2001/10/26 - #: 8740-B2-6625/01 - Bell Canada - TN 6625 - General Tariff - Minimum Contract Period (MCP)

2002/05/16 - Telecom Order CRTC CRTCeng/archive/2002/o2002-199.htm">2002-199 The Commission denies an application by Bell Canada, dated 26 October 2001, to modify various items of its General Tariff relating to conversions or migrations from one service to another when the services are subject to the terms of a minimum contract period (MCP). Reference: TN 6625.

2001/12/04 - Bell Canada
Description: Response to Intervention on Tariff Notice Nos 6611, 6624 and 6625.
public/8740/2001/B2/tn6611/011204.doc">011204.doc - 34KB

2001/11/29 - GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
Description: GT Group Telecom Services Corp. (Group Telecom) has reviewed three recent Bell Canada filings which propose changes to the terms, conditions, rates and charges associated with Minimum Contract Periods (MCPs) for Local Link, ISP Link, Centrex, Digital Exchange Access, Megalink and Individual Business Lines.
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