2002/01/15 - #8740-B2-6647/02 - Bell Canada - TN 6647 - General Tariff - Centrex III Service

2002/12/20 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002- 464 - The Commission approves an application by Bell Canada, dated 15 January 2002, to revise General Tariff item 675, Centrex III Service in order to increase the monthly rates on voice local lines by 3%; to increase the monthly rates on public switched telephone network connections by 5%; and to increase the service charges (basic work elements and miscellaneous) by 7%. Reference: Tariff Notice 6647. Eff. Date = 20.12.02.

2002/05/29 - Bell Canada
Description:  Bell Canada advises that the two week implementation lead time originally requested in this TN is no longer required. Effective date can be co-incident with date of Order.
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2002/02/27 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell's responses to interventions on Tariff Notice Nos. 6647, 6648 and 6649.
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2002/02/14 - AT&T Canada Corporation
Description: Objection to Bell Canada's Tariff Notices 6647, 6648, and 6649 - proposal to increase the rates for Centrex III and Enhanced Exchange-Wide Dial (EEWD) services.
020214.doc - 36KB

2002/02/12 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.
Description: Comments from Primus Canada Inc. regarding Bell Canada Tariff Notices 6647 and 6648 - proposal to increase the rates for Centrex III services.
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