The Martels: Episode 15 (Sisterzilla)

Video Relay Service is a basic telecommunications service that enables people use American Sign Language (ASL) or Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) to communicate with voice telephone users. The sign language user connects to a VRS operator using Internet-based videoconferencing. The operator then places a voice telephone call to the other party and relays the conversation from sign language to voice and vice-versa.

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(Voiceover, Sebastien and Charlotte)
Sebastien: I can always tell when Charlotte’s waiting for a boy to call.
So it’s kind of weird when she gets the call but hangs up. She says it wasn’t Paul. It was some kind of operator saying something about Video Relay Service.
Hmmm. I ask if Paul is Deaf, hard of hearing or may have a speech disability.
I was so right! I let her know that Video Relay Service is how someone who uses sign language phones someone who doesn’t. It WAS him.
Like a good brother, I come to the rescue.
I tell the operator, a sign language interpreter, to let Paul know – Charlotte would LOVE to go to the dance with him.
Sebastien: Sisters!

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