter from AT&T Canada Corp. (AT&T) dated 22 April 2002 regarding the proposed establishment of an exception in the Brampton, Ontario exchange to provide for a service overlap to allow to continue serving 14 customers from the adjacent Streetsville, Ontario exchange.
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2002/04/22 - AT&T Canada
Description: AT&T Canada Corp. on behalf of itself and AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company (collectively, AT&T Canada) submits the following comments with respect to Bell Canada's Tariff Notice No. 6662.
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