Communications Monitoring Report

The Communications Monitoring Report (CMR) provides an overview of the prices, revenues, subscriber data, and technology penetration related to the telecommunications and broadcasting industries.

New for the 2019 data: This year's release focuses on the highlights of each sector. All of the infographics, figures and tables that were made available in previous years, as well as 2019 data, are available on Open Data. Use the "Find a CMR dataset" link to search for the data you need.

Note: The Consumer Household Expenditures and Spending section was not published this year because its main data source, Statistics Canada’s Survey of Household Spending, was not published in 2019.

Overview of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Sectors

Communications Industry Overview

This section contains highlights about the broadcasting and telecommunications industries with regards to:

  • Revenues
  • Subscribers
  • Financial performance
  • Industry characteristics

Highlights of the Telecommunications Sector

This section contains highlights about the telecommunications sector with regards to:

  • Overall revenues
  • Revenues by sector
  • Financial performance
  • Sector summaries

Highlights of the Broadcasting Sector

This section contains highlights about the broadcasting industry with regards to:

  • Revenues and financial performance
  • Industry characteristics
  • Contributions to Canadian content
  • Internet-based audio and television services estimated revenues
  • Spotlight: Commercial Radio
  • Spotlight: CBC/SRC

LTE and Broadband Availability

Explore the interactive maps related to LTE and broadband coverage available across Canada, in First Nations Reserves and in Official Language Minority Communities.

2019 Year-End Prices for Internet, Mobile, Landline and TV Services

Pricing trends related to basic communications services.

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