2001/11/01 - #: 8740-B2-6626/01 - Bell Canada - TN 6626 - Access Services Tariff - Local Network Interconnection and Component Unbundling

2003/07/17 - Allstream Corp.
Description: The following is a request for additional procedures submitted by Allstream Corp. (Allstream) in connection with the Ethernet Access service proposals contained in Bell Canada TN 6726 and Telus Communications Inc. TN 65.
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2001/12/11 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of comments related to Bell Canada Tariff Notice No. 6626 (TN 6626) from Futureway Communications Inc.
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2001/11/29 - Futureway Communications Inc.
Description: Futureway Communications Inc. obtained a copy of Bell Canada Tariff Notice No. 6626, dated 1 November 2001, (TN 6610) in which Bell Canada filed the formal economic study referred to in its Tariff Notice No. 6610, dated 23 August 2001 (TN 6610) which was approved by the Commission on an interim basis in Order CRTC 2001-740, 25 September 2001.
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