2002/08/23- #: 8340-T3-0398/01 - Telesat - For approval of the NIMIQ 2 DBS Special Facility Agreement

2002/11/21 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-434 The Commission approves an application by Telesat Canada, dated 23 August 2002, for approval, pursuant to sections 25 and 27 of the Telecommunications Act (the Act), of the executed NIMIQ 2 Transponder Agreement between Telesat and Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership, to provide capacity for Direct Broadcasting Satellite services over the life of the NIMIQ 2 satellite, nominally expected to be 12 years. Reference: 8340-T3-0398/01.

2003/01/17 - Bell Express Vu
Description:  For the reasons set out in this letter, Bell Express Vu supports Telesat's filing an abridged version of the DBS Transponder agreement for Nimiq 2 with the CRTC and submits that the Commission should not place the unabridged (confidential) version of the agreement on the public record.
Document: 030117.pdf - 108KB

2003/01/17 - Telesat
Description: As requested by Commission staff, please find attached an electronic copy of the abridged Nimiq 2 DBS Transponder contract filed January 17, 2003 in accordance with Telecom Order CRTC 2002-434.
Document: 030117.pdf - 7075KB

2002/08/23 - Telesat
Description:  For approval of the NIMIQ 2 DBS Special Facility Agreement
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