2002/03/21 - #: 8340-M29-0852/00 - Microcell Connexions Inc. - Agreement between Microcell Connexions and Bell Canada - Section 29 MALI

2002/05/17 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-202 - The Commission approves the Master Agreement for Local Interconnection between Bell Canada and Microcell Connexions Inc. (Microcell), filed on 21 March 2002. Reference: 8340-M29-0852/00.

2002/04/11 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Microcell Telecommunications Inc. - Re: Operation of Microcell Connexions Inc. as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in the Toronto exchange

2002/04/09 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada is in receipt of a letter dated 26 March 2002 filed by Microcell Connexions Inc. (Microcell) informing the Commission of its plans to offer local switched services as a CLEC in the Toronto exchange on or about 23 April 2002.
Document: 020409.doc - 71KB

2002/03/26 - Microcell Connexions
Description:  We have received a copy of your March 20, 2002 letter to Marc Barré of Microcell, which enclosed copies of an executed Master Agreement for Local Interconection ("MALI") between Bell Canada and Microcell.
Document: 020326.doc - 25KB

2002/03/20 - Bell Canada - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: As discussed during our call earlier this week, please find enclosed two copies of a Master Agreement for Interconnection between Local Exchange Carriers(MALI) between Bell Canada and Microcell Connections.


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