Twitter Forum: Inquiry on use of misleading or aggressive sales practices by large telecommunications service providers

Canadians were invited to share their experience using the hashtag #CRTCforum. These comments were collected on Twitter during the public hearing, between October 22-26, 2018.

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1. Mike Le Couteur @mikelecouteur The start of CRTC hearings about misleading or aggressive practices of telecom companies
2. Mike Le Couteur @mikelecouteur Head of the CRTC Ian Scott compares the practices of telecom companies to pulling into a gas station, filling up your tank and the price at the pump changing when you go to pay inside #CRTC #CRTCforum #cdnpoli
3. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei CRTC chair says that any tweet with “ #CRTCforum ” will be entered into the record of the proceeding. (except for mine which are likely blocked by CRTC :-).
4. Mike Le Couteur @mikelecouteur First up at the hearings is the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services #CRTCforum #cdnpoli
5. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei “Some of the retail sales practices that have been reported on the public record of this hearing, if substantiated, would not be tolerated in other industries” #CRTCforum hey, chairman’s (aka judge) own evidence now included in public record. :-)
6. Clifford Coulter @dunderjeep Charging me $50 after my contract ended to unlock my phone? One last money grab from Bell on the way out. #CRTCforum End the chokehold, rent seeking economics, and internet privacy bluffs for more rent.
7. Ronald Mears @RaginRonic #CRTCforum I don't want Canada's major telcomedia companies selling me what they want to sell me....I want them to sell me what I want from them, no matter how odd it may be.
8. Ben Klass @BenKlass Full panel of Commissioners here at #CRTCforum, hearing from @CCTS_CPRST first, feat. @geoffrey_white . ASL translator on the right of the room, first time I’ve seen that at a hearing
9. Mike Le Couteur @mikelecouteur CCTS says 41% of complains were that the customer didn’t know the company had the right to change the price without notice #CRTCforum #CRTC #cdnpoli
10. gonevoip @gonevoip The floor is yours! Share your experience with large telcos’ sales practices within 280 characters! Remember: acceptable tweets containing #CRTCforum posted as of 9 am (EDT) until close of the hearing will be considered for the report to the Government.
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13. Ben Klass @BenKlass Howard Maker of the @CCTS_CPRST tells #CRTCforum that data may show “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to customer frustration in telecoms. Raising awareness of CCTS would surely bring more to the surface.
14. gonevoip @gonevoip Thank you all for participating! Acceptable tweets will be included in the public record in the following days. See you tomorrow! #CRTCforum
15. Teresa @RessyM #CRTCforum Friend's promo was ending, and wanted to get something similar. ISP didn't have that promo in their system anymore, said it didn't exist.. Friend had to go looking via Google for a news item about that promo.
16. gonevoip @gonevoip Participation in this process using #CRTCforum is subject to the terms of Participating in a Public Process:
17. Ben Klass @BenKlass Fairly full room here for what I believe is the first telecommunications-related oral hearing under present management of #CRTCforum
18. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei CRTC regulating Twitter :-) In what decision did CRTC give itself those powers ? #CRTCforum
19. Teresa @RessyM #crtcforum ISPs should keep promos in their system. If the promotion is no longer available, set it to inactive so no new people can be put on, but can still see it. Once the last person is off it, THEN you can delete said promo.
20. Teresa @RessyM #crtcforum Ala Wireless Code, you should receive an email immediately after signup with the pricing, length of promo, terms of promo, and requirements (ie having another service as well) to keep the promo.
21. Mike Le Couteur @mikelecouteur CCTS talking about the number of complaints: We have a limited amount of data, but we think it’s data you can rely on #CRTC #CRTCforum
22. Teresa @RessyM #crtcforum In that email, they should provide a link for the call recording, so the user can download the call and listen to it, as proof of what they were offered.. Also, so theres proof later of the provider's employees being misleading customers as to what they'd get.
23. Joe Bagadonuts @NBomb #CRTCforum Consider the following: -Making all available plans & promos available publically in-store & online, and have mandatory minimum availability periods (say, 30, 60 days, etc...) -Requiring email or print reciepts of all agreed plan details w/ minimum cooling-off period
24. Ben Klass @BenKlass Theme of @CCTS_CPRST intervention to #CRTCforum is “mismatches” — customer expectations not matching with what’s being delivered (quality, price, terms of service, etc.).
25. Teresa @RessyM #crtcforum Cooling off period would be helpful. 45 to 60 days cooling off period, so you get at least 1 bill to see what you're actually getting vs what they promised.
26. Ben Klass @BenKlass Similar to lower-cost data plans. And “future of broadcasting”. In this case, process was convened under s. 14 of telecoms act, which empowers govt to ask #CRTCforum to produce a report. NoC oriented toward producing a report, following trend of gov’t consultations (lots of talk)
27. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Would like to see "customer expectations" reframed thru Code requirement to support "informed" consumers. It's about rights and responsibilities from both consumers AND ISPs. My Q is What responsibilities do ISPs have to inform consumers and what does that look like? #CRTCforum
28. iCanadianKittie @iCanadianKittie #CRTCforum So I've been through the big 3 and they all have something in common. They LOVE to throttle channels just to make more money for the ones who are on income assistance who depend on the internet. They do not think people check their speeds all the time on their modem...
29. Teresa @RessyM #crtcforum Suitability: Sales rep at Rogers pushed my gramma into a home internet package she didn't need - she didn't have a computer, and her cellphone isn't a smartphone - was only on for emergency purposes.
30. Cheri @acmefibres For 8 months I've been trying every avenue to get Virgin to stop sending marketing texts to my phones; they refuse, in violation of their own T&C @virginmobilecan #CRTCforum
31. emily jackson @theemilyjackson With public consultation over, CRTC inquiry on telecom sales practices starts today. Public can weigh in with hashtag #CRTCforum… via @nationalpost
32. Alliance des radios communautaires (ARC) du Canada @arcducanada En ouverture du #CRTCforum du @CRTCfra sur les pratiques trompeuses ou agressives des grandes entreprises de télécommunication, le président Ian Scott souligne avoir reçu plus de 2 300 interventions de la part des Canadiens sur le sujet. #CRTC
33. Ben Klass @BenKlass There are 8 #CRTCforum commissioners and chairpeople overseeing this hearing, as well as 9 legal staff. No Commissioner from BC at the moment though, as that position is not filled right now.
34. Alliance des radios communautaires (ARC) du Canada @arcducanada Le processus (consultations, sondage en ligne, audience) mènera à l’élaboration d’un rapport au gouvernement afin de déterminer si des pratiques de vente au détail trompeuses ou agressives sont adoptées par de grands fournisseurs de service de télécommunication. #CRTCforum #CRTC
35. Ben Klass @BenKlass Example from @CCTS_CPRST of common dispute: telecom provider says contract terms support its position; customer didn’t agree to that contract. Earlier this year, courts sided with customers WRT binding nature of verbal contracts #CRTCforum…
36. Ben Klass @BenKlass Question for @CRTCeng re #CRTCforum : do linked documents also form part of the record? Or only human-readable text of tweets?
37. Chris Bordage @flutterby116 #CRTCforum Brought back Bell int. modem to Bell service store, cause the trailer park where it was hooked up was closed for winter. Got receipt & assured acc. was closed. 1 mnth later still had to pay because we were expected to call call-centre to confirm service was cancelled.
38. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg Opening remarks for the public hearing on the retail sales practices of Canada’s large telecommunications carriers | @ CRTCeng #CRTCforum "In light of the importance of this issue, the panel for the hearing is made up of all sitting members of the #CRTC "
39. Ben Klass @BenKlass #CRTCforum Chairman Scott asks if this is a systemic problem, or one that should be dealt with on a case by case basis? @CCTS_CPRST responds that there is an argument to standardize the approach.
40. Ben Klass @BenKlass Asked about door-to-door sales, @ CCTS_CPRST does receive complaints, but without a trail of evidence they are hard to sort out. Aggro door-to-door salespeople were the subject of numerous complaints filed by individuals to #CRTCforum
41. "ThinkingObserver" @ThinkingObservr Bell Fibe signup offered extra receiver for c $170 or rent for $7 /month for 2 yrs. We rented 4 boxes. After 2 yrs they claimed contract was 3 yrs. At end of 3 yrs, claimed it was a 4 yr contract. Now claiming it's 5 YRS! $420 /box. Many calls to Bell, no resolution. #CRTCforum
42. Steven James May @stevenjmay Are body cams needed? #CRTCforum
43. gonevoip @gonevoip BenKlass Hi Ben! Tweets with #CRTCforum only will form part of the record.
44. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Will be interesting to see if @ Bell, @Rogers, @TELUS, et al tell their tens of thousands of Twitter followers to go ahead and tweet to #CRTCforum if they want to take part in the hearing... I wouldn't hold my breath, given how angry they are at the @CRTCeng 's tweets last week.
45. Ben Klass @BenKlass Maker of @CCTS_CPRST points out that Australia has a highly prescriptive (proscriptive?) and comprehensive telecoms code of conduct (administered by @ACCAN_AU ). Maybe some tips about raising awareness from down unda would help #CRTCforum ?
46. Matthew Vernhout @EmailKarma I'd agree with this I've asked several times for representatives to "stop stopping by" when they are in the neighbourhood. I've finally put up a no solicitations sign on my door, some reps even point it out after I answer #SMH #CRTCforum
47. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCForum Door to door is a huge problem with controlled entry buildings. Either sales people enter without authorization or buy tenant data from landlords and ambush them in the lobby. They lie so much I now answer the door with the police on the line to force them to leave
48. Ben Klass @BenKlass Scott asks whether a trial period for all services would help to clear up “mismatches”. @CCTS_CPRST responds that would help, but mismatch problems don’t just happen during trials. Amen to that. #CRTCforum
49. emily jackson @theemilyjackson With public consultation over, CRTC inquiry on telecom sales practices starts today. Public can weigh in with hashtag #CRTCforum… via @nationalpost
50. emily jackson @theemilyjackson With public consultation over, CRTC inquiry on telecom sales practices starts today. Public can weigh in with hashtag #CRTCforum… via @nationalpost
51. Ben Klass @BenKlass Scott notes that @CCTS_CPRST has a high success rate — ~90% of complaints resolved — but awareness is a problem. Would mandating carriers to include contact info for @CCTS_CPRST in billing material, account pages help? #CRTCforum
52. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei If there were competition, incumbents would publish lower rates and offer those to customers. Instead, they publish high rates and need to offer undocumented/Unpublished discounts, hence problems. Perhaps banning the offering unpublished packages/deals? #CRTCforum
53. Ben Klass @BenKlass Maker tells #CRTCforum that they’re not out knocking on people’s doors to raise awareness (ha) but they’re easy to find if there’s a problem. He was right about google, they’re the first hit.  
54. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Query for #CRTCforum watchers" We're looking at "aggressive or misleading" sales practices. Is "aggressive" an inherently negative word or practice, or mostly a personal judgement call? We can probably all agree with what misleading is, but aggressive? What's that definition?
55. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 @CCTS_CPRST is effective but it shouldn't take going to them so often. My last complaint the telco was knowingly trying to benefit from actual fraud by a kiosk manager. They didn't bat an eye at trying to get an additional $15-30 from me after inducement. #CRTCforum
56. Hélène Landry @pezoche #CRTCforum : Chaque année, je vais en Europe pour au moins deux mois. J’y achète une carte SIM pour mon iPad. Coût cette année: 25£, environ 40$. L’ai utilisée à Londres, en Écosse, au Danemark et en Suède. Impossible d’avoir la même chose au Québec.
57. gonevoip @gonevoip 416ash Hi 416ash! To ensure that your comment is part of the public record, please use #CRTCforum when sending a tweet.
58. Ben Klass @BenKlass The current example being discussed by @ CCTS_CPRST — a customer finding out that their service is on a contract only after they’ve signed up, and/or that the terms were not what they thought — was a common theme amongst interveners to #CRTCforum
59. The Autistech @theAutistech I am #ActuallyAutistic . Both during sales and support, providers refused to write down or otherwise provide ways for me to reference their promises. They could see I have difficulty in verbal interaction and took advantage. #CRTCforum
60. Martin Gatin @mlgatin Telus$95-3GBDataFreedom$65-13GBDataDOTHEMATHFOLKS! #CRTCforum
61. Greg O'Brien‏ @gregobr       aggressive in the context of sales = deceptive, dishonest, misleading, forceful, threatening, invasive. Pushing hard with an honest/upfront sales pitch is fine but once you cross that line into forceful you're into aggressive territory #CRTCforum
62. JMJimmy‏ @JMJimmy1 Replying to @gregobr Query for #CRTCforum watchers: We're looking at "aggressive or misleading" sales practices. Is "aggressive" an inherently negative word or practice, or mostly a personal judgement call? We can probably all agree with what misleading is, but aggressive? What's that definition?
63. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass Promotion expiry is a big problem for customers, @CCTS_CPRST tells #CRTCforum . Several people I know have had the opposite problem — what they thought was a one-time addition of data for the month gets stuck on the bill in perpetuity.
64. The Autistech‏ @theAutistech Furthermore, there were very obvious points where I could tell they were omitting or obfuscating information. But a phone is a necessity for me and many people. It is a literal lifeline. Providers know this and abuse it for profit. #CRTCforum
65. The Autistech‏ @theAutistech This is compounded by the need for data. We are forced between choosing a plan we cannot afford, or a plan likely to have a lot of extra charges (which we cannot afford). We're not given enough info to make a good decision on this. If there is one to be made. #CRTCforum
66. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass Where do we need to be, Scott asks @CCTS_CPRST — No surprises, (cover all the bases), Maker tells #CRTCforum . Better access to and preservation of documentation too.
67. Aboud Georgos‏ @AskAboud   Voici un exemple de pratique douteuse. Je suis un client actuel, je veux passer de Fibe 300 à Fibe 15 qui me coûterait 84,95$/m. Cependant, le prix régulier est de 59,95$/m (49,95$/m pour la première année). #CRTC #crtcforum
68. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass   Ex post approach to complaints resolution can solve problems after they’ve happened; but isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? #CRTCforum For starters, how about forcing telco’s to show prospective customers the contract terms before being asked to sign?
69. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass   When asked about issues affecting accessibility and elderly community, @CCTS_CPRST responds that specific data on demographics as such is not collected. #CRTCforum
70. Jean-François Mezei‏ @jfmezei Possible solution: for any offer that is not published on the telecom provider’s web site, the offer must be rescindable by customer at no charge until the customer has received a written contract and has signed it. #CRTCforum
71. ACT Project‏ @ACT_Concordia   ACT Project Retweeted Shirin Vellani #CRTCforum this is an important comment from @vellani_shirin. We've heard similar stories from the seniors we've done interviews with. @CRTCeng @CRTCHearings @cbcgopublic
72. Shirin Vellani‏ @vellani_shirin   Replying to @cbcgopublic I am happy that this work is underway. I have seen my patients (older adults), many of them frail, cognitively impaired and socially isolated, pay for services such as internet that they did not even have
73. Brian Devin‏ @BrianDevin3   Smaller internet ISP can be problematic too - they either sign up +++ users until access bottlenecks (current ISP), or they sign you up for "high speed", then apply "bandwidth mgmt" and throttling (previous ISP). I want what I pay for! #crtcforum
74. JMJimmy‏ @JMJimmy1 #CRTCForum Non-disclosure is a huge issue. Companies won't even disclose information properly, or at all, even with @CRTCeng orders on the books. Major one: ITMP disclosure is not made when asked directly
75. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass Glad to hear real customers’ stories being brought in by @CCTS_CPRST — combing their expertise as industry ombudspeople with the real experience of the people they serve. #CRTCforum
76. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass Prairie Commissioner Levy asks whether the @CCTS_CPRST can comment on differences in practices by region; unfortunately the CCTS responds that regional data are not tracked. #CRTCforum
77. Dave Palladini‏ @Palladini921 #CRTCforum I have had aggressive folks trying to tell me I need a Bell Landline, constant mail from Rogers telling me I need their services. I need neither, I like my Comwave and that is not about to change
78. KatBW‏ @01020352 I live in the GTA 40 min NW of Pearson Airport. I pay $112/m for a very slow, not unlimited Internet from a “rural” provider. Why is it so expensive? Why am I rural in the GTA?. #CRTCforum
79. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass One thing is clear here; @CCTS_CPRST should be given mandate to increase information collection, sharing practices. Better and more detailed demographic, geographic data are needed to inform regulatory activity & decision making #CRTCforum
80. MJimmy‏ @JMJimmy1 @CCTS_CPRST wasted an opportunity with that last question to specifically identify the more common complaints it receives that it does not yet have a mandate to handle (outside of those more suited for other agencies) #crtcforum
81. Peter Nowak‏ @peternowak The @CRTCeng is taking comments today on deceptive telecom sales practices via the hash tag #crtcforum. Get your thoughts/suggestions in. I'll start: companies should be forced to offer simple online service cancellation, like Netflix, Spotify or any modern service provider do.
82. Ben Segel-Brown‏ @SegelBrown More Replying to @BenKlass @CCTS_CPRST Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass Prairie Commissioner Levy asks whether the @CCTS_CPRST can comment on differences in practices by region; unfortunately the CCTS responds that regional data are not tracked. #CRTCforum    @CCTS_CPRST open data tracks complaints by province. #crtcforum
83. Laura Tribe @ltribe Today kicks off the @CRTCeng's hearing on Bad Sales Tactics by Big Telecom. Have a story you want to share? Thoughts on how the system can be improved? Share them using #CRTCforum and they'll be added to the record of the proceeding. @CPAC_TV livestream:…
84. Ben Klass @BenKlass Coalition of groups representing deaf people presenting now at #CRTCforum
85. Bram Abramson @bramabramson See quantification of "out of mandate issues" in the annual reports, also summarized in the mid-years -- with micro-data in the open-data CSVs:…. #crtcforum
86. Ben Klass @BenKlass Coalition for the deaf notes that SRV/VRS, the means through which many deaf people communicate with their service providers, does not allow for recording, making it difficult if not impossible to produce empirical evidence. #CRTCforum
87. Peter Nowak @peternowak The @CRTCeng is taking comments today on deceptive telecom sales
practices via the hash tag #crtcforum. Get your thoughts/suggestions in. I'll start: companies should be forced to offer simple online service cancellation, like Netflix, Spotify or any modern service provider do.
88. Rena Woss @renawoss #CRTCforum I got involved in 2011 concerned about Big Telecom gouging. Since then I've received close to 700 emails/ court info etc which shows me how Bell, Telus etc. play the system. Legal jargon is difficult to understand/ time consuming ... this is how BIG Telecom wins.
89. Ben Klass @BenKlass Agenda of the #CRTCforum hearing is front-loaded with consumer and other civil society groups, and individuals, and then transitions starting Wednesday to service providers. Regulatory/policy staff from Bell, Telus, Rogers, Shaw in the room (that I recognize).
90. Ben Klass @BenKlass ISED staff in room as well as CCSA. #CRTCforum
91. Zac Trolley @ZacTrolley I get an Internet sales pitch at least once a month. At my door, texted to me, or mailed to me. Their plans are always more expensive than the one I have. @TekSavvyNetwork sends me nothing, that's why I'm with them. #CRTCforum
92. Ben Klass @BenKlass A longstanding issue for deaf, blind community being addressed: #CRTC does not have an accessibility office. Lack of training creates a barrier to participation for accessibility community. #CRTCforum
93. Laura Tribe @ltribe Today kicks off the @CRTCeng's hearing on Bad Sales Tactics by Big Telecom. Have a story you want to share? Thoughts on how the system can be improved? Share them using #CRTCforum and they'll be added to the record of the proceeding. @CPAC_TV livestream:…
94. Minty Aftertaste @KevinKiejko Telco companies could inform users when they release a new version of the package people are currently using. Was on a plan for a few years after my contract was up and found out I was overpaying A LOT for the equivalent package that they now currently offer. #CRTCforum
95. Amarjeet Sohi @SohiAmarjeet Today, @CRTCeng starts a week-long public hearing on the use of aggressive and misleading sales practices by large telecommunication service providers, their occurence and impact on consumers, and solutions. Canadians are invited to participate via Twitter using #CRTCforum
96. Ben Klass @BenKlass @CanadaPIAC is here at #CRTCforum too (ED Lawford & two staff), as well as @cogeco ’s @ldeichel
97. Brian Beaton @Beaton_b @CRTCeng hearing for abusive telecom marketing - Valid tweets using hashtag #CRTCforum posted as of 9am EDT on Oct22, & until the end of the hearing, will be added to public record of the proceeding. These tweets will be considered for CRTC’s report to the Government on matter.
98. Minty Aftertaste @KevinKiejko Should have to hold to a level of quality in the metroplitan areas. I live close to the centre of Calgary, but it's unfortunetly a dead zone, so I can't really get/make calls on my cell at home, but paid ~$100 for service. When I called, was just told to use WiFi. #CRTCforum
99. Geoff White @geoffrey_white The #CRTC 's public hearing commencing tomorrow re sales practices will be carried by @CPAC_TV #CRTCforum
100. TabloTV @TabloTV The public hearing into sales practices of #TV and phone services starts today. You can participate virtually on Twitter using the hashtag #CRTCforum
101. Murray Kibler @mlkibler #CRTCforum We negotiated bundling our services with Rogers & it took 6.5 hours to complete. Two 2 hour sessions ended w the call getting dropped and couldnt reach the person again. 3rd 1 ended with a good deal but when we got the bill Rogers lied about the amount we agreed on
102. Ben Klass @BenKlass DYK? Telecoms offer accessibility plans—discounts or terms specifically designed to meet deaf, blind customers’ needs. However #CRTCforum is now hearing that more often than not accessibility customers are not informed of these offers or are told that the plans are not available.
103. Howard Gaines @WylECoyote1 Signed w/Rogers 2/17 4 product bundle. Prices went up. Noticed my internet ignite60 was now giving 500G (I got 200). Called to request it but told no I had a contract (legacy). I asked why prices went up if I had contract told me they only do what is to their benefit #CRTCforum
104. CCTS-CPRST @CCTS_CPRST "What we see to be a leading cause of customer frustration, specifically, is a mismatch between customer expectations from the sales process, and subsequent customer experiences" See what information we shared at the CRTC’ hearing today:… #CRTCforum
105. Tyson Moore @tysmo A door-to-door Bell salesperson told my parents he could get them a deal (vs Cogeco). Seemed good. "Will I get all these channels?" "Yes, of course. The Select package is the Better package at a lower price." They signed up. (1/2) #CRTCforum
106. Amarjeet Sohi @SohiAmarjeet Today, @CRTCeng starts a week-long public hearing on the use of aggressive and misleading sales practices by large telecommunication service providers, their occurence and impact on consumers, and solutions. Canadians are invited to participate via Twitter using #CRTCforum
107. Ben Klass @BenKlass Deaf people should not be forced to pay for things that they do not or can not use. A principle that can be extended more broadly throughout the market. #CRTCforum
108. Tyson Moore @tysmo After install, they found Select didn't include TSN, Golf, HGTV... everything they watched. They were upsold on the phone, told they couldn't get a refund for the install fee, modem, receiver rental, etc. They still feel cheated. Extra $180/year. (2/2) #CRTCforum
109. Ben Klass @BenKlass Telco’s should have a point of contact for accessibility community, #CRTCforum hears; Telus has this, but not all other carriers (any?)do.
110. John Chaffey @JohnChaffey #CRTCforum Once was refused refund of overpayment to Rogers when payment taken after cancellation. Lady said yes service was cancelled but no admin note was placed on my file to stop taking payments so they just took it. Never got it back. Illegal?
111. Greg O'Brien @gregobr The fact that every @CRTCeng commissioner is presiding over this hearing should show that the Commission is taking this hearing very seriously. #crtcforum
112. Murray Kibler @mlkibler   #CRTCforum My family signed up 4 Bell Fibe which is joke cause its 2 pair 4 wire coming in from the node a mile away. Bell guy was lazy lied & put router in basemnt furthest from usage area instead of proper install so weak wireless 4 1 yr. 4 hrs 2 get them 2 fix w no $75 bill
113. Brian Beaton @Beaton_b #CRTCforum Mother-in-law wants new smartphone for browsing & calls. Young Bell salesman at store in mall pushes expensive phone with LOTS of features & 100min free 4 calls & no data. First bill she went over 100min. We tried to help change plan to the one she wanted. Bell refused
114. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Don’t suggest too loudly: @CRTCeng might deem your comments offside for #crtcforum’s sensitive ears under their (not OUR) Rules of Engagement. Wouldn’t want to offend them the way Telcos apparently offend the public.
115. Greg O'Brien @gregobr It really sounds like carriers' front-line training when it comes to the deaf-blind community and what accessibility plans there are, is lacking. #crtcforum
116. Charrion On @charrion Offhand, I'd say the biggest deceptive practice used by nearly every carrier is the claim that they offer a la carte programming selection while pricing individual channels nearly as high as their bundles. #crtcforum
117. Ben Klass @BenKlass Laizner wants to know: were deaf/blind customers simply unaware of accessibility offers? Or were they mislead into believing they don’t exist? Answer without missing a beat: customers are mislead. #CRTCforumExperience of deaf/blind people with telecoms sales is akin to taking your car to the shop and having to explain to the mechanic what’s wrong and how to fix it #CRTCforum
118. Ben Klass @BenKlass Experience of deaf/blind people with telecoms sales is akin to taking your car to the shop and having to explain to the mechanic what’s wrong and how to fix it #CRTCforum
119. LeMule @TimLeMule When I cancelled @RogersHelps cable I spent 20 minutes on hold to even get a person, then 20 minutes to get to customer retention, then 20 minutes while that person put me on hold to "calculate what I'd lose in bundling savings". An hour of BS.  #crtcforum
120. CCTS-CPRST @CCTS_CPRST "This mismatch between expectations and outcomes often manifests itself in complaints about billing charges, service delivery or usage and changes by the service provider that take the customer by surprise." Misleading Sales Practices:… #CRTCforum
121. Ben Klass @BenKlass When asked about specific companies, Telus is identified as a good performer on accessibility measures, and Rogers for quality of service (but at high price), deaf/blind coalition indicates that Bell doesn’t sufficiently accommodate #CRTCforum
122. Ben Klass @BenKlass Seemingly small but important detail: deaf/blind coalition highlights that the ‘flagship’ brands might perform well, as in case of Telus, but flanker brands (Koodo, in this example) fall short. Pay more, get more, pay less, well… #CRTCforum
123. Ben Klass @BenKlass Price discrimination by brand/type of plan (post/prepaid) helps telco’s expand markets but we hear that it comes with a social cost, especially for the deaf/blind community: Want a prepaid phone? That’s all you can afford? Accessibility not functional/included. #CRTCforum
124. Benoît @supben1981 #crtcforum #crtc une solution contre l'abus des télécom il faut séparer le cout du téléphone et pour le service !!!!
125. Daniel Vachon @dresdensrc Xplornet exploite les gens en région. Les frais Internet sont entre 65 et 95$ par mois! #crtcforum
126. Greg O'Brien @gregobr My question for @CRTCeng commissioners to ask when they face the carriers. What's staff turnover like at stores & call centres - & how difficult is it to make sure staff are always trained well when taking into account that turnover. #crtcforum #whynotsubmityourquestionsinadvance
127. CCTS-CPRST @CCTS_CPRST It's important to us that everyone has access to what they need to file their complaint with us. To make the process easier, we now have informative videos in ASL/LSQ/closed captioned about what we do & how we do it! #CRTCforum……
128. Ben Klass @BenKlass Communication is tricky! Even the country’s biggest and most complex communication providers have a tough time doing it right, as we’re hearing today at the #CRTCforum
129. Kurisutina Informs! @kurisutina4 #crtcforum The biggest woe/gripe I've had is that contracts are never flexible enough to account for problems in life. If something happens to you in year 2, such as job loss, etc there's precious little you can do. Nor are rates good when you complete a contract.
130. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum - how does a phone suddenly become incompatible with a text accessibility service?
131. Greg O'Brien @gregobr I think it would be worth asking the carriers. Hope the commissioners do! #CRTCforum
132. jan steen @gopoco #CRTCforum
Used Xplornet satellite Internet for 2 years! Monthly bills skyrocketed, with, to me, no additional usage! Up to $300, I finally shut them down! There should be a reliable, accurate, user-based 'counter' available, like one's Hydro KW electric meter!
133. Ben Klass @BenKlass Deaf/blind coalition recommends that the @CCTS_CPRST be asked/directed to collect information on accessibility — should be expanded to included better and more detailed data across the board, IMO. #CRTCforum
134. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Wouldn't it be great in a hearing like this if consumer groups and carriers could directly talk to each other in front of Commissioners and the public? #crtcforum
135. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 Trying to watch #CRTC feed while getting 7% of the speed paid for with Teksavvy is rather bemusing #CRTCforum
136. Campbell Patterson @CPComm #CRTCforum add a CRTC Commissioner who is a consumer advocate to hold the ILECs to account. Mandate that all Canadians must have equitable access to the Internet as it is a determinant of one's equal access to healthcare, education, government and marketplaces.
137. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 Metering doesn't solve the problem because you don't control the volume of data.  You can't know how much data a website will transfer until you've left that site.  Data caps should be ended, period. #CRTCforum
138. The Rooty's Tweeties @Rootbrian_ When I was switching most services from bell, I asked for a 30 day notice cancellation notice, the agent refused. Offered up a promotion instead, which eventually the bill got to $300/month! It took 5 calls before I got to somebody who would actually cancel! #CRTCforum
139. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg Remember the days of witnesses appearing before #CRTC, getting sworn/affirmed and having cross exam by all parties?
140. The Rooty's Tweeties @Rootbrian_ Bell owns Virgin and Lucky Mobile. Telus owns Koodo and Public Mobile. Rogers owns Fido and Chat-R wireless. Yet if you ask of any are owned by then, they either flat-out DENY it or say "we use the larger carrier's networks". Bullshit! They ARE the larger carriers! #CRTCforum
141. The Rooty's Tweeties @Rootbrian_ If bell, telus and rogers all offered (and they CAN) UNLIMITED cellular data usage (not speed or everything would be realistically SLOW!!!). AND DROPPED THEIR PRICES that would be REAL COMPETITION! Until then, customers get GOUGED with OVERAGES each month! $70-100/GB! #CRTCforum
142. The Rooty's Tweeties @Rootbrian_ FLANKER BRANDS ARE NOT REAL COMPETITION! Rogers bell and telus are guilty as charged. Your only choice for real competition? Go with an MNVO or freedom mobile. #CRTCforum
143. The Rooty's Tweeties @Rootbrian_ Remember when bell/virgin/lucky, rogers/fido/chat-r and telus/public/koodo (mentioning, not many know who owns who) offered that $60/10GB plan in response to freedom mobile's $50/10GB? You'll NEVER get anything like that again. #CRTCforum It still comes with OVERAGES! $70-100/GB!
144. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Just chatted with a fellow named Tony Wacheski, who is coming up next in front of the @CRTCeng as an individual presenter. He told me "I'm doing this for everyone." #CRTCforum
145. Nicole @Nicole89733858

