2001/08/16 - #: 8740-T42-417/01 - TELUS Communications Inc. - TN 417 - Carrier Access Tariff and General Tariff - Interconnecting Circuits With Trunk Side Access / Resale and Sharing of Services

2002/04/11 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-20 TELUS Communications Inc. - Billed number screening database access service. The Commission considers that it is appropriate to grant approval of the proposed tariff revisions. However, given remaining unresolved issues concerning the rate structure of the billed number screening database access service, the Commission approves these tariffs on an interim basis, effective as of the date of this decision. Reference: TCI TN 417 and TCBC TN  4160.

2001/10/25 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description: The following are further comments of Microcell regarding TNs 4160 and 417, within which TCI proposes a change in provisioning for BNS Database Access service in each of Alberta and British Columbia.
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2001/10/22 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: The Company is in receipt of comments from Microcell Telecommunications Inc. dated 2001 09 12, regarding the former TCI Tariff Notice No. 417 and TCBC Tariff Notice No. 4160.
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2001/09/12 - Microcell Telecom - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: The following are the comments of Microcell Telecommunications Inc. regarding TNs 4160 and 417.

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