2001/08/17 - #: 8740-B2-6609/01 - Bell Canada - TN 6609 - General Tariff - Integrated Services Digital Network

2002/07/12 - Telecom Decision CRTCeng/archive/2002/dt2002-40.htm">2002-40 - The Commission denies Bell Canada's proposed changes to its Megalink service tariff that would prohibit the use of Type A links for certain purposes. In addition, the Commission directs Bell Canada to issue a revised tariff page that addresses the use of public switched telephone network connectivities and Type A links in the context of its Megalink service. Reference: TN 6609.

2001/11/23 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada ("the Company") is in receipt of comments on this Tariff Notice from Call-Net Enterprises Inc. ("Call-Net") dated and received 27 September 2001.
public/8740/2001/B2/tn6609/011123.doc">011123.doc - 28KB

2001/10/27 - Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Call-Net submits the comments re: Bell Tariff Notice 6609.

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