2001/02/01 - #: 8740-B2-6559/01 - Bell Canada - TNpublic/8740/2001/B2/tn6559.zip">6559 - General Tariff - Channels for Data Tansmission - OC- 3 Facility

NFAR = No Further action required

2001/05/01 - Ordereng/archive/2001/O2001-340.htm">2001-340 The Commission approves, on an interim basis, Bell Canada's proposed Special Facilities Tariff (SFT) filed under Tariff Notice 6559, to provide customers with OC-3 access between customer premises and the company's serving wire centres. Reference:  TN 6559.

2001/10/10 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Telecom Order 2001-340 - Extend the date for the filing

2001/10/05 - Bell Canada
Description: Further to Bell Canada's letter of 11 May 2001, the Company wishes to inform the Commission that it is unable to meet the requested filing date for an OC-3 offering in its General Tariff. The Company hereby requests an extension of the filing date to 19 October 2001.
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6559/011005.doc">011005.doc - 25KB

2001/05/24 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Request to extend the filing date

2001/05/11 - Bell Canada
Description: Requesting an extension to file by 28 September 2001 a proposed General Tariff for OC-3 access as directed in Order CRTC 2001-340.
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6559/010511.doc">010511.doc - 53KB

2001/03/16 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada wishes to advise the Commission that in its response to the Commission's interrogatories dated 14 March 2001, confidential information was inadvertently included in the abridged version of its answers. (Replace response dated 14 March 2001)
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6559/010316.doc">010316.doc - 54KB
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6559/010316r.doc">010316R.doc - 30KB

2001/03/14 - Bell Canada
Description: Attached is Bell Canada's response to the Commission's questions included in its letter dated 21 February 2001.
public/8740/2001/B2/TN6559/010314.doc">010314.doc - 54KB

2001/02/21 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Subject:  The company is requested to provide responses to the attached questions.

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