(1/7) I literally created a twitter account so I could participate in the #CRTCforum and share my experience with Bell. I was approached by a door-to-door sales representative from Bell who offered me a promotional rate guaranteed for 2 years.

(2/7) I decided to sign on, because it was cheaper than my plan with my current ISP. WITHIN JUST 3 MONTHS, Bell increased my rate, and my monthly bill was now more than what it was before I switched over. When I called Bell to complain,

(3/7) I was informed that the 'fine print' of their contract states that the promotional rate will be subject to yearly increases that all customers are required to pay. The sales rep I had worked with had, very conveniently, neglected to share this information with me.

(4/7) After letting them swindle me for over a year, I happened to read this CBC article (…), and realized that I was being cheated. So I decided to file a complaint with the CRTC, and Bell ended up crediting me for the amount they charged me

(5/7) over and above the promotional rate that I was promised. Shortly afterwards, I cancelled my services with Bell, and I will NEVER be a #Bell customer again. Bottom line? THIS COMPANY IS COMPRISED OF A BUNCH OF UNDERHANDED, NEFARIOUS SWINDLERS


(7/7) Canadians are forced to pay the highest internet & cell phone bills in the developed world, and yet Bell is STILL trying everything they can to squeeze EVEN MORE money from our pockets.  #CRTCforum, listen to our experiences and fucking do something about it.

146. Giovanni @Filgolfin #CRTCforum In 2010 was hit with high bill for going over data cap, back then was charged $3-$5 per MB overage.  Not much better today, data is their cash cow.
147. The Rooty's Tweeties @Rootbrian_ There been four occasions when a rogers/fido/chat-r sales rep tried to "hook" me on a "free phone". I declined each time. I simply won't give in. NOTHING COMES FREE. #CRTCforum
148. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Tony Wacheski at @CRTCeng: " @Bell and @Rogers are iconic Canadian companies with great, caring people selling essential services. They do not need to compete on most devious sales practices." #CRTCforum
149. Melanie @blondiemelanie #CRTCforum it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to change/cancel my parents Rogers services. Passed around to make us hang up.
150. Ian_in_CB @Ian5142 I am with Eastlink for Internet and Cable. I was charged an extra $12/mth (2x$6) for 2 cable boxes that I did not even have (I returned them). They never took them off my account. I paid over $250/mth for cable and Internet. #CRTCforum
151. Ian_in_CB @Ian5142 I get phone calls from Bell every once in a while: Would you like to upgrade to our service (I am with Eastlink)? They only offer DSL in my area, that is not an upgrade from Cable. I told them to call me back when they offer Fiber in my area. They still call. #CRTCforum
152. Ben Klass @BenKlass I’m still waiting for a $22 refund cheque from Rogers after cancelling my service months ago. Was told it would be mailed out automatically ... maybe the day after the rapture? #CRTCforum
153. DeeDee @deeinwpg #CRTCforum This happened almost 20 years ago, but when I was a customer of Rogers, I phoned to ask about roaming charges to the US (trying to be proactive in my costs while driving by myself with two young children).  I chatted with a very re-assuring customer service rep who advised me what my approximate costs to expect were.  When I received my bill after my trip, it was more than double of what had been discussed. Surprise! Calling Rogers back I ended up with a customer service rep who belittling and dismissive.   End result, I paid off the bill after a lengthy fight with Rogers who sent the balance to collections.  I'm a more savvy consumer now, but I have never returned to be a Rogers customer, nor do I plan to.
154. Gabriela Capurro @g_capurro I called Bell 5 times about a $60 balance in my favour when I cancelled my service. They said a cheque would be mailed to me. It's been 3 years #CRTCforum
155. WolvenSpectre @WolvenSpectre #CRTCforum  My cell provider offered me 1 time a year fee, but....

156. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum I called Rogers for a new cell plan. Details were negotiated. I asked for plan to be mailed for review, they refused. I gave in and agreed on the phone. Documents received later had a different plan than discussed and they would not allow me to cancel without penalty.
157. Kristianne Caitlin @kcma91 Happening right now:…

158. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum Shaw has confusing grandfathering for TV packages. Sometimes they add or remove channels at will, other times they will keep your package the same while changing it for others. They have a list of your channels in an online account now, but it's not totally accurate.
159. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum During the term of a Rogers cell contract they made unilateral price increases and service decreases claiming these services were not part of the contract. There is basically no recourse as you are still under contract and are unlikely to vary the services in use.
160. Greg O'Brien @gregobr It's gotta be more than a little intimidating to sit in this @CRTCeng seat for individual Canadians, like Ryan Adams, here... #CRTCforum
161. candy corn enjoyer @panecasio It just completely mystifies me that telcos think that ~$100 CAD in billing fees per month (in addition to paying $20-120/month on top of that for a 2y plan for a smartphone) is affordable for the average Canadian. #CRTCforum
162. candy corn enjoyer @panecasio Plans were supposed to be made clearer for consumers years ago, but checking in on them now, they're even more confusing -- especially to those who don't want family plans. Instead of mixing share+family plans in with single user plans, ask UP FRONT what they want. #CRTCforum
163. Steven Olsen @steven_olsen #CRTCforum @TELUS via @koodo offered me a discount for 12 months but notifies you once signed up they're taking the discount off *after* tax. They're taking an extra $20+ from the customer with this sleazy sales tactic.
164. candy corn enjoyer @panecasio I pay $35 CAD a month for unlimited calling, data, etc. on a flagship smartphone with a small provider. All Canadians should have a clearer path towards this pricepoint. Paying $100-200 CAD a month for your phone is ridiculous. Nobody should pay this much. #CRTCforum
165. candy corn enjoyer @panecasio We want Canadians to be better with money, so start with phone plans by effectively regulating the telcos who fleece us. It's really simple. #CRTCforum
166. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum Shaw offers rental or purchased equipment for their internet or TV services. Monthly costs are usually higher for rental, or discounted for purchased equipment. They have eliminated pricing differences/discounts at times, negating the investment in purchased equipment.
167. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum Further, if you change your Shaw TV services you are not informed that you lose grandfathered channels.
168. Corn Bread @Mr_FurryBalls #CRTCforum I renewed my contract with #Telus over the phone, they did not notify me of some changes and did not send me new contract to review. I discovered that new plan is $25 more expensive only when I got my first bill. Now I am stuck with it
169. Anthony @svperflvid use the hashtag #CRTCforum from Oct. 22-26th. to share your horror stories while the CRTC is investigating!!
170. Gina Pinsent @GinaPinsent @BellAliant calls regularly to add to my services. I do NOT want a bundle to get a better price on my Home phone. #CRTCforum will not entertain a reduced price to appease me, YET they are willing for me to cancel my service altogether. Isn't some of my business better then none?
171. Bram Abramson @bramabramson It's language adopted in the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (…), so there's guidance from each national implementation to consider (UK:…; FR:;…). #CRTCforum
172. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum Telus Mobility reduced detail on paper bills and has now eliminated them completely.
173. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum Shaw has negatively changed the terms of warranty for customer owned equipment while it's under warranty after purchase.
174. Geoff White @geoffrey_white It's refreshing to see individuals sharing their insights and ideas without "expert" interference. #CRTCForum
175. Ricardo Rodrigues @rjrwired An elderly friend of the family paid @TELUS $7 extra per month on her utility bills for YEARS for eastern "timeshift" channels she never used!  Only refunded 3 months ($21).  Go to hell @TELUS and any other company that knowingly pulls this shit!  #CRTCforum
176. Preddy @preddy_kk Avec Vmedia.  Le service Internet était OK durant le jour (60Mbits) mais dès 19h le traffic est priorisé (Traffic Shaping) pour le streaming (ex. Netflix, Youtube, etc.) et le reste de mon internet était limité à ~3Mbits pour ex.: HTTP et Windows Updates... #CRTCforum
177. Greg O'Brien @gregobr 35 mins and counting for Mr. Bailey @CRTCeng. The commissioners seem keen to hear what he has to say as a small businessman who deals intimately with carriers across the country. #crtcforum
178. Cardcrazed @CardCrazed #crtcforum  I'd like to see  more balanced pricing. I'm rural, and pay $20 less a month for 15 MBPS download speed 200 GB Limit than an urban person paying for fibre optics. Also, the towns that HAVE fibre optics in it, telecoms should be forced to roll out fibre to everyone
179. Telecom_ConsIR @Telecom_ConsIR . @Telecom_ConsIR team ( @mfcavanagh @kcma91 @seandejure and Tara Hristov) at work (in the @uOttawaTechLaw lab) putting the finishing touches on the opening remarks for tomorrow’s appearance before the @CRTCeng in #telecom #SalesPractices #CRTCForum.
180. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Another query. What if carriers paid reps based on ratings from consumers - like the ratings systems of AirBnB & Uber (maybe they do this already, internally)? Instead of straight sales commission, rep gets a bump in pay with a four-star rating #crtcforum
181. Richard Taylor @MrTaylorPhysics #CRTCforum Personal story: Rogers offered a "better deal" for an existing customer - lower price, higher internet speed, phone and cable TV. Didn't want TV but price was better so I accepted. After installation, found out that phone didn't have the same features as previous.
182. Richard Taylor @MrTaylorPhysics #CRTCforum story continued: Called and asked for previous phone features to be restored. That will cost extra. Suggested removing unwanted cable TV. That will also cost more. Decided to switch to another provider.
183. Bram Abramson @bramabramson Oh, and there's the GIC's equation of "aggressive" with "high-pressure": in the OIC title (…), and parallel @CompBureau letter (…). That's a term of art in, for instance, securities regulation:…. #crtcforum
184. John Burke @GTAHomes4U #CRTCforum Discount was up so I need to have a new service. My current one is no longer available so I have to go to a 'new' contract with less channels and more cost. Same thing happened with my cell plan when it was up. New plan, less service...Higher cost
185. helendixon5 @helendixon51 #CRTCforum Why must I pay for channels I do not want when only one out of one of my bundles is required?  seem to have this happening . channels I want i must pay extra for it!! Foreign languages I really do not understand so I do not need them
186. Mr. Jeff Cliff, BSc @jeffcliff1 want feedback for #CRTCforum, CRTC?
#dontcensor my internet.
187. Jason Gambacort @Wammy70 I shouldn't have to beg for a better deal from a retentions department,  just to get the best value for my money.  Just advertise your best price. #crtcforum
188. Jason Gambacort @Wammy70 I shouldn't have to beg for a better deal from a retentions department,  just to get the best value for my money.  Just advertise your best price. #crtcforum
189. Jason Gambacort @Wammy70 Advertising #unlimited data plans, only to have them squelch data speeds to an unusable level past a certain cap is misleading and in bad faith.  #CRTCforum
190. Katheryn Kastner @KatherynRoseK I called Samsung but they told that they had nothing to do with the problem, since phone providers are the only entity with the information to unlock phones. I called Bell back and demanded that they unlock my phone. They refused. #CRTCforum
191. Ian Kwan @iKwaner Probably best to fix up the data plans, @TELUS / @Bell / @Rogers sales tactic makes no sense who has had data since 2010 or earlier because the cost just keeps going up – no one is going to be able to connect online with their devices when held at that rate #whatgives? #CRTCforum
192. Katheryn Kastner @KatherynRoseK I should have been able to use a French SIM card with service provider Orange while travelling. It would have cost me 20 euro for unlimited calls and texts, and 10 GB of data. Bell put me in a situation where I was forced to use their service while abroad. #CRTCforum
193. Jojo @X13Dezignz ripped off by Rogers 20+ yrs now. Discounts on cable tv nerve wracking & unpredictable.if anything, the discount are small ,cable is out most times,netbox reboots every other day. Am  senior &feel I've been abused mentally by Rogers #CRTCForum
194. Ian Kwan @iKwaner Keep in mind the big 3 or #Robelus as some of us calls them has a kid named #Fido who is still a #Virgin and tends to #Koodo around thinking #ChatR-ing around is super hip #CRTCforum. @FreedomMobile is the only one being competitive
195. Katheryn Kastner @KatherynRoseK I just got my phone bill, and Bell is charging me $232 for roaming charges, which I did not agree to. I should have never had to use Bell’s service while abroad to begin with, if had provided me with the correct code. #CRTCforum
196. Katheryn Kastner @KatherynRoseK I called Bell’s customer service department today to request the charges be reversed. They refused. I just filed a formal complaint through the CCTS. Waiting to hear back. In the meantime, shopping for a plan with a different provider. #CRTCforum
197. Brandon Pearce @LowKeytheMan I just was pulled into a 3 year contract by Bell for a new phone at $65 +tax/ mo and it doesn't even include data. Not until $70/mo does it include 2 gb data. It's outrageous! I thought 3 year contracts were illegal now?
198. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 Well that sucks... missed 90% of today's @CRTCHearings due to slow internet speeds #CRTCforum
199. Alan White @Ski_Golf I have to go through several folks to get to Customer Loyalty so after 40 minuets to 1 hour I get back to the contract I want for the rate I'm prepared to pay. Still excessive at over $150/month for phone, internet and cable.#CRTCforum
200. Bertrand L Brosseau @blbrosseau #CRTCforum With Vidéotron here at Quebec-New York frontier since 3 years I didn't undergo Big Telecom abuse. But I read around that they excuse themselves for playing with flat rate, price and customer service. May they appropriate public, born free Web? I say NO. Let's block it.
201. Laura Tribe @ltribe Very glad to see the amount of media interest in the #CRTCforum this week. These are major issues that impact people throughout Canada. Listening to those most impacted, and finding ways to help protect customers and hold telecoms accountable is a critical first step.
202. Laura Tribe @ltribe But we also need to address the root of the problem: a lack of competition.
These aggressive and misleading practices simply wouldn't stand if there were other providers offering better solutions, and providing an alternative.
203. Laura Tribe @ltribe In particular, we need real competition in our wireless market.
Every year for *4 years in a row*, the CRTC has rejected MVNOs in one form or another. @NavdeepSBains took action sending bad sales tactics to the CRTC. Now it's time for MVNOs. #CRTCforum…
204. Laura Tribe @ltribe MVNOs rent unused capacity on the Big Three’s networks and sell affordable services to customers. They are most likely to serve low-income populations who are disproportionately impacted by Canada’s high telecom costs.
205. Laura Tribe @ltribe The appalling sales tactics used to take advantage of some of the most vulnerable populations must end. Telecoms can't just get a slap on the wrist for this. They need real punishment that actually holds penalties for bad behaviour. Which includes ending the oligopoly.
206. Derek Wong @Carbon49 Rogers offered me deal to join them, then increased price 2 months after me joining. I have their terms in writing but Rogers refused to honour terms. It took months and CCTS' ruling before Rogers agreed they were wrong. #CRTCforum
207. Kane Hart @KaneHart @CRTCeng #CRTCforum For people with #Disabilities in our Town they have suffered paying $90 a month for 15/1.5 Speeds but actually getting 1/1 Speeds and less due to saturation. They can't stay connected to support groups, families and more. #shaw has done nothing for 3 years.
208. Sortonslespoubelles @Sortirpoubelles Je sais pas pour les cies de Télécom mais pour ce qui est de la radio, Radio X se spécialise dans la publicité trompeuse depuis des années #CRTCforum
209. David Lidov @davidlidov #CRTCForum.  I signed with Bell for a 3 yr deal about 5 months ago and already got notice of a small increase.  Deal is still good, but this shouldn't happen
210. Sortonslespoubelles @Sortirpoubelles Le CCNR a reçu des plaintes à ce sujet #CRTCforum
Et Radio X continue jusqu'à ce jour
Qu'est-ce que vous faites?

Appliquez la loi
211. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel Sixth time appearing at a public CRTC hearing. I could not be more inspired and proud to see multiple women on the Commissioner panel. #CRTCforum Perhaps new goals now that I see it is possible. One can dream..a Deaf Commissioner? I feel empowered. #newgoals
212. Mark Bernier @MarkBernier10 #CRTCforum Only telecoms can advertise UP TO certain speeds, deliver half, and charge full price and say tough when you complain.  The easiest fix is to require that they deliver NOT LESS than the advertised speed.
213. BusinessInVancouver @BIVnews #CanadaPost workers go on strike, CRTC begins hearing on telecom marketing tactics and WOW air is Vancouver's newest low cost carrier. These are the stories @hayleywoodin and the BIV team are following this afternoon.
#BusinessNews #Telecom #CRTCforum #TechNews
214. Garekel @Garekel1 #CRTCforum cell phone rates in Canada are ridiculously high
I travel to USA a lot and if more than 4 days, I get a US plan. I buy from most stores, a sim and 1 month unlimited plan for 32$us. Just a sim in Canada is $20Ca, and the similar plan is $75Ca. How is that fair!!
215. Trevor Bastian @trevorbastian I tried to leave a Bell subsidiary because they didn't have any smart phones at the time. The employee verbally abused me and called me stupid after I refused their retention "offers". #CRTCforum
216. Ian Silvester @Ian_Silvester When arranging an upgrade with Bell, the agent misinformed me of the current monthly payment, inflating it by $23. This might have been an error but might also have been a tactic to make the new price seem less of a rise. Naturally I turned down their offer. #CRTCforum
217. John Jensen @valkhelek My elderly mother was talked into services she did not need.  I had to call Bell to cancel the services.  Bell wanted to charge her the cancellation fee in spite of the explanation of her mental state.  I had to escalate to the manager to cancel, waiving the charge. #CRTCforum
218. Nosvoskapop @ArgCan #CRTCforum on April 6 a Rogers rep explained via chat that the 2yr offer was not based on price but on 25% discount of the current price. Absolutely misleading BS.  Transcript follows, my name was replaced with "Customer" for privacy reasons.  Session ID not changed.
219. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Eighteen months ago, Top five US wireless telcos offered #UnlimitedData plan. Finally, they are treating functionally equivalency voice calls 📞 same as
video calls📱 - equally!  
Your turn now! 👈😎👍📱 #UnlimitedData #CRTCforum
220. Bluesrules @ledzep125 I wanted just Internet from Bell & an salesman pressured me into phone, Internet & cable despite my saying I only want Internet. Was told I could cancel any service I didn’t want right up until & at installation. #CRTCforum
221. Bluesrules @ledzep125 I cancelled everything but cable before install & after under 2 months cancelled my Internet because Bell is very difficult to deal with. But because the salesman had 3 services on the order by rate 4 just Internet was higher then would have been if was just Internet #CRTCforum
222. Bluesrules @ledzep125 My mistake was dealing with Bell in the 1st place. Horrible company to deal with. Absolutely horrible. Never again though. Never. #CRTCforum
223. CBC Go Public @cbcgopublic It's not too late to take part in the @CRTCeng's telecom inquiry - any tweets using the hashtag #CRTCforum that are posted during this week's public hearing will be added to the public record of the proceeding and considered for the regulator's report to government.
224. Scott Delinger @altadel Telus is still sending people door-to-door trying to switch customers. Fuller Brush Co gave that up in the 1980s! FidoMobile has US roaming for >$100/2 weeks, and did away with less extortionate US service. Canadians are tired of being ripped off! #CRTCforum
225. Mind over Matter @tryoung #crtcforum Service providers should be forced to provide properly fixed sale/promo pricing, not discounts off some price that arbitrarily changes. All new service and promos should be automatically locked in to the fixed sale/promo/regular price for a minimum of 1 year.
226. Mind over Matter @tryoung #crtcforum And finally, get our independent ISP's on Bell and Roger's current and next-generation networks, so they can provide real competition. When I see things like Bell and Rogers each having 7 to 10 million subscribers while independent ISP's struggle, it pisses me off.
227. lidiabad @lidi888 MANY bad experiences, refuse to use Bell, Rogers. False sales pitches & obvious understanding it occurs & don't care, fine print temporary pricing that negates advertised, ridiculous contracts. Appalling any business with these types of practices r still in existence.  #CRTCforum
228. Edward Loveless @InquiringEd Cancelled my POTS line under no contract. Got charged a ‘cancellation fee’ and sent to collections the same day. Collection calls starting the next day despite no contract. Easier to pay the fee than risk my credit score. #CRTCforum
229. Marie Annik Grégoire @gregoirema Je négocie le prix/an. Toujours un prix fixe donné en $ et jamais en fonction d'un "rabais". Depuis plusieurs années, pas une seule fois ce prix respecté toute l'année. Tjrs augmenté. Aussi contrat reçu plusieurs sem. (ou mois) après, avec clauses illégales #CRTCforum
230. Sheep Farmer @AnnieOakley123 Bell has taken money meant to expand AFFORDABLE rural internet in our area (Bell Alliant) and instead pushed their TurboHub using cell towers (Bell Mobility) at outrageous prices, whilst hiding and denying new customers to sign up for the affordable option they had. #CRTCforum
231. Marquise de Nonsens @marquisedenonce #CRTCforum Few years ago a @Bell rep outright lied to me about transferring my virtual/fax number over to my new apartment. Could not understand why my faxes were not sending or receiving. They will say anything in a phonecall and then weeks later you see another thing in print.
232. Jason Milligan @jmilligantdot I switched accounts at @Rogers for my mobile phone and was supposed to receive a credit for the original account.  I never received it and when I called they couldn't (or wouldn't) help me out #CRTCforum
233. Troy Farrell @troyfarrell #CRTCforum New Bell Fibe internet account for 64.95/yr 1 and 84.95/yr 2.  I asked rep about text in confirmation email that said "Pricing and product details are subject to change".
234. Troy Farrell @troyfarrell She told me that it was only there to allow for inflation, and if it happened, it would affect all consumer goods, and it would only amount to a few pennies.  9 months later the price was increased $5. #CRTCforum
235. Troy Farrell @troyfarrell #CRTCforum After requesting cancellation of a service, Bell offered to reduce my monthly bill for services from $200.34 to $80.95 for 4 months and $105.85 for the remainder of the year...
236. Troy Farrell @troyfarrell Why do we have to cancel services in order to be offered a deal? How much are they gouging us the rest of the time, if they can make offers like this? #CRTCforum
237. HRH Remington @HRH_Remington @CRTCeng #CRTCforum  How can all these companies who provide internet at the cost that they charge customers. Bell for example states in ads that provide a 1000GB Up&Download but this only by a LAN cable and not by WIFI as most clients us in their homes.
238. Martin Fax @MartinFatFax #CRTCforum my biggest complaint about the monopoly that the big isp's I have issues with aren't sales tactics or bad practices.. it's the lack of sufficient infrastructure and maintainance of the lines here I rural areas.
239. Sebastian Marlo @sebastianmarlo I was once told by Telus over the phone. that I could not cancel call display until a certain period of time had passed.  I went to one of the stores and they told me that was wrong and cancelled the service immediately. #CRTCforum
240. Sebastian Marlo @sebastianmarlo I once got Rogers home internet. My first bill had a charge for a hefty cable package. When I called I was told the installer stated he had upsold me. I didn't even own a tv at the time and cable was never mentioned. #CRTCforum
241. The Follower @TheFollow42 #CRTCforum I ordered the bundled Total Internet service from MTS. The services were billed unbundled at a higher price. They also failed to show up for the scheduled installation or contact me. Weeks later, they eventually arrived hours outside the next scheduled appointment.
242. Brandi Jasmine @bjasmine #CRTCforum Okay, whose bright idea was it to solicit replies on complicated subjects like cell phone gouging and fraud, but limit participants to 280 characters at a shot? ROFL. Kinda screams "We don't really care what you think."
243. Brandi Jasmine @bjasmine #CRTCforum I remember when unlimited Internet was $19.99, and when my phone bill was max $40. In at least two cases I was not correctly informed of prices, and the stories can't be told in a tweet. The CRTC is NOT serious about wanting to hear from the people who are affected.
244. Steve Anderson @Steve_Media Maybe I'm just an old war horse at this point but the #CRTCforum feels like a distraction from the necessary structural changes we all know are required to fix our broken telecom market. This is whack a mole for show. Just separate the networks from incumbents already. #cdntech
245. Brad Fortner @bfortner One year after Bell tried to sneak a $60 Internet increase they are now getting their money. One can't win. In response to @OpenMediaOrg request my bad sales practice story can be found at #CRTCforum
246. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Cellphone retailers fail mystery shopping test, researchers plan to tell #CRTC/#CRTCforum inquiry…
-"The information was completely lacking," says Cavanagh
-"What are they [telcos] afraid of?"
247. Etienne Gingras @etiennegingras #CRTCforum déjà passer une soirée au téléphone pour tenter d'avoir le prix minimum affiché sur le site de Bell (environ 31$) pour un service téléphonique (techno du 19e siècle). Je n'ai jamais réussi à atteindre le 31$. Se mettent-ils la différence dans les poches?
248. Broadcast Dialogue @BroadcastDialog #CRTCforum hashtag reflects unfiltered exasperation of Canadian wireless consumers
#CRTC #telecom
249. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Later today, we present this work to #CRTCforum, identifying structural systemic information barriers for consumers. More on our work here @Telecom_ConsIR
250. Telecom_ConsIR‏ Our work on #wireless #telecom was getting underway when @cbcgopublic launched their 'public interest' reporting on behind the scenes sales practices. S-O to @cbcErica + team for their investigative reporting, Getting the whole story! @CRTCeng #crtcforum
251. Wanda Morris‏ @WandaAtCARP Pleased to be speaking to the CRTC today as part of the Fair Communications Sales Coalition. No one should be a victim of predatory sales practices. ⁦ @CanadaPIAC#CRTCForum #CdnPoli …
252. Rasta ™‏ @NSRasta 5m5 minutes ago #CRTCForum "observed a consistent reluctance and/or explicit denial of requests for written information or documentation that a customer could take away with them.", researchers plan to tell #CRTC inquiry #CS #CX #Telecom #CdnPoli  #Quote Mary  Cavanagh
253. Rasta ™‏ @NSRasta 2013 @CRTCeng issued rules governing Clearer Cellphone Contacts, and nothing has changed? Who is protecting Canadians if the only regulator has no power or mandate to prevent this? #CdnPoli #CRTCForum This isn't new, the year before #Elxn43 it was here before @JustinTrudeau
254. Etienne Gingras @etiennegingras #CRTCforum pourquoi sommes nous contraint de parler à "quelqu'un" du service à la clientèle ?  Pourquoi ne pas numériser aux maximum la relation client? Obligez-les! Ce serait, selon moi, le meilleur moyen de protéger les citoyens.
255. Cory Conrad @CCCConrad @CRTCeng Billing practices are horrendous. I called to end services, asked the balance and paid it there. 3 bill adjusts later I gave up. I'm at fault? #CRTCforum
256. Marcus Orilius @marcocanb #CRTCForum hey look, instructions. Pollicy and practices that didn't show you are in bed with the people you are regulating would be nice
257. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia ACT is presenting next at the @CRTCeng public hearing. We will be sharing the experiences #Canadian #seniors have had with #telecom companies. #crtcforum #telecommunications #CRTC

@Concordia @kimsawch
258. gonevoip @gonevoip Good morning! Reminder: Until October 26, you can tweet us your experience with telecom service providers using #CRTCforum! Acceptable comments will be considered for the report to the Government.
259. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Important comment for the #CRTCforum public record. We've found similar things in our #research.

@vellani_shirin @cbcgopublic #Canada #CRTC @CRTCeng
260. Kane Hart @KaneHart Part 1: #CRTCforum Thanks CRTC For allowing us to have this Opportunity.
My name is Kane Hart I live in a Town called Manitouwadge. In Manitouwadge we have had nothing but Saturation with our Internet for over 3 years. Shaw right now is our only provider here at the moment.
261. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum the presenter on right now made an interesting distinction of aggressive vs abusive sales practices.  The retail pricing of phones should be included in the abusive category.  Artificial markups to discourage contract buyouts is abusive.
262. Kane Hart @KaneHart Part 2: #CRTCforum What is bothersome is Shaw advertises a 15/1 Package that we get 1/1 if that during peak hours with 700ms ping issue and 3-10% packet loss depending the time of day. #Shaw instead of fixing the issue correctly has only bothered to band aid it.
263. Pamela @ExclusivePRsuit Thank experience has not been good. Monthly overcharges, strict contracts that don't allow me to leave if the service is poor without paying high fees + sky high costs for data and overage. There needs to be some oversight on billing practices - fees too high. #CRTCforum
264. Kane Hart @KaneHart Part 3: #CRTCforum I refuse to use Shaw directly so I went with ViaNet then TekSavvy. TekSavvy offered me a 150 down then they said Shaw only allow 75 down. Then I get a call Month + later and TekSavvy said I was forced to 5/.5 speeds. That night I was downgraded to 15/1.5 speeds
265. Kane Hart @KaneHart Part 4: #CRTCforum Shaw is not an honest company and has cheated and stolen from the most vulnerable people in our community. We  have quite an aging population with a lot of people with Disabilities. I myself am a Caregiver and the Internet is a invaluable asset to us.
266. Rasta @NSRasta I feel it has less merit, if the #CRTC keeps saying prices, and contracts and anything except who can broadcast in Canada, isn't their mandate. So, are we wasting our time, expecting #CRTCForum to do anything? People complained individually for years and were denied or ignored.
267. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Much frustration here at #crtcforum. People yesterday and Union des consommateurs today expressing anger that sales reps often don't listen to what individual consumers say they want and instead try to upsell to a bigger package.
268. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel @CPAC_TV I can’t find will the website archive video on website from yesterday #CRTCforum hearing? I want to watch the ASL presenters. Thank you.
269. アストラ7 @chevmaster1 @CRTCeng Telus took off my $10 discount cause the raised the price of internet while I was on a 2 year plan. Not alot of $ but seems any way to get a few extra bucks out if there customers! #CRTCforum
270. Kane Hart @KaneHart Part 5: #CRTCforum At this point we are lucky to have a new Company investing into our community called NBW / Northern Broadband Wireless. My only concern is Shaw gets away without fines and punishments. They ruined my respect for CRTC and TekSavvy as well. Thanks for your time.
271. Rasta @NSRasta #Bell is a repeat offender and between #CompBureau 1.2m or 10m fines, it did not change behavior. Any other company would be out of town on 3-strikes rule of fake reviews, broken promises, privacy invasions. Not very good at their #BCE code of conduct or regulations #CRTCForum
272. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Commissioner Vennard #CRTC/#CRTCforum asks what the Union thinks of a "Do Not Knock List" for door-to-door sales.

