2001/10/31 - #: 8740-N3-0163/01 - Northern Telephone Limited - TN 163 and 163A and 163B - General Tariff - PIC/CARE Manual

2001/12/17 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Letter addressed to Northern Telephone Limited - Re:  This is further to your letter dated 13 December 2001 requesting that the Tariff Notice 163A for Northern Limited be withdrawn. The company's proposal is acceptable and no further action will be taken.

2001/12/14 - Northern Telephone Limited
Description: Northern Telephone Limited ("Northern") is in receipt of a letter from O.N.Telcom, dated November 30, 2001 concerning Northern's Tariff Notice No. 163 ("TN 163") which was filed with the CRTC on October 31, 2001 and amended in Tariff Notice 163B.
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2001/12/13 - Northern Telephone Limited
Description: Northern Telephone Limited ("Northern") hereby requests to withdraw Tariff Notice No. 163A. Northern will file its revised PIC CARE Manual apart from Tariff Notice No. 163.
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2001/11/30 - O.N. Telcom
Description: On 31 October 2001, Northern Telephone Limited ("NTL") filed with the CRTC for approval its Tariff Notice No. 163, Primary Interexchange Carrier and Customer Account Record Exchange (PIC/CARE) ("NTL TN 163"), which includes both its proposed PIC/CARE Procedure Manual as well as proposed associated tariffs for PIC processing.
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