2002/12/12 -  #8740-A53-0053A/02 - Aliant Telecom Inc. - TN 53/A - Amendment to TN 53 

2002/10/17 - #8740-A53-0053/02 - Aliant Telecom Inc. - TN 53 - General Tariff - Wireless Service Provider Enhanced 911 (WSP 0911) Service

2003/11/21 - Telecom Decision 2003-79 - The Commission approves Aliant Telecom Inc.'s wireless service provider enhanced 9-1-1 (WSP E9-1-1) service tariff and the associated WSP E9-1-1 agreement, subject to modifications. The Commission also approves on a final basis the WSP E9-1-1 service tariffs of Bell Canada and TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI), as well as the associated WSP E9-1-1 agreements, subject to modifications. Reference: Aliant Telecom TNs 53, 53A; 8340-A53-0882/00, 8340-A53-0882/01; Bell Canada TN 6629; TCBC TN 4120; 8340-T46-0718/00; former TELUS Communications Inc. TNs 327, 327A, 8340-T42-0725/00; TCI TNs 4141A, 41B; and 8340-T66-0851/00.

003/01/22 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description:  Aliant Telecom Inc. is in receipt of Rogers Wireless Inc. comments dated 2003 01 10 on the Company's Tariff Notice 53A.
030122.doc - 100KB

2003/01/10 - Rogers Wireless Inc.
Description:  Rogers Wireless Inc. (RWI) submits the following general comments regarding TN 53A.
030110.doc - 41KB

2002/12/12 - Aliant Telecom
Description:  The company received interventions from Telus Communications Inc., Microcell Telecommunications Inc., and Rogers Wireless Inc. on November 18, 2002. The following constitutes the answer of Aliant Telecom to the interventions.
021212.doc - 123KB

2002/11/27 - Aliant Telecom
Description:  The company requests an extension until December 12, 2002 to file reply comments.
021127.doc - 99KB

2002/11/18 - Telus Communications Inc.
Description:  Telus' comments on TN 53.
021118_2.doc - 62KB

2002/11/18 - Rogers Wireless Inc.
Description:  Rogers' comments on TN 53.
021118_1.doc - 69KB

2002/11/18 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description:  Microcell's comments on TN 53, as well as on the accompanying WSP E9-1-1 Service Agreement
021118.doc - 44KB

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