-Union: yes but wouldn't solve the general problems.

-IMO, It fails to address Bell's "salespeople in disguise" (and Rogers).
273. Ben Klass @BenKlass Getting ready to hear from @ACT_Concordia at #CRTCforum
274. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Hi @deaftravel. How are you able, or are you able, to follow the hearing live? Is it captioned online or is there an ASL/LSQ translation offered that I can't see? #CRTCforum
275. gonevoip @gonevoip In your opinion, are existing consumer protections sufficient to ensure that you are treated fairly regarding retail sales practices?
276. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling ACT states Bell is abusing its position of trust with the elderly #CRTC/#CRTCforum
277. Ben Klass @BenKlass “I’m just trying to make sure I won’t be ripped off by a deal that’s too good to be true” — @ACT_Concordia to #CRTCforum
278. Ben Klass @BenKlass When grappling with my grandmother’s estate, my parents discovered that she was being charged a monthly phone rental fee by MTS — for her rotary phone — for over 30 years! #CRTCforum
279. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling ACT calls out Telus for "scandalous dismissal" of issues with the elderly #CRTC/#CRTCforum
280. Greg O'Brien @gregobr ACT: "I need to be on guard when it comes to interacting with this industry. Why should I? I am dealing w/ well-established Canadian companies. I'm not walking through a dark alley at night. I am trying to make sure I won't be ripped off by a deal too good to be true." #crtcforum
281. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling ACT states: Telco's taking advantage of elders *is* elder abuse #CRTC/#CRTCforum
282. Ben Klass @BenKlass How many people even want to admit that they don’t understand their bills? How many are ashamed to admit that they’ve been hoodwinked by their phone company? @ACT_Concordia tells #CRTCforum

Misleading and aggressive sales practices are a systemic problem for seniors
283. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Yup. It is no different than people being nailed by some Nigerian scammer. People don't want to talk/admit it. Shame/hurt/anger. #CRTC/#CRTCforum

Hence, relates to that 40%. which people are calling low-balled thus far.
284. Ben Klass @BenKlass A misleading sales practice is an “informational error” @ACT_Concordia tells the #CRTCforum

Not same as deceptive practices, which are covered by competition law & require material effects to be actionable. Here's an opportunity for #CRTC to fill a role not covered by comp law
285. Laura Tribe @ltribe Cellphone retailers fail mystery shopping test, researchers plan to tell #CRTCforum inquiry…
286. Steven James May @stevenjmay "Telus dismissed our report because it relied on interviews with 53 seniors. "Only 53 seniors" they wrote." - @ACT_Concordia @kimsawchuk #CRTCforum #CRTC
287. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 At the end of the day, consumers need actual "law" to be enacted that puts execs in jail. Until that happens, the profits in Telecom are too large to ignore for execs not to push dubious practices onto juniors. As soon as the execs are held accountable: IT STOPS!

288. Ben Klass @BenKlass Interesting to be in the minority as a male in the hearing room — Typically think of telecoms as a male dominated industry, but there are about twice as many women here as men today. #CRTCforum
289. Ben Klass @BenKlass A Q asked by vice-chairperson Simard regarding whether targeted (by company) approaches are appropriate — if the #CRTCforum opts to use AMPS, they’d target offenders, natch. Otherwise, in the past the #CRTC has implemented policy targeted to dominant providers (but not indies).
290. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Anne Caines and Dr. @kimsawchuk are answering questions from the #CRTC panel. ACT's testimony  emphasized the importance of #listening to #seniors. Their #stories aren't usually revealed through surveys or online consultations. #crtcforum
@Concordia @CRTCeng @CU_researchnews
291. dege13 @dege13 #CRTCForum During the TPIA outage a Rogers rep was going door to door of non-Rogers customers. My friend even said they were encouraging him to switch to Rogers and they could get him back up and running if he was a direct Rogers customer!
292. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg Witness at #CRTCforum says #CRTC should ban commission sales

Can someone point to any sales department that does not have a form of incentive plan?

Is that really the problem?
293. Ben Klass @BenKlass How would extending a trial period beyond 15 days help, asks #CRTCforum to @ACT_Concordia ?

You’d see a bill — and see what’s on it, before being fully committed, @kimsawchuk responds. Good answer
294. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling In regards to trial/billing cycles, I have noticed advertised price is not shown on a new Rogers mobile w/ subsidy bill till 3rd billing cycle. #CRTCforum/#CRTC

2 months not enough. Should be 3 billing cycles.
295. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Anne Caines: "we (seniors) are a group that have to protect one another (from telecom companies)." #CRTCforum #CRTC #Canada #seniors @Concordia @CRTCeng
296. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Have heard this before today at #CRTCforum, directed at the @CRTCeng itself: "I think you have to make yourselves more visible than online” said ACT's Anne Caines, saying the Commission is not getting its message seniors, low income folks, ethnic groups and others.
297. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling . @ACT_Concordia did amazing. Two thumbs up 👍👍I want to see more from them in the future.
Good questions by Commissioners #CRTC/#CRTCforum
298. Steven James May @stevenjmay Seniors' loyalty to telecoms, and the expectation of reciprocal loyalty, mentioned by @kimsawchuk is an important finding. #CRTCforum #CRTC
299. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Eloquent discourse on the contribution "seniors" make to Canadian life as they have access to better (in so many ways) #telecom at #CRTCForum by @ACT_Concordia Everyday we are older.
300. Kristianne Caitlin @kcma91 And with the current misleading practices of #telecom companies, we are non the wiser. Until we get that bill in the mail. #CRTCforum
301. Josh Tabish @jdtabish Some essential reading for #CRTC Commissioners during today's #CRTCforum hearing:…
302. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Anne Caines speaking to @CTVNews after the #CRTC hearing this morning. #crtcforum @CRTCeng @Concordia @ConcordiaUnews
303. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @kimsawchuk speaks to @Kyle_Duggan of The Wire News after the #CRTC hearing this morning. #CRTCforum #Canada @FASConcordia
304. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @CanadaPIAC has also heard stories of aggressive, abusive, high risk sales tactics: "Older Cdns are particularly vulnerable to aggressive door-to-door sales tactics because they are being polite or become fearful." #CRTCforum #seniors @ACORNCanada @CarpAdvocacy
305. @CarttCa Here's @CTVNews sticking it out at day two of #crtcforum
306. Ben Klass @BenKlass “Misleading”, @CanadaPIAC ’s Lawford tells #CRTCforum, is a term that has two components — it encompasses the dissemination of incorrect information, or the omission of correct or necessary information
307. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @CanadaPIAC says that understandings of terms must be based on what an average consumer (busy, mostly trusting person) can understand, not what a "super consumer" understands. We agree! #CRTCforum
308. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg FCSC calls for "severe restrictions on “free” hardware offers". Don't the vast majority of consumers like these offers? Isn't that a reason they are so popular?

Do we need more education that "you don't get nothin' for nothin'" rather than stopping popular offers

309. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @CanadaPIAC on #suitability: "Know your client, know your product."

Understand consumers'  preferences, digital know-how, and financial means. A suitability review is key to understanding which products are appropriate for individual consumers. #CRTCforum
310. Ben Klass @BenKlass At #CRTCforum, @CanadaPIAC is putting on a clinic in what a panel should look like: diverse and representative.
311. Dwayne Winseck @mediamorphis Nice work by @ACT_Concordia in their presentation highlighting concerns (plight) of older Canadians in #CRTCforum Misleading or Aggressive Sales Tactics. @kimsawchuk has been working on related issues for years & is a fount of knowledge on them.
312. Kendra B @kaleidoscopo At the #CRTCforum today, listening to accounts of Cdns who have been subjected to predatory sales tactics of telecom companies. I'm struck by how often Cdns say: "if this happened to me, what's happening to people more vulnerable, less digitally savvy, more polite..etc than me?"
313. Ben Klass @BenKlass At present, consumers bear most if not all the risk of negative externalities associated with bad sales practices, Lawford of @CanadaPIAC tells #CRTCforum  

Forcing carriers to internalize that risk would be an effective way of mitigating the costs across the board.
314. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Consumer groups want to know why telecom/wireless contracts can't be as easy to understand as the carriers' advertising campaigns. #CRTCforum
315. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @CanadaPIAC coalition expl. the importance of a "cooling off period" rather than a "trial period." It could give consumers a way out - no reason needed! 👍 We also need to give people (esp. older people) enough time. Likely more than 15 days. #crtcforum @ACORNCanada @CarpAdvocacy
316. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The more complex a service, the more opportunities to take advantage of customers. #CRTCforum
317. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia "If we build something (better regulations, better policies, etc) for seniors, we make it better for the entire population." Well said! We agree! @CarpAdvocacy @CanadaPIAC @CRTCeng @ACORNCanada National Pensioners Federation, Canadian Association of Retired Persons #CRTCforum
318. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel @BenKlass Lovely to meet you yesterday, curious how we can get screenshots of us doing presentation do you know if @CPAC_TV has archived our video yesterday yet? #crtcforum tagging @macjbby
319. Greg O'Brien @gregobr The fact that some consumers have now taken to recording their own conversations with telcos, because they don't trust them, should be very distressing to the carriers, no matter what they think of who's right/wrong in this proceeding. #CRTCforum
320. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Lawford ( @CanadaPIAC) says @CRTCeng should require Canadian broadcasters to run public services announcements telling Canadians about the @CCTS_CPRST #CRTCforum
321. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Suggesting ads on linear TV to raise awareness of CCTS is a good idea.  But linear TV only reaches a portion of population.  Needs to see on-line ads too. #CRTCforum
322. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Yes. Absolutely. Radio too! And why not newspapers, while they're still around? 📻📺📰

Running public service announcements through traditional media is a must in order to reach #Canadian #seniors. #CRTCforum
323. Ben Klass @BenKlass I wonder if the Samsung TVs lining the #CRTCforum hearing room are "smart" TVs, and, if so, are they listening to the proceeding?
324. Campbell Patterson @CPComm “When one in four Canadians have reported experiencing aggressive or misleading sales practices within the last year, it would appear that consumers’ interests may not be being respected” #telecom #CRTCforum
325. Hans Goetze @HansGoetze #CRTCforum : The adhesion contracts obstruct resolution by the courts in disputes. Rogers has refused to arbitrate on fraudulent billings for over 10 years. cancelling our contract without resolving the matter, enabling suit in the courts. Rogers practices as vexatious litigant.
326. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Given the topic of this week's #CRTCforum, this @CRTCeng tweet is kind of hilarious 🤓 Good rules for #telecom to play by too!
327. Ben Klass @BenKlass Consumers council of Canada recommending that service transcripts of sales calls should be made available to customers (only the specific customer to which it pertains). Reasonable on its face, but must consider potential cost implications of storage & retrieval #CRTCforum
328. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Consumers Council of Canada: " We recommend that customers be given an option to have the recording of any sales or customer service call sent directly to them." Wonder what the carriers will say to that? #CRTCforum
329. Greg O'Brien @gregobr I hope commissioners ask the carriers later this how many calls are really recorded, and how many are transcribed and fed through software which searches for issues. #CRTCforum
330. Jonathan Grenier @jongcrypto Xplornet Rural Internet:  They advertise speeds of 25Mbps for $100/mo, yet routinely only provide 1Mbps.  ISP's should be required to provide 75% of the advertised speed the majority of the time.  During peak usage; ie.  evngs, it should be no less than 50%.  #CRTCforum
331. Jonathan Grenier @jongcrypto (This is a reply to a tweet, see full conversation to understand)

I TOTALLY AGREE! I live in a place that it had once only one internet provider for "high speed" internet, and it was XplorNet! #CRTCforum
332. Jonathan Grenier @jongcrypto (This is a reply, see full convo to understand)

I HATE them! During peak hours it happened over 30+ times that the internet crashed and was not available for hours. #CRTCforum
333. Jonathan Grenier @jongcrypto (This is a reply, see full convo to understand)

Imagine you're in a very important video conference and then suddenly your internet crash for no reason except that it's during the peak hours (4H PM).  #CRTCforum
334. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Consumer Council of Canada's Howard Dean says when someone has to be rude to stop a sales pitch, that's when the salesperson is being too aggressive. That's as good a working definition of aggressive sales as I've heard so far. #CRTCforum
335. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Consumers  Council of Canada says: CCTS is not as objective as it should be (over represented by industry) #CRTC/#crtcforum

-over-stacked by industry
336. Ben Klass @BenKlass Flashbacks to the Black Mirror over here, talking about rating people based on performance in interactions & carrying that rating around with them #CRTCforum
337. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Perhaps an undertaking... #crtcforum
338. Jonathan Grenier @jongcrypto CRTC, here is my horror story. #CRTCforum
339. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg I continue to wonder if 3rd party rogue agents, using off shore call centres, are a major source of the problem. Will recordings be available?

Also raises questions for how compensation plans could be policed #CRTCforum
340. Jonathan Grenier @jongcrypto Here's my suggestion: ISP's should be required to provide 75% of the advertised speed the majority of the time. The internet that they provide must also be stable, meaning that it should have atleast 90% uptime (in the story, they clearly didn't have 90% uptime)

341. ClanTeam56 @dianneshaw691 I've had negative dealings w/ Bell for a long time. It's very sad that Canada pays the highest rates in the world! We don't have any other options! Bullies! Scammers! I can only get Bell's internet in my area as they do not allow others in my area! They block others!  #CRTCforum
342. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel I can only follow #CRTCforum via twitter, there is NO ASL and LSQ all week. It was only provided for half day yesterday even if we requested it. The only time ever that CRTC provided ASL and LSQ interpretation on livestreaming was in 2013-155: Feasibility for Video Relay Services
343. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel Transcripts are available only the day after, at 11:00am. posted on the @CRTCeng website.  So yes, not equitable experience for our group to participate in the week's proceedings which is what I mentioned at the beginning of my presentation yesterday. Replying to  @gregobr Hi @deaftravel. How are you able, or are you able, to follow the hearing live? Is it captioned online or is there an ASL/LSQ translation offered that I can't see? #CRTCforum
344. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Greg O'Brien‏Verified account @gregobr Replying to  @deaftravel  @CRTCeng Thanks. I missed that bit. And that stinks, actually. #CRTCforum
345. Ben Klass‏ @BenKlass "Our research reveals gross informational inequality between the service provider and the customer” - @Telecom_ConsIR to #CRTCforum
346. Greg O'Brien @gregobr "Individual consumers have no means of holding service providers accountable for the poor quality information and for the persistent gaps and information omissions." says U of Ottawa's Mary Cavanagh. #CRTCforum
347. ACT Project‏ @ACT_Concordia (1) "Meaningful, credible information that is accessible and trust worthy is essential for cosumers to make sound decisions" (2) "Omission = information deception"

Two very well articulated and important points. @mfcavanagh (and team). #CRTCforum
348. Dwayne Winseck @mediamorphis #crtcforum CPAC feed just went down with note saying event is over. Pls fix ;-)
349. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Indeed, bigly! 👈😎👍📱#CRTCforum #AccessibilityLens
350. Greg O'Brien @gregobr0 I've gotten those sticky notes before... #CRTCforum
351. Kayla Amanda @kaylughmanda #CRTCforum I signed up for a @Rogers plan because I get a discount through my work and they were offering a promotion which would increase my data by 2GBs if I signed up during their Back To School promotion. Which I did.
352. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel Here is the transcript of our @DeafWirelessCAN et al appearance at the #CRTCforum yesterday Monday October 22, 2018 -… . Mind us, we have to check against interpreter delivery. Thank you.
353. Ben Klass @BenKlass . @Telecom_ConsIR ’s @seandejure highlights a lack of comparative info available to consumers who are expected to shop around: when carriers don’t provide access to fulsome information about service plans without purchase, how can customers make an informed decision? #CRTCforum
354. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel Here is the transcript of our @DeafWirelessCAN et al appearance at the #CRTCforum yesterday Monday October 22, 2018 -…... Mind us, we have to check against interpreter delivery. Thank you.
355. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Shopping around can happen intelligently with published “rack” rates/offers. You can’t do this intelligently when you have to rely on verbal discounts given over the phone because incumbent won’t publish that offer. #CRTCForum
356. Josh Tabish @jdtabish If I was @Bell @Rogers or @TELUS I'd be pretty concerned about @Telecom_ConsIR and @mfcavanagh's research. These folks are doing some amazing work and the results do not look good for the big carriers:… #CRTCforum
357. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel En français - Voici la transcription de notre comparution à @DeafWirelessCAN et al au #CRTCforum hier lundi 22 octobre 2018 -……. Remarquez, nous devons vérifier contre la livraison d'interprète. Merci.…
358. Marcus Orilius @marcocanb #crtcforum I like how you worded that.
359. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Wireless Wave is not a third party retailer. Bell-Rogers owned. #CRTCforum
360. Greg O'Brien @gregobr And some stores with a Rogers, or Bell or Telus sign are not owned by the companies but are franchisees. #crtcforum
361. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei When a kiosk bears an incumbent’s logo and employees wear incumbent badges, the consumer must trust that they represent the incumbent, whether they are a franchise or actual incumbent employees. Incumbent is responsible to ensure they uphold incumbent’s values.
362. Josh Tabish @jdtabish It's great to hear Minister @NavdeepSBains is considering a code of conduct to curb aggressive sales tactics ( But if he doesn't also mandate MVNO access to foster competition and lower our bills Canadians are gonna be pissed #cdnpoli #CRTC #CRTCforum
363. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Incumbents who make “special offers” to individuals must be willing to put in in writing before the customer agrees.
“we’ll send you the offer in a few minutes and that offer is valid for x days, call back and mention the offer number to accept”.
364. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel @CPAC_TV Please submit a link to the videos for yesterday's appearance at #CRTCforum for Sales Practices yesterday. Our Deaf community members want to see our participation in ASL. Video is the best way. Thank you.
365. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The danger of moving to more formal contracts is that incumbents will start to “subsidize” modems or routers like they do mobile handsets in order to introduce a cancellation penalty.
366. Ben Klass @BenKlass Mary Cavanaugh of @Telecom_ConsIR with a novel suggestion, in response to a question about how to make sure teleco staff training is consistent: ~”I’m a teacher, the telcos should come talk to us” #CRTCforum
367. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Professor Cavanagh says of carriers and training their people and the front line problems they discovered: "Maybe they don’t want to know or they don’t want them to be that well trained or it doesn’t matter enough to them." Ouch #crtcforum
368. Ben Klass @BenKlass Now up at #CRTCforum is @LAManitoba ’s Katrine Dilay of Public Interest Law Centre, with Gloria Desorcey of Consumers Association of Canada, Manitoba Branch
369. Leslie Weir @Leslie_Weir Eloquent responses to the many questions posed to Mary Cavanagh and student mystery shoppers, Kristianne Anor, Sean Grassie, Tara Hristov at #CRTCForum.  Congratulations on your research and the excellent and relevant presentation at the forum.
370. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @CRTCeng pls post each presenter's transcript on their website. Every org. was required to provide 30 copies of their presentation. If these are posted online the deaf community (and everyone) can access them. This won't include Q/A, but better than nothing! #CRTCforum
371. Ben Klass @BenKlass Carriers that have the privilege of operating in highly concentrated markets with significant barriers to entry, should be subject to substantial responsibilities- Katrine Dilay, Manitoba Coalition to #CRTCforum
372. Ben Klass @BenKlass MB Coalition recommendation to #CRTCforum #2:

Strengthened and enhanced compliance and enforcement by #CRTC, @CCTS_CPRST, including publication of results. Not realistic to expect everyone to complain every single time there’s a problem. There needs to be a systemic approach.
373. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg Manitoba Coalition calls for a "Code of Telecommunications Sales Practices"

With all the codes being proposed to be imposed, maybe there is an opportunity for someone to come up with a code decoder?

374. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 #crtcforum Interesting to hear suggestions for a "Code" for sales behaviour. Without financial, legal or civil/criminal penalties, no code will be consistently observed by large Telcos. (Evidence of this exists in other industries.) Redress and compliance are key.
375. Ben Klass @BenKlass MC Coalition reco #3 for #CRTCforum :

More engagement and education is required. Contracts should come with a roadmap including information about how to address complaints.
376. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia We agree with the Manitoba Coalition (Winnipeg Harvest and CAC Manitoba), re: the limits of surveys and the importance of #qualitative #research. It's important to #listen to people to understand how they've been treated by #telecommunication companies #CRTCforum @CU_researchnews
377. Ben Klass @BenKlass Desorcy of Manitoba Coalition highlighting a key point: /someone/ needs to be doing something proactive. It can’t be all after the fact. #CRTC has legal power to appoint inspectors: how about putting a staff member or two on mystery shopper duty? #CRTCforum
378. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Wise words from Manitoba Coalition (Winnipeg Harvest and CAC Manitoba):
(1) "I would like to point out the not every consumer is on the internet."
(2) "Consumers don't always have to be their own advocate."
(3) "It's a confusing maze right now." #CRTCforum #CRTC @CRTCHearings
379. Ben Klass @BenKlass #CRTC already has a Chief Consumer Officer: maybe that office should be more proactive about protecting consumers. #CRTCforum
380. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Interesting that consumer EDUCATIOn hasn’t been argued. With informed consumers, incumbents couldn’t try many of the unethical tricks they do as they know consumers would see through their false promises. #CRTCForum
381. Ben Klass @BenKlass Here’s a good one from QC Commissioner Dupras: Have you seen a difference since Bell took over MTS? #CRTCforum
382. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Incumbents use tactics that work. If consumers no longer get hooked by a sales tactic, incumbents will stop trying it.  
383. Ben Klass @BenKlass How about this for a difference: You can no longer subscribe to unlimited data mobile services in Manitoba, since Bell discontinued MTS’s offerings. #CRTCforum
384. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby And Accessibility too! 👈😎👍📱#AccessibilityLens #CRTCforum
385. Dwayne Winseck @mediamorphis Answer to #CRTCforum Q re impact of Bell's acquisition of MTS is a) price increase year-to-the-day after promise to @CompBureau to not raise wireless prices + b) withdrawal of unlimited plans. Elimination of strong regl carrier that had deployed IPTV, for eg, earlier than BCE
386. Ben Klass @BenKlass #CRTC Chair Scott asks: expand on request to prohibit credit checks for communication services.

Desorcy: credit checks not allowed for natural gas, electrical. Communications are also a vital service, people shouldn’t be denied access or charged more based on credit. #CRTCforum
387. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei During this hearing, wireless was brought up a number of times.  If unethical sales practices persist for wireless despite Wireless Code, then extending Wireless Code to all telecom services wouldn’t solve the problem.
388. Ben Klass @BenKlass MTS used to offer a 10% discount for bring-your-own-device. Does Bell still offer this discount? #CRTCforum
389. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbbyujhk It shouldn't go backward. It supposes to go forward! 👈😎👍📱#UnlimitedData Need to end "Regionalism" discrimination.
Eighteen months ago, Top Five US Wireless Telcos offered their #UnlimitedData📱
It is Bell, Telus and Rogers turn now! #CRTCForum #AccessibilityLens
390. Jeffrey Beatty‏ @macjbby It is all about #Accessibility   
Indeed, CRTC and Wireless Telcos forgot about 9-1-1 calls!
We must force CRTC that all the wireline and wireless providers cannot use credit check on our video calls - emergency - due to life, health, safety or property (911 calls)
391. Cory Boehm‏ @Cory_Boehm The 10% discount disappeared long before Bell.

For most carriers "economic inducement" is greater than the discount you get for BYOD on the same plan. It's why Canada needs to fully decouple devices from wireless service plans.
392. xena&me‏ @xena_me #crtcforum  Someone should let this presenter know that Jim Shaw died almost a year ago.
393. Rasta™‏ @NovaScotiaRasta #CRTCForum Who else is still being charged for imaginary 'System Access Fees'? Why is that price-gouging fraud still permitted? There is a current Lawsuit for just that...
394.‏ @PlanHub_ca A small start-up already exists which has taken on this role with the aim of greater transparency for consumers. @PlanHub_ca #CRTCforum
395. Mark Goldberg‏ @Mark_Goldberg Democracy Watch arithmetic appears off. 5% of Cdn households is closer to 650,000, not 1M (appears based on mythical 20M customers)

Not clear that 5% of households would join. Just ask Consumers Association why they haven't done this on its own

396. Mark Goldberg‏ @Mark_Goldberg If only there was a way for consumers to shop around and compare offers and prices between service providers.

397.‏ @PlanHub_ca @PlanHub_ca  does exactly that! #CRTCforum #transparency
398.‏ @PlanHub_ca You can have this for free! @PlanHub_ca provides exactly this service. You can sign up for our alerts and we will let you know if a better plan for your needs becomes available. Sign up here:  #CRTCforum
399. Darrell Kevin‏ @ds99  @CRTCeng I live in an area where I’m forced to choose between Bell or Rogers.  In new subdivisions they install fibre optics, but I understand Bell & Rogers are not permitting 3rd party carriers to share the fibre network. It’s not right.  #CRTCforum
400. Darrell Kevin‏ @ds99  @CRTCeng I signed up for a $99 2-year deal but only 9 months into the deal the price went up by $5.  I was supposed to get 1 gbps speed but my speed was not more than 200 mbps. Calling them about it just wasted time. I left Bell & it took months to get my bill settled.#CRTCforum
401. Naeem‏ @naeemmo #CRTCForum Maybe this is just a coincidence but all of the customers on the Rogers network (except for Rogers customers) experienced an outage lasting 4 hours at which time Rogers sales reps were knocking on doors in my neighbourhood selling more 'reliable', faster tech responses
402. Naeem‏ @naeemmo Door to door Rogers rep claiming faster tech support and more reliable service WHILE customers of @TekSavvyNetwork and others were mysteriously down.  She skipped my neighbour who is already paying Rogers.  Shady business #CRTCforum
403. Deaf Wireless Canada‏ @DeafWirelessCAN Agreed there needs to be “teeth” for accessibility denials. #crtcforum
404. ACT Project‏ @ACT_Concordia And that's a wrap! It was a pleasure presenting at the #CRTCforum with so many other orgs doing such important work! #CRTC @CanadaPIAC @ACORNCanada @mfcavanagh @Telecom_ConsIR @deaftravel @UniondeC Manitoba Coalition, Nat'l Pensioners Federation, Cdn Assoc of Retired Persons + +
405. The Wire Report‏ @thewirereport Consumer, seniors groups ask for telecom sales code of conduct, suggesting door-to-door sales ban, "free" hardware restrictions and a financial suitability standard, @Kyle_Duggan reports from day two of #CRTCforum:
406. Kristianne Caitlin‏ @kcma91 "Mystery Shoppers" revealed! #telecom #CRTCforum
407. Bryon Alderdice‏ @AlderdiceBryon #CRTCforum I have been trying for 2 months to get an ongoing charge for data top up removed from the bill(Rogers cellphone). Every call they tell me it was removed. They lie!
408. Jeffrey Beatty‏ @macjbby Indeed, It's a sad state of affairs when we can no longer be sure how we're going to watch your hearing each day without LIVE Sign Language Interpreters and LIVE Closed Captioning video online yet! #AccessibilityLens #CRTCforum
409. TTP‏ @theteapixie They are a systemic problem for everyone. In this message you can see how confusing Telus’s policies are. I am required to pay a minimum of $100 each year for an emergncy telephone line.  I use the phone sporadically, mostly when I am in remote locations. #CRTCforum
410. TTP‏ @theteapixie Ps - didn’t get their “warning” message because I was in India. In India, I purchased a prepaid, unlimited service (phone/text/data) sim card with an India phone number. It cost me $4 for a month. #crtcforum
411. Anand @sanguine_anand @CRTCeng I was a customer of Rogers & Bell for several years. I have left them each time I found an alternative. Both providers reserve the right to arbitrarily increase plan pricing in fine print. I can't stand their constant abuse. #CRTCforum
412. Anand @sanguine_anand @CRTCeng With today's online-everything - i.e. services from grocery to provincial change of address - hosted on the internet, it's time for telecommunications to be regulated & governed as UTILITIES & not run-of-mill products. I can't stand BigTelecom's abuse anymore! #CRTCforum
413. Anand @sanguine_anand To everyone who follows me & whom I follow, please voice your concerns and poor experiences with Big Telecom like Rogers, Bell and Telus and others and use the hash tag "#CRTCforum" to submit your tweet to CRTC's public consultation!!! Speak out against abuse from Big Telecom!
414. Diane Moreau @SalesMoreau I was having problems with Bell cable no internet service in Clarence Creek, I called Tech, which call center in India, criminal country of scams, they were rude, f...k word, no internet, made complaint #CRTCforum
415. Scott Van Denham @25or6to4scotty #CRTCforum I was sold internet services pkg (Telus) that was never installed (we couldn't agree on installation date/time). I later noticed I was being charged for a service that a) I already had from an other ISP, and b) wasn't hooked up by Telus. No money has been returned.
416. Bram Abramson @bramabramson It's a kludge, but follow @CRTCHearings for almost-live uploads. They're then posted online the next morning (…). #crtcforum
417. Bram Abramson @bramabramson @CRTCHearings are transcripted live, so isn't this low-hanging fruit? Pipe court reporter output to public-facing endpoint. Add quality disclaimer. Better-than-now state achieved. (Ironic, given @CRTCeng's strictest-in-world TV caption rules: but that's another story.) #crtcforum
418. Rasta  @NSRasta #CRTCForum is the hashtag capturing abuse by #Telecom to give us false hope that anything will change. Only #Business allowed to repeat infractions over and over without anyone mandated to enforce the rules. #Bell is biggest offender with worst #CustomerService record
419. Rasta @NovaScotiaRasta RE: #CCTS 000000000000 COMPLAINT: (Unresolved) #CRTCForum "Let us investigate and see what's up- looks like he went thru the ccts and was denied..will keep you posted" H, forwarded up #Bell team for answer. Salesman asked, because no one trusted them anymore because of this.
420. Rasta  @NSRasta #CRTCForum If #CRTC were proactive, they could set Twitter filters to capture just a few of the complaints about #Telecom in Canada including their own responses *Not our mandate* when all other channels have failed #CdnPoli there is no real overseer, they better by #Elxn43
421. Rasta  @NSRasta #CRTCForum If #CRTC were proactive, they could set Twitter filters to capture just a few of the complaints about #Telecom in Canada including their own responses *Not our mandate* when all other channels have failed #CdnPoli there is no real overseer, they better by #Elxn43
422. TekSavvy @TekSavvyBuzz Today we’re telling the @CRTCeng about misleading, or aggressive sales practices directed at TekSavvy customers, like third party techs pushing their own retail services during a TekSavvy install or repair appointment – got a similar story? Tell the CRTC with hashtag #CRTCforum
423. Steven James May @stevenjmay Teksavvy, featuring @janetlo, is now up to bat. #CRTCForum #CRTC…
424. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Small ISPs do not control the lottery of what speeds Bell’s old DSLAM will be able to give a new customer. So their advertised speeds often not met.  But it’s not the ISP’s fault, so any code should factor this in.
425. Paul Burbank @PBurbank_law I love it when ostensibly progressive political actors that claim to be driving "innovation" agendas have to be reminded by courts that it is investment, and not empty words, that leads to progress. #5g #CRTCforum… via @nationalpost
426. Rasta  @NSRasta I got my contract broken, so they could upsell me a new one, and get rid of legacy plans they adopted when #Bell bought Aliant, forced into a new plan, without any recourse, your plan is no longer available, without knowledge or consent to change #CRTCForum CRTC knew, no mandate
427. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Where there are limited time promotions, many ISPs will show only the limited time pricing in the ad and the permanent price is in the fine print only.  This should not be allowed
428. Rasta  @NSRasta Anyone that uses Twitter, except #GeorgeCope, can easily search the answers to the question "Are Canadians Happy with #Telecom abuse" or "Can #Voters trust the #CdnPoli to protect them from monopoly corruption? #CRTCForum  
No one believe this will change, unless #Elxn43 issue
429. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei In the case of Bell, if you pay $100 installation fee to get 25/10 from Bell, but the best Bell can do to a 3rd party ISP is 15/0.8 because on Stinger DSLAM, if customer cancels, Bell should also cancel install fee charged to ISP so later can refund it to customer. #CRTCForum
430. Greg O'Brien @gregobr I like the order of appearance with this hearing. From consumers, to the advocacy groups to independent carriers to the big guys. I'm not looking forward to a late Friday with Bell being last, but I like the "story build" the @CRTCeng seems to have going on here. #crtcforum
431. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Worth noting: Bell-owned CTV has had a reporter (Glen McGregor) at this hearing every day, all day. #crtcforum
432. Ben Klass @BenKlass Watching from home today.  @janetlo & @kaplanmyrth at #crtcforum being beamed to my tv by way of xbox and teksavvy dsl.
433. gonevoip @gonevoip The #CRTCforum continues! Have you experienced misleading or aggressive sales practices from a telecom service provider? Tell us about it!
434. Telecom_ConsIR @Telecom_ConsIR #ConsumerEducation is important but it only goes so far. For it to be effective, it requires a concomitant obligation that providers give information (ie consumers can ask very educated Qs but if they don't get an A, education alone won't create informed consumers) #CRTCforum
435. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Wish to see "CC" on it! Thank for tweets! 👈😎👍📱#crtcforum
436. The Wire Report @thewirereport ICYMI, as day three of #CRTCforum gets underway. #CRTC
437. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia #CRTC will include any public comments via Twitter on the public record if comments include the hashtag #CRTCforum. If you've experienced misleading or aggressive sales practices from a telecom service provider, tell them about it! You can participate until Friday.
438. Rasta  @NSRasta #CCTS is paid for by #Telecom, like giving charge of Pollution Control to the Automotive Industry (VW), no matter what decision *I WON*, they have no power, #Bell blocked me, refused to comply,. #CRTC says not their mandate? Who's is it ? #CRTCForum #CdnPoli Clear violation
439. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Indeed, Today our generations! 21st Century video calling and social media.👈😎👍📱#crtcforum
440. Telecom_ConsIR @Telecom_ConsIR Codes are essential in establishing minimum rights (and obligations). For a Code to be effective, there should be robust compliance monitoring & enforcement. There were numerous suggestion in #WirelessCode proceeding on improving it (for ex @catmiddleton @tshepski) #CRTCforum
441. Ben Klass @BenKlass TbayTel’s CEO is repping the company today in front of the #CRTCforum — one of Canada’s few remaining publicly owned telco’s
442. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Nice to hear TBayTel regional SP "wholly owned by City of Thunder Bay" present on their customer service values, practices. Already meeting a higher info / service bar. Ownership structure + local market contributes to trust + quality.  #crtcforum #telecom #wireless
443. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Seems like @Tbaytel is telling the @CRTCeng that any new telecom sales practices code should only apply to the large operators and not smaller ones like them and @Eastlink, etc. #CRTCforum
444. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Is Bell just incapable of honouring/implementing the promised package features  made by its sales staff?  Or are those failures to honour promises done on purpose?

An incumbent shouldn’t allow sales staff to promise packages that its systems can’t reliably implement.
445. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Listening to TBayTel SP respond to Qs - might be a good place for us @Telecom_ConsIR to look to, visit, follow re tracking tools / communication / information techniques in "customer servicing" from SP pov. #CRTCForum #wireless #telecom
446. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Bit of ironically! Technology is here! 👈😎👍📱#crtcforum
447. Andrew Robertson @andalerob Just yesterday I had a Bell rep try to discredit TekSavvy by saying it's just a third-party company, and aggressively try to convince me that 15 Mbps down would be better for me than the 150 Mbps plan I have with you. I called in to have my cell number changed. #CRTCforum
448. TekSavvy Assistance @TekSavvyCSR To make sure your comment is noticed, please ensure you use #CRTCForum with your response! - GM
449. Scott M. @apukwa Hmm.

If it shouldn't count for smaller operators does that also apply to small MVNOs owned by the big companies (Lucky, Citifone, etc)?

It'd be interesting to see how they think that should be defined. #CRTCforum
450. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg Commissioner MacDonald just announced to #CRTCforum proceeding that the assertion of 'no credit checks' with utilities is not true, at least in his home province (NB)
451. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Interesting question about credit checks, reminds me that Rogers was sued for this for lying to their low-income customers #CRTC/#crtcforum. See:
Rogers broke promise on credit check, lawsuit claims…
452. Greg O'Brien @gregobr I think they would define it by owner, so the flanker brands of the big guys would have to abide. And thanks for the Cityfone reminder. I had forgotten about that Rogers brand. #crtcforum
453. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby It is a waste of money and resources on flanker brands! 👈😎👍📱#crtcforum
454. Alexis G @lexomatic #CRTCforum sales people misrepresented fiber service to the node as service to the home to family. Escalation officers admitted in later call.  Most people wouldn't know the difference. 1/2
455. Alexis G @lexomatic It's  a provincial offence. It probably happens all the time. I have zero faith the telecom industry is capable of governing itself. #CRTCforum /2
456. Holger Messner @Silverstone205 After returning from Italy, I remembered the low cellphone bills in Europe. Compare to Verizon charging me $60 for a 250MB data package 30 days, we got a Italy unlimited calls 10GB package for - well €10 a month!! You see. No open market in Canada! #CRTCforum
457. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Natalie MacDonald of @Eastlink points out a potential problem with a mandated "cooling off" period - that the competitor who lost the customer might hyper target that newly departed customer with aggressive deals to win back. #zerosum #CRTCforum
458. Greg O'Brien @gregobr If I may paraphrase some of the reactions from @TekSavvyBuzz, @Tbaytel and @Eastlink this morning at #CRTCforum: "It seems strange to mandate us to continue being nice to our customers."
459. leadnow @leadnowca Dear @CRTCeng - here's a petition with hundreds who want you to stop deceptive sales tactics. #CRTCforum…
460. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Should Xplornet’s inability to deliver advertised speeds constitute a deceptive sales practice?  If they knowingly oversell the  capacity is installed for an area served by an antenna, is that deceptive?
461. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei It is very difficult to codify in some policy whether an ISP is deceptive when overselling capacity and not delivering on advertised speeds. Should CRTC ban inferior capacity service? (would ban cheap Internet for instance). #CRTCForum
462. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Preventing incumbents from offering unpublished deals doesn’t prevent competition, not would incite them to lower their published rates to keep customers.  Finding a way to codify some way to dissuade deals with unpublished rates might accomplish the goal.  #CRTCForum
463. MontrealOTA @MontrealOTA Hey cordcutters and OTAers, did any misleading or bad practices from a TV service provider lead you to cancel service and #CutTheCord ?

