2001/04/05 - #8740-A2-45/01 - Amtelecom Inc. - Amendment to TN 45

2001/03/02 - #8740-A2-45/01 - Amtelecom Inc.- TN 45 - General Tariff - Changes to a number of Trademarks and housekeeping changes  

2001/10/19 - Order CRTCeng/archive/2001/o2001-775.htm">2001-775 - The Commission approves Amtelecom's request to increase rates for foreign exchange service, off premises extension and digital network access service charge for DS-3 access and to make housekeeping changes. Reference: TNs 45 and 45A. 

2001/07/06 - Amtelecom Communications - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Our current tariff for Foreign Exchange Service is rated on a zone basis. In July 1999 we removed the zone pricing structure from our Primary Exchange Service (CRTC Order 99-556).

2001/06/15 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Amtelecom Communications - Subject: Tariff Notices No. 45 and 45A - Interrogatories

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