2001/11/20 - #: 8740-B2-6629/01 - Bell Canada - TN 6629 - Special Facilities Tariff - Wireless Service Provider Enhanced 9-1-1 Service (WSP E9-1-1)

2003/11/21 - Telecom Decision CRTCeng/archive/2003/dt2003-79.htm">2003-79  - The Commission approves Aliant Telecom Inc.'s wireless service provider enhanced 9-1-1 (WSP E9-1-1) service tariff and the associated WSP E9-1-1 agreement, subject to modifications. The Commission also approves on a final basis the WSP E9-1-1 service tariffs of Bell Canada and TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI), as well as the associated WSP E9-1-1 agreements, subject to modifications. Reference: Aliant Telecom TNs 53,8740/eng/2002/a53.htm#a53a">53A;8340/eng/8340-02.htm#a88200">8340-A53-0882/00,8340/eng/8340-02.htm#a88201">8340-A53-0882/01; Bell Canada TN 6629; TCBC TN 4120;8340/Eng/8340-00.htm#a71800">8340-T46-0718/00; former TELUS Communications Inc. TNs 327, 327A,8340/eng/8340-00.htm#a72500">8340-T42-0725/00; TCI TNs 4141A,8740/eng/2002/t66.htm#a41b">41B; and8340/eng/8340-02.htm#a85100">8340-T66-0851/00.

2001/12/21 - Telecom Order CRTCeng/archive/2001/o2001-902.htm">2001-902 - The Commission approves, on an interim basis, Bell Canada's tariff revisions and the wireless service provider enhanced 9-1-1 service agreement. Reference: TN 6629. Eff. date = 01.01.02.

2002/01/09 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada Tariff Notice No. 6629: WSP E9-1-1 Service - Reply Comments.
public/8740/2001/B2/tn6629/020109.doc">020109.doc - 110KB

2001/12/24 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Files #:PartVII/eng/2001/8661/c25-03.htm">8661-C25-03/01,PartVII/eng/2001/8665/C12-13.htm">8665-C12-13/01,PartVII/eng/2001/8669/C12-01.htm">8669-C12-01/01, 8740-B2-6629/01
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Date for reply comments is extended

2001/12/21 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description: Microcell Telecommunications Inc. ("Microcell") is in receipt of Bell's correspondence to the Commission dated December 20, 2001, entitled "Early January Filing Deadlines".
Document:public/partvii/2001/8661/Microcell/011221.doc">011221.doc - 23KB

2001/12/20 - Bell Canada
Description: In reviewing ongoing filing requirements, it has become apparent to the Company that it is faced with a number of filings in the week during which affected departments return to normal staffing levels following the holiday period.
Document:public/partvii/2001/8661/Bell/011220_3.doc">011220_3.doc - KB

2001/12/20 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description: The following are the comments of Microcell regarding TN 6629 within which Bell requests Commission approval of its proposed WSP E9-1-1 service and accompanying WSP E9-1-1 service agreement.
public/8740/2001/B2/tn6629/011220.doc">011220.doc - 47KO

2001/12/19 - Rogers Wireless Inc.
Description: Rogers Wireless Inc. ("RWI") is in receipt of the abridged version of Bell Canada ("Bell") Tariff Notice No. 6629 ("TN 6629"), which seeks approval for a Wireless Service Provider ("WSP") Enhanced 9-1-1 ("WSP E9-1-1") Service.
public/8740/2001/B2/tn6629/011219.doc">011219.doc - 66KB

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