2001/06/29 - #: 8740-B2-6597/01 - Bell Canada - TN 6597 - Access Services Tariff - Local Network Interconnection and Component Unbundling

2004/07/14 - Telecom Decision CRTCeng/archive/2004/dt2004-46.htm">2004-46 The Commission modifies the regulatory framework for the interconnection of local exchange carriers. Reference: 8643-C25-01/99, 8643-C12-07/01 and  Bell Canada Tariff Notice 6597. (.pdf)

2001/12/19 - Telecom Public Notice CRTCeng/archive/2001/pt2001-126.htm">2001-126 Trunking arrangements for the interchange of traffic and the point of interconnection between local exchange carriers. Reference: 8643-C25-01/99,PartVII/eng/2001/8643/8643-01.htm#c12-07">8643-C12-07/01 and Bell Canada TN 6597.

2001/08/09 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of comments related to Bell Canada Tariff Notice No. 6597 (TN 6597) from Microcell Telecommunications Inc. (Microcell), dated and received 30 July 2001, and from Norigen Communications Inc. (Norigen) and Futureway Communications Inc. (Futureway), dated 30 July 2001 and received 31 July 2001, (collectively, the Parties).
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6597/010809_1.doc">010809_1.doc - 74KB

2001/07/30 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description: Bell Canada TN 6597: Comments of Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6597/010730a.doc">010730.doc - 17 KB

2001/07/30 - Norigen Communications Inc.
Description: Norigen comments on Bell Canada's TN 6597
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6597/010730b.doc">010730.doc - 23 KB

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