Tell @CRTCeng using the #crtcforum hashtag!
464. MontrealOTA @MontrealOTA Hey #débrancheurs, est-ce que vous avez coupé le cordon à cause d’un insatisfaction avec un cablo-diffuseur? Envoyer votre histoire au @CRTCfra avec le mot-clic #CRTCforum ! CRTCfra @CRTCfra
465. OpenMedia @OpenMediaOrg Have you had a bad sales practices experience with your Internet or phone provider? Share your personal stories with @CRTCeng  using #CRTCforum and put your voice on the public record!
466. Steven James May‏ @stevenjmay Cue @xplornetretweet. #CRTCForum #CRTC … Xplornet
467. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCForum #CRTC @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng #2018 #Mobility #Consumer #Rights ?
468. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCForum #CRTC @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng #Mobility #Rights in #2018 ?
469. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #CRTC @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng Is #court #only #chance to #adequately #resolve @Bell #Mobility #complaints ?
470. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Northwestel says it records all inbound calls.

Shouldn’t telcos especially record outbound sales calls where most of the problems would happen? (whether call made from telco or 3rd party, recording should be mandated)

471. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #CRTC @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng @Bell #BellCanada #Mobility #Consumer #Rights #Updates #Urgently #Expected by #Consumers ! @cbcgopublic #GoPublic
472. Greg O'Brien @gregobr 100% true. And this must go on the official record, so #CRTCforum
473. Josh Bickle @Josh_Bickle #CRTCforum Convinced by the salesperson that getting home phone line would reduce bill. Never receive a contract and no information mentioned about it being a short term promo and then being billed at full for the phone. Refused to provide recording of call. $60/month extra
474. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Hard to define misleading SALES practice: the salesperson may honestly think he is offering deal X to customer, and it is the incumbent which then changes the plan a few months later. Was salesperson misleading?
475. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei One possible regulation: when reaching out to customers (door to door, outbound calls), a telecom should only be allowed to push published packages/rates, not offer special unpublished deals that the customer can’t verify exist.
476. Dwayne Winseck @mediamorphis Dear @CRTCeng, any idea when this year's complete Communications Monitoring Report will be out? #CRTC #CRTCforum
477. Veritas‏ @Veritas_83 CRTC is holding week-long hearing on Big Telecom's bad sales practices — share your stories using #CRTCforum! | OpenMedia
478. Jean-François Mezei‏ @jfmezei Possible regulation
Any package offered to a customer must be documented on the telecom company’s web site. this would force incumbents to lower their published prices if they want to keep /gain customers instead of offering private deals can the consumer can’t verify
479. Cory Boehm‏ @Cory_Boehm Another solution is requiring all at the door rates be put fully in writing and customers having 30 days to walk away without penalty, returning any gifts/equipment in resalable condition.

480. Commissioner Miner‏ @fanCRTCProfling Northwestel states there is no sales practices problem in the #CRTC/#CRTCforum industry. The number of interventions are low, so nor problem. The big Telco's will agree.
481. DarkAlman‏ @DarkAlman Recently found out that my parents have been on an obsolete internet plan for years, paying for service at a slow speed (7.5mb/s) that it is no longer offered but ISP made no attempts to contact them when they could upgrade to twice the speed (15mb/s) for less cost. #CRTCforum
482. The Hat‏ @thehat2k5 I signed up for Bell Fibe, omg is it ever fast and the price is great for the first year.  What I didn't count on was daily (sometimes multiple times daily) marketing calls.  I had to get rude and obnoxious to make it stop.  
483. mfcavanagh‏ @mfcavanagh Big country, local radio still available in so many communities - amazing!  Talking #crtcforum #telecom and raising the bar for all consumers.
484. CJ @theCVIV During the outage last week, @RogersHelps canned answers were to the point of mocking people for not being 1st party customers of themselves when all anyone wanted was an idea of when their internet would be back. #CRTCforum
485. The Wire Report @thewirereport On day three of #CRTCforum, @TekSavvyBuzz tells #CRTC about incumbents trying to ‘poach’ customers🔒:
486. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling TekSavvy claims incumbents poach customers during hardware installations at #CRTC/#CRTCforum sales hearings…
-We only hear about it when a customer thinks it’s very strange or egregious
-Rogers contact Mobile Syrup to say [Teksavvy lies].
487. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum Real stories from real situations:…
488. Eric Daigle @EBDaigle Tweeting to be part of the public record for the appalling customer service practice of @cogeco who continue to charge me for an account I've cancelled 4 times and who've put me on hold for well over 5 hours in the process. #CRTCforum
489. Rasta  @NSRasta Use the hashtag #CRTCforum from Oct. 22-26th. to share your #Telecom horror stories while the #CRTC is investigating!! If you want action, bring it up before #Elxn43 or our price-gouging monopolies will pad pockets #CdnPoli before you get heard.
490. Jeff Allen @jeff_furry Not a sales practice, but in 2012, Rogers swore up and down that they weren't throttling speed. Speedtests on a 25mbps service consistently returned 15-18 mbps. Usual BS from Rogers. Switched to TS. 24-25 tests every time!! Rogers are pure LIARS!! #CRTCForum
491. Jess Sheppard @jessheps It's pretty alarming that you are STILL dealing with this after months of being forced to jump through @cogeco's bureaucratic hoops and repeatedly being assured the issue was resolved. And I'm sure there are many others in the same boat. #CRTCforum #cogeco
492. @CarttCa Telecom Sales Practices day 3 @CRTCeng story: Why you need to know what "suitability" and "aggressive" mean… Wondering, if I tag this #crtcforum, does that mean our linked story is part of the public record?
493. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg The crescendo builds.

On tap at #CRTCforum hearing examining communications service providers' sales practices are:

Stream it live on @CPAC_TV:
494. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei One needs to ask: would extending the Wireless Code to other telecom services prevent door to door salesperson to promise X and hands the customer a contract that says Y in fine print ? (eg: price guaranteed for 1 year vs contract that says rebate for first 3 months).  #CRTCForum
495. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Here are two question for the larger operators coming that I hope @CRTCeng commissioners see. 1. In your call centres: How many minutes into a call do your systems begin reminding help/tech/sales reps that they have been on the phone too long, and... #CRTCforum
496. Greg O'Brien @gregobr 2. How are phone tech/sales/help reps measured on the length of their calls and are they compensated better when they average a shorter time on the phone with clients. #crtcforum
497. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling 15 mins ago Videotron is is not telling the truth here #CRTC/#crtcforum. Not isolated cases. rather, took a lot of knowledge to understand how people were abused, thus the low #CCTS complaints. Plus the method to complain took intervention by @PrivacyPrivee & which privcom called deceptive.
498. Greg O'Brien @gregobr So @Videotron is the first to directly attack the @CRTCeng Ipsos survey this morning at #CRTCforum. They won't be the last to do that.
499. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling and don't forget #CRTC/#crtcforum
Videotron launches $78.5M lawsuit against Bell over actions of travelling sales reps…
500. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Vidéotron brags about having had 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Only problem is that by the time you’ve received first invoice, you’re beyond the 30 day deadline.
501. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Videotrons 30-day guarantee in real life:
Hey u are over billing me 7$: 1) we will get back to you, but never does, or 2) take it or leave it, too bad for you.
502. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Videotrons 30-day guarantee in real life:
Hey u are over billing me 7$: 1) we will get back to you, but never does, or 2) take it or leave it, too bad for you.
503. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Not that we're surprised, but @Videotron is laying all of the blame for lousy telecom sales practices at @Bell's feet. #CRTCforum
504. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #CRTC @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng @Bell #Data #Charges 10 #months #errors of #Extra #Data but #included in my #PremiumPlus #Plan still #charged #double thus #contract #breach #mobility #rights ?! #Help !
505. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 In my experience, @Bell, @Rogers, @cogeco, @TELUS, @Xplornet, @primus and their flanker brands are the worst offenders #CRTCforum
506. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling I called Tron to get a contract for wifes parents (they told me a new contract was involved) both the rep and retention refused to give a hard copy (paper copy) via Canada Post. Said Email only. It never came (called twice, same result). #CRTC/#CRTCforum
507. gonevoip @gonevoip Any former telecom provider employees out there?
We would like to hear from you about your experience with your company’s sales practices.
508. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Videotron reminds #CRTCforum that new wireless customers have a 30-day window to back out, if they want. Wireless Code only calls for 15 days.
509. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling 30-days not enough 1) due to Billing 2) hardware bugs & Trons support to work through them to an acceptable level, 3) Some funny stuff with Trons hardware (auto-deactivation if not turned on) happens only at 30-days #CRTC/#CRTCforum
-Funny hardware stuff w/ Tron not widely known
510. The Truth Please .... @JbsmnJbn Here’s the invitation for former #bell #telus #rogers telecom employees to discuss the unscrupulous business practices of their former employers. #MakeADifference #CRTCforum #wireless
511. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #crtcforum @VideoRon makes an interesting point that @Bell is 70% of the complaints... aside from the obvious that Bell is bigger, if they are so innocent in their practices, they would have near zero impact in complying with any regulation
512. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 That would have to include hefty civil and criminal penalties for Telecom execs to be of any value to consumers. Otherwise they will continue doing what they want.

“Of those to whom much is given, much is expected.” Words to remember.

#CRTCforum #monopoly
513. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Commissioner states it was hard/took time to find info to escalate a complaint. What the commissioner doesn't know is that at times it is NOT a CCTS issue or a combo CCTS & other entity issue. ...PrivCom had them change stuff fast #crtcforum
-Tron = knowledge suppression
514. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Another theme of the week, the @CRTCeng commissioners really, really want the profile of @CCTS_CPRST to be raised, somehow, by the companies. #CRTCforum
515. Ontario411 @Ontario411_ CRTC is looking for former telecom employees to give their aggressive/misleading sales stories under #CRTCForum #ON
516. Ben Klass @BenKlass Sasktel’s wireless business has the lowest “churn” (i.e. customer turnover/defection) in the market and its customers stay with them longer than any other carrier #CRTCforum
517. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling I want to see the @CRTC/#crtcforum speak about any employee submissions and "in-camera" meeting(s).
518. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling 3 TSP saying Prov reg's are enough (though some protect better than others), yet #Telus wants Prov reg's removed for their benefit.  #crtcforum/#CRTC

Just saying. Telus will be interesting later on
519. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Quebec is the same. But Bell is playing the law stating they are not door-to-door salespeople, they don't even bother getting a door-to-door permit as they go door-to-door. Thus the Videotron lawsuit.
520. Ben Klass @BenKlass “For some people, when you order a burger and they ask if you’d like fries with that, that’s aggressive” - Sasktel, with the best line so far at #CRTCforum
521. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 I love how Telecoms all say that "they" are not the problem - they are high-level and perfect-compliance organizations and "others" are the problem.

While some may well be "better", none are absolved of poor service issues.

522. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 What only #LawSchoolKids at #crtcforum articulated well is that to consumers, "incomplete", "partial", "unwritten", "oral" representations of Telecom companies ARE FUNCTIONALLY THE SAME as "misleading", "deceptive" or "aggressive" practices - ALL result in consumer confusion.
523. James A. Hess @JamesAHess CRTC is looking for former telecom employees to give their aggressive/misleading sales stories under #CRTCForum on twitter via /r/ontario
524. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel What a contrast, I am in DC now, just went to meeting at @FCC today. 16 staff in Disability Rights Office, majority are Deaf and even some of them are lawyers. CRTC has NONE. #CRTCforum
525. Greg O'Brien @gregobr The @SaskTel reps note that the costs to them of implementing the Wireless Code was ~$3M (systems changes, training, longer calls to explain things to customers), so it'd rather not have to implement a new code b/c it's not the service provider at fault for all this. #CRTCforum
526. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Indeed, An eyes opening for you all to see! #DeafTalent 👈😎👍📱in #FCC DRO. ~18 years progressive! #AccessibilityLens #CRTCforum
527. Greg O'Brien @gregobr MacDonald: What if there was "one universal code" to rule over the others...? #CRTCforum
528. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 $3 million is chump change for a company with $1.2 billion in revenue annually.  Most of those costs would have been one time charges they could write off as well. #CRTCforum
529. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Cogeco's #CRTC/#CRTCforum submission is to agree with Chairman Scott, there's already avenues open for people.
530. martine5mars @martine5mars Pratique frauduleuse: je conviens d’un contrat avantageux avec Vidéotron dont je finis par obtenir copie. Depuis, chaque facture mensuelle est plus élevée de plusieurs dizaines de $. Malgré les nombreuses heures au telephone et une plainte écrite, RIEN NE SE REGLE! #crtcforum
531. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Why doesn't the #CRTC require that all "whistle blower" complaints be stripped of identifying info and submitted on the public record? #CRTCforum
532. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 What's the penalty for outright lying to the #CRTCforum?  @cogeco is notorious among Queens University students for their misleading, under delivering, and deceptive practices.  A quick look at their website giant 1.5 inch font $97... in tiny 1/16th inch font $150 regular price*
533. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 *Conditions apply (shown separately in even smaller font) but does not link to those conditions, you'll have to divine that yourself #CRTCforum.  Please @cogeco, stop lying to the commission about your practices.
534. OpenMedia @OpenMediaOrg Important: Remember to put your bad sales practices experiences with your Internet or phone company on @CRTCeng's public record by using the hashtag #CRTCforum — you got until end of day tomorrow! 📣
535. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia #Accessibility must be considered seriously the #CRTC moves forward with this and other public consultations. The online consultation was #inaccessible in many ways, as was the hearing itself. Thanks, @deaftravel for your work on this! #CRTCforum
536. Steve Faguy @fagstein The last time I called Videotron for a customer service issue (because I got an email that directly contradicted what was agreed to on a previous call) I asked for an email to get written confirmation of an order. The customer service rep said they can't do that. #CRTCforum
537. Ryan Feeley @ryanfeeley Somewhere on my @lufthansa red eye flight to Munich I turned my phone on in anticipation of landing. Hours later Lufthansa’s own “FlyNet GSM” connected and my phone began syncing at a ludicrous $25/MB, not covered by my @FidoSolutions $12/day “roam like home” plan. #CRTCforum
538. Option consommateurs @OptionConso Lorsque vous avez reçu votre facture, vous avez constaté qu'on vous demandait un prix plus élevé que celui qu'on vous avait promis? Partagez votre expérience avec #CRTCforum…
539. Ryan Feeley @ryanfeeley If my phone had downloaded one album from Tidal I would have been charged $15,000 at the discretion of my telco. Connecting to a mobile roaming provider should require consent. #CRTCforum
540. Option consommateurs @OptionConso Have you ever experienced any aggressive or misleading sales practices with your telecommunication service provider? Tell us about it with #CRTCforum…
541. Ontario Hangouts @ontariohangout CRTC is looking for former telecom employees to give their aggressive/misleading sales stories under #CRTCForum on twitter…
542. Mark Goldberg @Mark_Goldberg Oh, Canada!

Love hearing the witnesses and Commissioners flipping back and forth between English and French, sometimes mid-sentence, during #CRTC examination of @Videotron in the Sales Practices hearing.

543. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Seems Cogeco has no issue dealing with consumer codes from various prov's + CCTS codes #crtcforum.
544. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei This #CRTCForum is the first time I hear that the incumbents are willing to give customers a copy of the recording of a phone call.
545. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 One question that is not being asked is how long does the average customer who goes to the office of the president spend dealing with an issue?  In my experience it's 30+ hours #CRTCforum
546. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Even worse... when it goes to the #CCTS it's a 5 to 9 month for a decision from them on anything. It's unacceptable.
547. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Cogeco doesn't have figures on how many misleading sales complaints they have. Also, Cogeco define it differently from others, so to them they have none per their definition of it.
-Word games... #crtcforum/#CRTC
548. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Re: installation costs being absorbed by incumbents if customer cancels during a trial period: this is good incentive for incumbents to not screw with customer with false promises during sales pitch
549. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei With regards to trial period, perhaps it should be fixed such as:
minimum of 30 days after installation or 15 days after receipt of first invoice, whichever is latest.
550. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Not surprisingly, in what I've seen so far at #crtcforum, the Telcos all say "Not our fault that consumers don't understand!" and consumers all say "Telco salesppl don't provide accurate info."

Once again - misleading and evasive answers from Telcos who all say they play fair.
551. Joe Bagadonuts @NBomb #CRTCforum

60 days seems fair to me. Could be installation headaches but smooth sailing afterwards.
552. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Telus already does everything mentioned by the #CRTC hearing as best practice, thus no burden if regulate it. #crtcforum
553. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 @TELUS is misleading the commission as they offload their bad practices to their flanker brands.  #CRTCforum
554. john meldrum @jmeldj1 #crtcforum $3M is not chump change for a SMALL telco.  It is 2.3% of net income.  2.3% of BCE;s net income would be $67M.  Small telco's, such as SaskTel and TBayTel, lack economies of scale.
555. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Un... @TELUS....and #crtcforum, with respect, you are NOT financing all the fibre costs....your customers and investors are doing so. But hey - take the credit.
556. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling There is a disconnect between what Telus states about door-to-door sales and the customer experience submitted to the #CRTC. #crtcforum
557. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 "Access to Justice" in @TELUS lingo at #CRTCforum = "We aren't doing anything wrong; consumers just can't complain properly - and, oh, yes, we sometimes don't bother to fix issues?"
558. Greg O'Brien @gregobr At #CRTCforum, @TELUS has created its own code and wants a national one (unlike some others) that supercedes provincial ones. But some of those others might have a different POV by the time they face the commissioners tomorrow...
559. Ben Klass @BenKlass Telus wants any rules resulting from #CRTCforum to override provincial consumer protections, and be developed in a CISC, i.e. an arcane telco working group taking place behind closed doors with #CRTC blessing. What could go wrong?
560. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling I'm already sick of hearing about Telus' "Customer 1st approach" #crtcforum
561. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum $3 mil isn't cash outlay, it's the cost.  When you calculate such costs soft costs form the bulk. ie: a $10,000 software upgrade may cost an office $300,000 due to soft costs (lost productivity, opportunity costs, etc)
562. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Bottom line here is that Telus wants to remove rights from people for their gains. #CRTC/#CRTCforum
563. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Because they want it developed in a forum they control, right #crtcforum? I'd like the Commissioners to push them on that, but it likely won't occur. They seem like they are pitching softballs to the Telcos presenting. Haven't head hard pressure yet.
564. Greg O'Brien @gregobr I don't think @TELUS in its filings mentioned the total # of complaints they receive annually. Or I think they made the # confidential in its filing. @Bell & @Rogers & others reported a number. Wondering if the commissioners will ask Telus their # of annual complaints. #CRTCforum
565. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Disgraced! Using as # confidential in its filing doesn't serve us right at all!
Who is paying? We all do! 👈😎👍📱#CRTCforum
566. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling The #CRTC is tossing very hard questions at Telus, sure to leave some bruises #crtcforum
567. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 So @TELUS wants to hang its hat on the Wireless Code being acceptable. Fine.

Get a bill out then within 2 days. Some #CodeOfConduct!

These folks are living in la-la land courtesy of @CRTCeng and think that they are "just fine driving great customer experiences". #crtcforum
568. Greg O'Brien @gregobr So apparently @TELUS CEO Entwistle sends out a weekly email outlining the customer escalations which reach all the way to him as a learning tool for staff. #CRTCforum
569. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Oh - there we go... @TELUS just said it: consumers are confused! (ie Nothing to do with us.....nothing to see here folks. And the CCTS is just fine.)

570. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei #CRTCForum in a case where promised speeds not achieved, and Bell schedules repairman to try to fix it, and keeps telling customer to be patient, it will get fixed, after 30 days, Bell no longer needs to fix it because customer can’t leave anymore.
571. Ben Klass @BenKlass “More transparency would be excellent” says a company that redacted the number of complaints it receives in its submission to #crtcforum … no problems with competition, access, price, just transparency. Maybe also a problem with grip on reality
572. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 What #crtcforum highlights for me is that Canada has abysmally weak consumer protection laws, a miserable panoply of jurisdictional wars over "who covers what", and dreadful Governmental and @CRTCeng oversight in meaninigful ways over these very large oligopoly players.
573. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Indeed, It is time to expand our #AccessibilityLens in it.
It is status quo that they put in front of us.
~ No more! 👈😎👍📱 #DeafTalent #AccessibilityOffice #CRTCforum #CRTC
574. Ben Klass @BenKlass Telus likes Ipsos polls when it gives them good ratings, when it shows telecoms in a bad light, Ipsos polls are garbage #crtcforum…
575. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Telus really didn't read the #CRTC submissions about them #crtcforum
576. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Four point takedown ot the @CRTCeng Ipsos survey by @TELUS just now. #CRTCforum
577. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Dear @TELUS: Consumers don't understand that a question saying "what have you heard about Telecom services" is equivalent to "What have you heard about cell and internet sales practices this year?"

Trying their best to derail any progress it would seem at #crtcforum.
578. BiblioSiren @BiblioSiren . @CRTCeng is holding week-long hearing on Big Telecom’s bad sales practices — share your stories using #CRTCforum!…
579. BiblioSiren @BiblioSiren My mother went to @TELUS a few months ago to upgrade her iphone and left with the SAME MODEL phone as the sales associate flat out lied to her about it being the latest model. #CRTCforum
580. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei When installing FTTH, especially for appartments, the telco needs access to apartments and thus speak to person living there. For homes, the drop wire is only installed when customer orders.
#CRTCForum.  (and in apartments ONT only installed when subscription happens)
581. Ben Klass @BenKlass So in one sentence, we hear that door-to-door is not a sales activity … and in the next, we hear figures on sales resulting from the door-to-door “channel” #crtcforum smh
582. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Telus can just leave Quebec is they don't like Quebec consumer laws. Easy. #crtcforum
583. Greg O'Brien @gregobr I am NOT happy to stay to 9 pm on this... #CRTCforum
584. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia An important tweet from Aug. 2018 (during CRTC's consultation). Needs to be included as part of public record for #CRTCforum. The #CRTC's engagement platform was very difficult to navigate - inaccessible to seniors or anyone who is not digitally proficient and infinitely patient.
585. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Rogers’ logs shows that it delivers the e-mail bill notifications. They do not show that for 2 years now, thousands don’t because their mail server is configured as a spammer.
A 10 day timer based on SENDING of email when no guarantee email received: Not acceptable.
586. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei How many potential customers does @TELUS lose by pissing people off with door to door shenanigans ?
587. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Commissioner Dupras to @TELUS: "This is the first time I've heard people want door to door" sales. #CRTCforum
588. Commissioner Miner @fanCRTCProfling Telus is really laying it on thick "People want door-to-door". #crtcforum
589. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The mere fact that you are knocking at people’s doors without an appointment is bad, worse than telemarketing.

Send pamphlets “we’ll be in your area soon, give us a call f you want a salesperson to stop at your place” would be acceptable.
590. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 I'd *LOVE* door to door....wouldn't I? If @TELUS thinks it's good, it must be....good.

I'd be happy to get fibre as both @ShawInfo and Telus have it 2 km from my rural home....but no one will bother to run it here. They just want to ignore low-density rural areas. #crtcforum
591. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei I can pickup/hangup phone for telemarketers. I can delete spam email. But I have to get up, answer the door and argued that I am really not interested and tell the guy to leave. So unsolicited  door to door is much more disruptive. #CRTCForum
592. Eric Edora @EricEdora Maybe it's because the product is good (fibre) versus a vacuum or a person knocking on your door wanting to switch out your water heater. #CRTCforum
593. Kellie-Ann Barry @RadicalReviews Tried to cancel my Bell services, was told they could offer me a small discount for a year. The discount showed up on my bill ONCE, and then my prices went back up.  Since it was a phone call I have no proof. #CRTCForum
594. The Wire Report @thewirereport . @Quebecor blames bigger providers for #CRTCforum sales practices hearings 🔒 : #CRTC
595. Erik Bleich @theerikbleich Shortly after signing my latest contract, #Rogers contacts me early on a Saturday morning with an offer to up-sell their data plan. Then they hit me with a (surprise) $50 fee on the next bill for “changing my plan.”    That’s shady. #CRTCforum
596. Marcus Orilius @marcocanb The problem isn't telecom like @Rogers or @BellMobility it's @CRTC that makes the choice to not make rules that would better reflect the rest of the planets, in fact they hinder the ability of others to break into the market and fix shit #CRTCforum
597. ziggy stardust @taxbuster88 Shouldn't Ian Scott, as the "Big Guy" be at the #crtcforum where there is an actual issue being brought forward.

Nope, blathering crap to Senators who (also) do nothing. Very poor optics.
598. Rasta @NovaScotiaRasta "We actually believe self-regulation is OK. We believe we would self-regulate responsibly and reliably," Geheren  #Quote #Telus #CRTCForum do you need examples of #Telecom that are not self-governing or following their own rules? #NathanGibson $BCE #Bell…
599. Rasta @NSRasta What if #telecom doesn't self-regulate, or ignores their own #Bell Code of Business Conduct?
#CRTCForum Then where do we turn? Which #CdnPoli agency protects from BS and Broken Contracts?…
600. Rasta @NovaScotiaRasta #CRTC has allowed Monopoly #Telecom to be protected while ignoring the rights of Canadian Voters to get fair and honest #Business protection from #cdnPoli #CRTCForum They ignore rules with impunity #elxn43 Easy to verify the record, eh?
601. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia Today is the LAST DAY to have your comments included on the #CRTC's public record, re: public hearing on aggressive and predatory #telecom sales practices.

Use the hashtag #CRTCforum to ensure your comments, questions, or complaints are included. #Canada #telecommunications
602. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum Interesting comment on reddit from a former employee of Rogers/Fido: "If they're set up in the lobby of your building, there's a very good chance they work for a dealership. Grab their business card and it'll probably say Rogers Authorized Dealer on it."  1/3
603. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum "While authorized dealer stores tend to be a bit more knowledgeable than Rogers corporate stores, their outside sales people can be pretty shady, and that goes for Bell and Telus too. I worked for authorized dealers for years so I've witnessed it firsthand." 2/3
604. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum Who are these authorized dealers and why are we not hearing from them directly?  How many are there?  Why do the telcos need to push this selling to authorized dealers - are they trying to conceal this bad behaviour? 3/3
605. Annie @comedyflyer #CRTCforum Rogers never stops to find new ways to take my money  & break my contract I already have all the service I need
606. Annie @comedyflyer #CRTCforum  #Rogers never seems to stop the UP Selling- #Seniors live on fixed incomes-
607. Annie @comedyflyer #CRTCforum  #Rogers How can they now take what I have paid for?  @Rogers seems to need to squeeze every penny from us #Seniors Shameful-Stop the pressure & the up-selling
608. Annie @comedyflyer #CRTCforum #Rogers they have many ways to take what others have paid for
609. Annie @comedyflyer #CRTCforum another attempt to make it look like #Rogers is doing me a favour-their math does not add up-the service I signed for is more than enough for my needs-why @Rogers are you trying to break the contract?
610. Ben Klass @BenKlass Shaw didn’t send their CEO to this one. Guessing the same for Bell and Rogers. #CRTCforum
611. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Shaw brings valid point: too much regulation hinders new business models and « innovation » in packaging. Problem is that for incumbents “innovation” is the problem because it is always used to raise rates.  #CRTCForum
612. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei At what time does the sale happen? At the time the traveling salesman who isn’t employed by incumbent issues some paperwork to customer or at the time the sale is entered in the incumbent’s systems where mismatch can happen ?
613. Greg O'Brien @gregobr So @shaw wants to ban thrid-party door-to-door sales companies. Any door-knockers would have to be company employees. And for the @CRTCeng to consider a "can-knock" list. #crtcforum
614. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Shaw says traveling salesmen should not be 3 party employees.  Wouldn’t solve the problem is the misleading sales is something the incumbents allow/tolerate/desire.
615. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei How about allowing a municipality to add all its civic addresses to a “do not knock” list used by incumbents ?
616. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot CRTC Hearing on Telecommunications Sales Practices…   #CRTCforum #CRTC #BELL #ROGERS #Mobility #BellCanada #Mobilité
617. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The problem with this process is that there is political pressure to be seen as doing something good for consumers but am not sure you can really prevent incumbents from misbehaving with the evidence submitted so far
618. gonevoip @gonevoip Today is the last day of our #CRTCforum! Thanks to all who tweeted us their experience with telecom sales practices! Keep them coming: you have until the end of the hearing today to tell us your story in 280 characters.
619. Steven James May @stevenjmay The promotion, availability, and terms of Shaw's Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) has been misleading since it was first approved by the #CRTC in 2010. #CRTCForum…
620. Ben Klass @BenKlass That’s interesting. Walmart has a third party company (OSL) handle mobile sales, due to complexity. The employees receive training from the telcos, it sounds like. #CRTCforum
621. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Key problem in #CRTCForum is focus on "reported complaints" re misleading / agg sales practices. No way for pre-sales practices - info omission, obfuscation, poor quality information, no details, etc. to be gathered / reported. SP data always incomplete @Telecom_ConsIR @CRTCeng
622. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh #CRTCForum repeated refs to suitability assessments seems too heavy a response for basic, ethical customer service. How does incentive to "up-sell" consumers factor into CSR training @Rogers @Telecom_ConsIR When does "no mean no"? "I don't need that."
623. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei When there is a limited time rebate, every bill during tha period should have to include the day of last bill that will have the rebate. “Rebate ends with bill issued on -date>” to ensure customer is aware of limited time rebate from first bill. #CRTCForum
624. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCForum #CRTC #Bell #Rogers #Mobility #Canada @Bell @Rogers  #Consumer #Complaints + #Rights ? #Signed #Contract #Breach #Billing #Fraudulent #Errors #Months #Denied #Promotional #Offers ?
#Credit #Bureau #Reporting during #Open #Complaints ?
625. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Since they mentioned it at #CRTCforum, here's a @shaw ASL video explaining how to re-set your STB.
626. Lisa Anderson @deaftravel I was asking because I might do a series of tweets. It’s been hard since I’ve been in multiple back to back meetings here in DC. My last two meetings are today I could find time to tweet a series to get some more of our views in for #crtcforum
627. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Had a quick look for such videos from some of the other carriers. Didn't see any. Are there any, @Bell, @Rogers, @TELUS? Others? Can you please point them out to me? #crtcforum
628. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei If the law is not clear on the matter then the #CRTCForum should make sure that when incumbents hire 3rd parties, they remain fully responsible for mistakes made by these 3rd oarties.
629. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The #CRTC should force incumbents to not only mention the existence of CCTS but also that customers can request copies of phone calls. #CRTCForum
630. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Happy to hear @ShawInfo talk about importance of "reputational value" - factor in raising bar 4 service to consumers. Another dimension to track in our mystery shopper Phase2 is regional / local SPs perf vs national brands. #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
631. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Yes! Provision of written copies of online chats - suggest default to automatic delivery, not upon request. Consumer might not know they need it until much later (post-contract) @ShawInfo #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
632. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Incumbents have a lot of feel good stories.  Getting to privacy person at incumbent is said to be easy.  I had to email a Rogers VP to find out contact info for a Fido privacy commish after trying for a month.  Was sent to customer support (Office of Président) #CRTCForum
633. Rasta @NovaScotiaRasta Half Truths - Half Lies. Mostly lies, without recourse. #Telecom gets away with anything, #CRTCForum
And no one to look out for Customers.. year after year
634. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Another suggestion: CRTc forces incumbents to change “your call will be recorder for quality assurance” to add “I. Case of problems you may request a copy of this call”.  #CRTCForum
635. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The CRTC would @need a national “do not knock” listbthta all télécoms would honour.  Lists that are internal to an incumbent whose existence is not made public are useless. #CRTCForum
636. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Bottom line for @ShawInfo "We don't think there's a problem with most carriers in Canada" "We think there's a problem with the biggest carriers in Canada" Respectfully disagree. #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
637. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @ShawInfo "Pre-sales practices adopt certain key info points about the offer be communicated to customer - clarity about them." Clarity requires standardized documentation - prior means not mins before sale. @Telecom_ConsIR #CRTCForum
638. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Would it make sense to require all contracts guarantee key terms remain same price during contract term?  (Banning price increase despite fixed rebate). #CRTCForum
639. Rasta @NSRasta   I screen capture the other ones. #Bell Canada was caught deleting #Facebook page negative remarks, so I screen-capped them all since #CRTCForum because #NathanGibson suffers from Contempt of Customers
640. Greg O'Brien @gregobr @FreedomMobile's Button notes the 15-day trial period in the Wireless Code causes "predatory" practices by the incumbent wireless companies, who aggressively try to win back customers who leave for Freedom and are in that window. #CRTCforum
641. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @ShawInfo "Sufficient competition in marketplace re misleading / agg sales practices ...  we are trying to disrupt dominance of big 3" "Best form of consumer protection is competition" Yes, but a huge BUT. #CRTCForum
642. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Much more informational rigour needed, long (shopping days or weeks) before "moment of sale" and critical info summary #CRTCForum @ShawInfo @Telecom_ConsIR
643. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Door to door is annoying but the core of problem is incumbents who empower people (employees or 3rd party) to offer deals that will not be honoured.  #CRTCForum
644. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh False assumption: Where is evidence that all #Telecom #consumers are empowered first and foremost online? Esp difficult for lots of vulnerable groups.  #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
645. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Shaw doesn't buy @TELUS' thoughts from yesterday that door-to-door sales are so necessary. "That struck us as counterintuitive" said Shaw's Cowling. People should have the choice on when they want to engage with their service provider, they said. #CRTCforum
646. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia . @kimsawchuk presenting to an #international audience on problems of #Canadian #telecom sales practices and on the #inaccessibility of @CRTCeng's public consultation process. #CRTCforum #telecommunications #accessibility #ACTBrunel #CRTC
647. Greg O'Brien @gregobr That said, Shaw is the entrenched TV and broadband incumbent which Telus is using door-to-door sales to win their customers away. I think Telus said yesterday that it gained 6000 subs in a week, many via door-to-door? #CRTCforum
648. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The problem with an oligopoly is that given the chance, the incumbents will abuse the consumers.  So a regulator needs to close the doors before incumbents want to step through them #CRTCForum
649. ACT Project @ACT_Concordia #older research respondents explained that they've lost trust in telcos like @Bell & they have to go through great lengths and workarounds to fix mistakes/surcharges. @kimsawchuk explains that such practices have become normalized for a lot of Canadians. #CRTCforum #ACTBrunel
650. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Like Q related to "sales force churn" from #CRTCForum Chair Scott. This would be a good measure to track / report. For ex: are there pockets of the country where turnover is higher? Do these link to locations of complaints? @Telecom_ConsIR
651. Rasta @NovaScotiaRasta #CRTCForum A fake #Cellular map for the only tower owner, is used to show signals exist where there are none. Other carriers have no need to setup any towers, where they are  told coverage exists #FakeMap Easy to verify,
652. Ken Jennings @KWJennings Try VMedia Its good value and even better after sales customer service #CRTC #CRTCforum
653. Charles Moher @CharlesMoher #CRTCforum I just got a bill from Rogers for new services and equipment. I told them I did not order the former and neither ordered nor received the latter. They are refusing to give me a copy of the phone conversation where it's alleged I did.
654. Jacques R ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ @jacquesranger #crtcforum bells prices are from 50to75% more than competition, prices creep up over a year and have changed billing date from 2nd of month to 24th of prior month.. bell seems to thing anything goes these days.. they ask way too much for what they offer
655. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers staking out their ground #CRTCForum "not as many complaints as reported" based on their collection mechanisms. Repeat: many problems related to misleading-agg practices at telcos come long BEFORE they land in customer d/bs.  @Telecom_ConsIR
656. Teresa @RessyM Was never asked any of these questions Rogers says they ask their customers to find the right package for them..
657. Telecom_ConsIR @Telecom_ConsIR A quick recap on the link between #CRTCforum #CRTC inquiry into #telecom sales practices (& the Order in Council that triggered it) and our work. ⬇️

658. Teresa @RessyM Wow.. There seems to be a massive disconnect between Roger's front end and Roger's management. #CRTCforum
659. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #Time to #Release #Recorded #Calls + #Detailed #Email #confirmations + #Responses #CRTCforum #CRTC @CRTCeng @CRTCHearings @CRTCaudiences @Rogers @Bell #Contracts #Not #Honored ! #Offers #Denied #Billing #Intimidation ! 🧐
660.   Teresa @RessyM Rogers Office of the President is useless to deal with during the escalation process, because when you get up to that level, they get managers  involved who don't know whats going on, and just send out another tech  again, even if you've already had 5 out. #CRTCforum
661. Teresa @RessyM My issues were never fixed, and I never got refunds for lost movie purchases due to a technical issue they couldn't fix.  Techs rolled kept saying it was an issue with the local node, and there was nothing they could do, but Rogers mgmt kept sending techs. #CRTCforum
662. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Well established challenge in cons research is problem of 'problem' naming #NamingBlamingClaiming Not as straightforward as SPs here suggest. #CRTCForum Our focus grps don't relate to 'problem' initially, but if when asked, "have you ever been had to call, etc.?" yes.
663. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Commissioner Laizner setting an early tone with @Rogers. What's overly aggressive vs what's regular aggressive behaviour? She's sticking with the question. A few times now. #CRTCforum
664. Teresa @RessyM Finally just gave up, and didn't bother buying any movies again to watch, because the box would crash and I'd lose access to all purchases made, and Rogers just wouldn't refund. #CRTCforum
665. Ben Klass @BenKlass Starkly different tone from #CRTCforum Chairperson questioning Rogers (than that used with other companies).
666. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 And @Rogers has no real answer #CRTCforum - also what they're saying does not even translate to the real world. They *never* accept no means no and I have been lied to / harassed more by them than any other company
667. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers admits that in some (very few) instances they "failed customers, badly" "egregious" = "promised the customer one thing, and they got another"  #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
668. Joe Bagadonuts @NBomb Rogers: "In some cases the customer was not correct."

If there were no secret rates, and if the contract were sent immediately to the customer, there would be no misunderstanding!

669. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers "We try hard" in the "60 million interactions per week". Agree, it's hard work. However, effort is not what's being assessed, afterall. #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
670. Teresa @RessyM Economically the senior had to take a bundle with internet, to save money for TV+phone, even thought they didn't use internet.
That shouldn't happen. Like, at all.
671. Teresa @RessyM Because when you do a bundle, you're forced into services you don't want, which may or may not include hidden fees, such as installation, and/or modem rental, later on.
672.   mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Cons not being "disadvantaged economically" altho a bundle might be well-priced (as a promo offer) for consumer's budget, therefore oversold products needed. #logic #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
673. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh V imp line of question to @Rogers on # of interactions required to resolve consumer's problem. Hidden is # proportion of 'interactions': one problem getting resolved. Can be very demanding for consumer #CRTCForum #bureaucracy @Telecom_ConsIR
674. Teresa @RessyM I went to my gramma's for holiday dinner a few years ago. Of course, I get to fix tech stuff for her. I went to set up her new (refurb) laptop to her wifi for the internet service she'd had for over a year, and hadn't been able to use... And couldn't get it working.
675. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCForum for All to #Read #Be #Aware #Know your #Rights #SpeakUp #crtc #Mobility #Bell #Rogers #Contract #Breaches #Billing #errors #intimidation #unresolved #months #inhumane #Collection #style #service ! CRTC Hearings @CRTCHearings
676. Rasta @NSRasta #KevinCrull was a former #Bell employee that got caught censoring news.. Probably learned that from the Exec Team #CRTCForum
677. Teresa @RessyM I had to get added to the account to be able to speak to Rogers to attempt to get it fixed, and go through nonsense to get someone out to fix it. They kept blaming the wifi, despite the modem was completely dead.
678. Ben Klass @BenKlass I wonder if the telecom companies are so critical of Ipsos polling when it’s showing them in a positive light?… #CRTCforum
679. Dwayne Winseck @mediamorphis Dear @CRTCeng. On Tuesday I asked when this year's Communications Monitoring Rpt will be out but have yet to hear back. This is important to #CRTCforum b/c w/o consistent & timely access to #CRTC reports, data & views it is hard to do independent research
680. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Rogers went after the IPSOS study too. Study says 8% of respondents said they complained to the @CCTS_CPRST. That result would suggest 1.2 million Canadians in 5 years have complained the agency, said @Rogers. But, there have only been 50K in the last five years. #crtcforum
681. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers refs concern w IPSOS survey related to what's "top of mind" for #telecom consumers. Implication is that survey itself brings these problems to surface. "Problem" definition is a mug's game here for so many reasons. Also,  complaint s/b proxy for how many more? #CRTCForum
682. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei As a Fido customer, I was always told I could not get a copy of my service features. (And. It on term contract)  so no way to know on “paper” usage limits, overages etc.
683. Rasta @NovaScotiaRasta #CRTCForum There are too many captured examples, some of my own include breaking a legal contract to upsell a new one by #Bell Mobility. Found the #BCE Exec Team didn't do as their self-regulating code of conduct indicated, and they simply blocked me when found at fault
684. Ben Klass @BenKlass It sounds awful to work in a telecom call centre. Having to maintain poise, constantly surveilled by employers, bonuses “clawed back” if customers cancel. #CRTCforum
685. Teresa @RessyM If the commission clawback w/Rogers is up to 90 days, it gives an incentive for reps to play around with the customer, promising to fix something, but never actually doing that. Many times it takes 4+ months to fix, at which point, theres no clawback possible... #CRTCforum
686. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei If a customer is unhappy, it should be only the incumbent who bears the cost.  That way.Incumbent has financial stake in ensuring sales force does an honest  sales job.  When commissions are involved, imcumbentbhas kess stake when a customer cancels. #CRTCForum
687. Ben Klass @BenKlass I wonder how effective a “clawback” provision is in stopping misleading sales, or whether it is sufficient to stop such practices, especially considering that long term contracts with cancellation fees may be a part of the equation #CRTCforum
688. MontrealOTA @MontrealOTA Aggressive sales tactics from TV providers: any MontrealOTAers out there experienced this?   #CRTCforum
689. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers responds to findings re their own mystery shopper research. We are "constantly matching needs to solution" "Complicated products and solutions" Major issue is "process takes too long" Def #NotInOurData #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
690. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Laizner is really holding @Rogers feet to the fire here. Asking and re-asking questions about what Rogers is finding wrong in its own sales channels when it does its own secret shopping. #CRTCforum
691. Simon Blain @simblain Having worked in the industry, I can tell you that this will not bring any changes. The @CRTC will do whatever Bell tells them.
#crtcforum #bell #rogers…
692. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Actual purchase-signing up prob take a long time, but @Rogers not clear re doing pre-purchase interaction mystery shopper research. That's where our work lands, in "information gathering" piece. Should be documentation at info gathering stage. #CRTCForum
693. Greg O'Brien @gregobr But we keep seeing all these complaints from people, says commissioner Laizner to Rogers, so "do you think your practices are effective?" #CRTCforum
694. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers "planned for next year," better documentation to carry across 'channels'. Imp to differentiate info / documentation elements needed at 3 key shopping stages + not only by channel. We are mapping these paths as an entire loop. @Telecom_ConsIR #CRTCForum
695. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Note contract  term limits were heavily discussed during Wireless 1.0. If incumbents didn’t listen, it was their fault.  #CRTCForum
696. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Rogers bottom line: "We don't think there's a systemic problem. But if the Commission believes broad Code is needed, ... we don't want what happened with WCode re 3 yr sales contracts." "We want to be at table ... we want a good code." Consumers also at that table? #CRTCForum
697. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Dave Watt of @Rogers on @CRTCeng wireless code stamping out 3-year contracts: "We think that was a terrible outcome for consumers” b/c it makes the up front cost for a phone larger. Can't amortize over an additional 12 months. A big deal when newest phones are now $2K #CRTCforum
698. Ben Klass @BenKlass Rogers puts its cost resulting from original Wireless Code at $20 million +(?) $5 million more #CRTCforum
699. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #Consumer #Recommendation ; #Review #Now #Unresolved #complaints #Live at #CRTCforum #Rogers @Rogers #Mobility #Bell @Bell with #Recorded #Calls + #Confirmed #Email #Responses #still #unresolved #contract #breaches #billing #errors #intimidation ! 🧐
700. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Rogers told me it would cost millions to fix the mail server that send out Fido bills as spam. (The fix was adding 2 lines in a zone file, I had debugged it for them) so when Rogers says it cost 15-20 Million $ for Wireless 2.0 take that with grain of salt.  #CRTCForum
701. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Q: What about a retail sales practices code? @Rogers : "It depends" then comments at length re their $ w implementing WC.  Very frustrating to hear about costs to the company rather than importance of the outcomes for #Consumers #CRTCForum
702. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei CISC is by invitation. Incumbents shouldn’t be choosing which consumer group if any are allowed to participate.  #CRTCForum
703. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei More pressing question : when is lunch ?
(Hoping this makes it into official record :-)
704. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Q Do you have confidence the industry could reach agreement on this (sales practices code)? What's your preference on process @Rogers : "We would prefer an undertaking to give it more considered thought." Can public track these later submissions? #CRTCForum
705. Ben Klass @BenKlass DYK? You can request transcripts of your calls with Rogers’ sales or customer service phone calls, no (direct) cost to you. And they will send them to you, in 1-2 weeks! #CRTCforum
706. Teresa @RessyM *snorts*
Really? Because when you complain about being offered something, they all claim they can't find the call..... And CCTS complained about it taking something like 6 months to get them....  #crtcforum
707. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei “Better at value” incumbent speak for more expensive but we can convince person to go for that package.
708. Teresa @RessyM Really? AMPs wouldn't inspire ISPs to do better for allowing employees to mislead their customers?  Somehow I don't believe that at all.
709. Teresa @RessyM Just because the Property Management offers to let them come into the building, doesn't mean the renter appreciates you guys coming to the door, and not always taking "No" as an answer.  Also, doesn't help many of them are 3rd party, and don't work for Rogers.

710. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei An incumbent knocking on doors to advise of network upgrades/work is not “sales” and should not involve proposed changes to subscription/contract.  #CRTCForum
711. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Allowing mistakes to be made basically makes the incumbent responsible for those mistakes.  AMPS would motivate imcumbents to setup sales scripts that don’t run the risk of AMPS. #CRTCForum
712. Teresa @RessyM Part of my escalation process with Rogers included a front line person informing me the manager was on another call, and that I'd get a callback.. Over and over was promised, seemingly just to get off the phone. Never got a callback. #CRTCForum
713. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum I would like to invite @Rogers CEO to our controlled entry building at the next invasion by their sales people.  They can witness the lies/bad behaviour first hand
714. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Why do people switch provider when they all hav same prices? Because of bad experiences with sales/support.   So churn is indication that supports IPSOS study.
715. Teresa @RessyM The only time I talked to a manager, was when the Office of the President did a 3 way call, and then handed me to the manager. At which point, they just sent a 6th tech who couldn't do anything. I ended up giving up because they just didn't care about fixing my issue. #CRTCForum
716. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Rogers says it was to simplify its offers.  Why did it make it complex in first place ?
And after how many times will people stop believing incumbents who say they are working on simplifying packages ?
717. Smiling Idiot @asmilingidiot Except if the call makes them look bad. In that case you will be told that the call was not recorded (not able to locate) #CRTCforum
718. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Dear @CRTCeng ,
I am ok with continuing the Rogers interrogation without lunch break as long as you order the Pizzas  and BEER :-)
#CRTCForum (I bet that one doesn’t make it to public record :-)
719. JMJimmy @JMJimmy1 #CRTCforum Doing math, if you have 60 million interactions and 1.4 million feedback that's 2.3% not 10%
720. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Like this Q at #CRTCForum : "Do you think we need measures to bring simplicity to consumers?" @Rogers responds that "more offers are better + ...." No easy answers. Our very own built in 🇨🇦 #telecom marketplace. Still higher $ relative to other jurisdictions. @Telecom_ConsIR
721. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Rogers home phone is IP-delivered, so I'm guessing the reps are used to selling Internet with it (and with everything), when they do the sale. #CRTCforum
722. ⒶccessibilityⓁens @AccessLens Something for all of us, CRTC and Wireless Telcos to think about it.
We are moving in this direction now. ~ Internet-based!

From 20th Century Voice-Only Phone 📞 to
21st Century Video Calling 👈😎👍📱#AccessibilityLens

Define this one? 👈😎👍📱#CRTC #CRTCForum
723. Jeffrey Beatty @macjbby Something for all of us, #CRTC and Wireless Telcos to think about it.
We are moving in this direction now. ~ Internet-based!

From 20th Century Voice-Only Phone 📞 to
21st Century Video Calling 👈😎👍📱#AccessibilityLens

Define this one? 👈😎👍📱#CRTC #CRTCForum
724. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei “Press 1 now to fill a survey after phone call”. —> can’t decide before phone call that you will have a bad experience worth filling out comment form/survey. #CRTCForum
725. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Joe Natale ( @Rogers) does the same thing Darren Entwistle ( @TELUS) does - shares the complaints which were escalated to CEO's office with all staffers. #CRTCforum
726. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Last Christmas fiasco with incumbents offering 10GB for $60 (but using different tactics to limit how many could sign up) has not been raised at #CRTCForum yet
727. Daniel Stern @capndanno Bill Abbott is the best part of the @CRTCeng sales practices hearing. #CRTCForum.
728. @416ash @416ash Why not make recordings available to customers to. I can tell you I have at least two calls recorded with @Rogers  billing promising to lower my bills and then the bills go up after reviewing any billing changes. #CRTCforum
729. Frankie @Frankieleohart CRTCforum Pourquoi n'y a-t-il pas de plafond sur les frais en données excédentaires? C'est de l'abus envers les consommateurs, même s'ils dépassent leurs limites en connaissance de cause
730. @416ash @416ash That’s great. Transcripts are even better. #CRTCforum
731. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum les cycles de facturations avec Rogers et Koodo recommencent le jour du mois ou le service a commencé. L'option de commencer le cycle le premier de chaque mois est soit impossible ou super compliqué à obtenir
732. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Avec Rogers j'ai demandé que le cycle de facturation et de réinitialisation des données se fasse le premier du mois, mais leur alertes automatiques semaient la confusion en m'alertant selon mon ancien cycle. Difficile pour la gestion personnelle
733. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Lors du dernier mois, l'application qui permet la gestion des données avec Rogers était en maintenance pendant au moins 2 semaines. Pas possible de payer la facture ou de voir ou en sont les données.
734. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum De plus, lorsque nous avons dépassé la limite des données avec Rogers, pu moyen d'aller voir l'application sans justement en payer les frais. À contre sens
735. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Je réitère que de facturer les données excédentaires jusqu'à l'inifini c'est du vol. Rogers par exemple s'en lave les mains en faisant accepter cette condition aux clients qui ont besoin ou désirent continuer d'utiliser les données...
736. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum "Textez OK si vous êtes d'accord d'encourir les frais excédentaires" ce ne devrait pas être une manière de faire payer des frais de 500$ 1000$ et plus pour un service qui coûte au plus 200$ lorsque illimité
737. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Rogers is often evading responsability, ill informed customer service reps lie and then upsell clients who have a hard time with data use managment. I've been lied to twice while dealing with their technical difficulties, and upsaled twice coincidentally
738. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum lies such as "your data cycle always restarts on the first of each month" BLATANT lie, used to reassure me when I asked for reimbursement when cycle I had asked to be changed from 9th of month to first never happened and I was charged overcharge
739. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #crtc #Bell Mobility @Bell @CCTS_CPRST @CRTCHearings #Contract #breaches #unresolved #fraudulent #billing #errors #Representatives #Argue #Intimidate #deny #Consumer #Rights #Recorded #Calls #Email #Responses #Unresolved #aggressive #collection #unauthorized #charges
740. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei What Bell forgot: a term contract must guarantee price of key terms will not change. During contract
741. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum I had gone through with Rogers' online assistance once, been told black on white that my cycle had been changed, and found out the next month through automatic alert that I had gone over my limit days after the cycle had been set to restart
742. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Rogers has to take responsability for technical mistakes with their automatic system. Vulnerable clients are prone to simply pay the fares they are charged wrongly. I on the other hand was convinced the only solution to Rogers mistakes was to get a pricier plan
743. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Telcos say their own surveys show 90%+ happy customers. They also said the IPSOS poll came back so negative because the questions are skewed negative. Are the telcos own surveys skewed too positive? #CRTCforum
744. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #crtc #Bell #Mobility @Bell @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng #24 #months #commitment #consumers #deserve #legal #honest #service #billing #accuracy Not #intimidation #tripple #charges 10+ #Months #Unsatisfied #Disturbing #Bell #Mobility #Signed #Contract #monthly #Bell #Breaches
745. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei If Bell states it’s rules are clearly written, then what employees do would be according to its business code of conduct since it is clearly written.
746. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #Bell @Bell #Times #Up ! @CRTCHearings @CRTCeng #Consumer #Mobility #Rights is #Not #Acceptable #Fraudulent #charges 10+ #Months #Intimidation in all #recorded #calls #threatening #confrontational #language #unresolved #terrified #shaken #Canada #Ontario #Email #Proof
747. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Bell 's opening proposal for solutions #CRTCForum Not clear yet what info / documentation is proposed pre-purchase. Also note that "problems" not systemic, but rare, based on their volume of consumer interactions (++ millions) @Telecom_ConsIR
748. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Instead of blaming sales people, Bell should blame the people who trainand develop the scripts sales people use.
749. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Bell brags about how perfect  its  sales force training and monitoring is.  If it is so perfect, perhaps the sales force are truly implementing corporate policy and shouldn’t be blamed
750. Frankie @Frankieleohart exploitative bs indeed. And the corporate model makes the culprits unnaccountable. Because the CS reps and their mangersseem to have no power to protect clients. It's to wonder if the companies are really having technical difficulties, or if it's a cash grabbing ploy #CRTCforum
751. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh @Bell 's "clarity of offer" prop from TVServiceProvider code appears to be verbal clarification only. Strongly recommend (based on info credibility research) verbal information in pre-purchase shopping absolutely not enough. @Telecom_ConsIR… #CRTCForum
752. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Damage control, unnaccountability, riding the waves of chaos and an oligarchic culture... We the citizens depend on telecom. It should be nationalized. Now as individuals we have to deal with these cronies. Boycotting is out of the question in this day an age. NOT COOL
753. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Citizens might need to have a class action against these big telecoms. Hard thing is, individualistic consumerism, misleading and undetectable corporate schemes throw the blame on those who sign the contracts, not those who write them
754. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum To top that off, telecom is not a luxury, it's a necessity. And the corporations that "offer" these services have all the good cards in their hands. They can exploit the citizens, and keep looking good while doing it
755. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Bell lost market share because of its old unreliable DSL. So it is sales pitches need to be more agressive to try to regain lost customers
756. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum Why would they care. If they start fixing issues and actually working correctly, they will make less money. They know we have no other choice but to deal with them in this day and age. Telecom services should be nationalized and free
757. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum these companies on which Can citizens DEPEND are gaslighting us and exploiting us.
758. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Disconnect re #telecom consumer expectations + what occurs @Bell thinks consumers need to be aware of -- yes, it is complicated. "Long dialogue w customer" -- only "retain certain things". Order confirmation point too late. Why not as a pre-purchase quote? #CRTCForum
759. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum And those who try to fight for their rights are often out right lied to by CS reps who have no real power. The other alternative is the long and consuming legal system. Corporations clearly know this too well
760. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh What could go wrong? @Bell reports 5 reasons for not putting info in writing: human error by CSR, training issue, system error, billing error, or customer misunderstood. Only 1 relates to consumer issue, why can't SP do better in their service quality? #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
761. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum That's the corporate model for ya... great way to cheat and exploit consumers and remain unnaccountable
762. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei The problem isn’t just when promotion/rebate ends but also when incumbent increase base price while rebate is still in effect. It’s like base price is not part of key terms of contract. #CRTCForum
763. Rasta @NSRasta Rob Malcomson #Bell stories again? #CRTCForum:
Promoted spokesman for #BCE abuses
#CustomerService WORST IN #TELCOM
"Customers are at the centre of all that we do, as is reflected in our overriding goal: To be recognized by customers as Canada's leading communications company.|
764. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Instead of bragging about its training, Bell should have admitted that « train the trainer » had resulted in many problems as see I. The record if proceeding and from now one Bell would train 3rd party directly.  Could have eliminated the need for regulation #CRTCForum.
765. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Many $ related POS / promo termination variables in purchasing 🇨🇦#telecom srvs. @Telecom_ConsIR working on pre-purchase wireless info checklist. Asks too much of consumer to retain details on multiple options w/out documentation. @Bell #HowToShop #InformationOverload #CRTCForum
766. Rasta @NSRasta -Have we fully understood the customer's needs?
-Have we made recommendations that would benefit the customer?
-Have we provided information that is 100 per cent accurate?
Maybe Rob could amplify some of his Customer Discussions ? #OutOfTouch #Bell #CRTCForum Biggest offender
767. @Bell does not see need for changes beyond Code in #Wireless #regime based on their analysis of "problems" reported. Our work suggests inequity in pre-purchase interactions #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
768. Greg O'Brien @gregobr The @CTVNews crew, with @glen_mcgregor, have been here every single day, all day. This is unusual. Normally, the TV reporters are in for a couple of hours during a @CRTCeng hearing week, max. Kudos to him! #CRTCForum
769. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum how much are they pocketing this way? How can we hold them accountable? most people will simply pay without asking questions.
770. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh On option for written quote in advance #CRTCForum "Do not provide sales quotations on #wireless" "Not what customers asking for, not an advantage in the market ... don't see need based on feedback from emps" "I think we do get it right." Our mys shoppers directly contradicts.
771. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh These types of pre-purchase info problems are generally not on any public records. That's part of the larger issue. @Bell suggests consumers do advance shopping as rationale for not providing these. More data needed here. #CRTCForum @Telecom_ConsIR
772. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Are those who work for 3rd parties equipped with the same tools that Bell brags about equippingbuts own sales force ? #CRTCForum
773. Greg O'Brien @gregobr This is the tool @Bell is saying it's using for staff education. Axonify #CRTCforum
774. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei Would be interesting to find out what these guy think happens when customer finds out his installed speed isn’t what he ordere and calls Bell.  (DSL)
775. Joe Bagadonuts @NBomb Is Bell saying that they want to hire the best employees for minimum wage? #CRTCForum
776. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Call centre turnover (generally, not just Canadian telcos) is something like 15-35%/year. That's why training is constant and there is such hunger for new training tools. #CRTCforum
777. John Stillwell @the_jstillwell sw tools for agents, at least 3rd party, may be lacking in good design and speed
778. Frankie @Frankieleohart #CRTCforum being the frontline for abusing customers and doing the emotional heavy lifting for the corporation might be a reason for the high turnover, just a thought. I know I don't make CSR feel good when I call, and I am usually polite even if distressed
779. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Bell's Malcolmson said of a new possible telecom sales practices code: "It's hard for a code to regulate human interactions." #CRTCForum
780. Julieanne Chabot @JulieAnnChabot #CRTCforum #CRTC @Bell #mobility @CRTCHearings 10+ #months just #fix #Bell #fraudulent #charges #contract #breach #honor my #signed #contract instead of #Ten #months #harassment #recorded #calls #email #confirmations from @Bell #admitting #errors #refusing #correction #Scam ?!
781. ⒶccessibilityⓁens @AccessLens Yup! still here 👈😎👍📱#CRTCforum
782. ⒶccessibilityⓁens @AccessLens Need to have hard duplicate copy forms.
A consumer has their final word in it. 👈😎👍📱#CRTCforum
783. Greg O'Brien @gregobr Commissioner Simard maybe not buying all of Bell's explanations... #CRTCforum She wants to leave here more confident Bell is doing everything it can for customers...
784. mfcavanagh @mfcavanagh Just ahead of #CRTCForum wrap-up, s-o to all Inquiry participants. We all want a reliable, robust 🇨🇦 #telecom marketplace that equally respects rights + responsibilities of consumers + SPs in every commercial interaction. #Progress @CRTCeng cc @NavdeepSBains
785. Jean-François Mezei @jfmezei “We @dont offer them sales” says person in charge of handling accessibility people calling to I quite about products.   If that isn’t sales, then Bell is misleading. #CRTCForum
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