The MAPL system - defining a Canadian song

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What makes a song Canadian? The CRTC defines a Canadian musical selection in its Radio Regulations. Within these regulations, four elements are used to qualify songs as being Canadian: Music, Artist, Performance and Lyrics (MAPL).

The MAPL system is designed primarily to increase exposure of Canadian musical performers, lyricists and composers to Canadian audiences. It also strives to strengthen the Canadian music industry, including the creative and production components.

While it stimulates all components of the Canadian music industry, the MAPL system is also very simple for the industry to implement and regulate.

How does the MAPL system work?

To qualify as Canadian content, a musical selection must generally fulfil at least two of the following conditions:

There are four special cases where a musical selection may also qualify as Canadian content:

Who qualifies as Canadian in the MAPL system?

For the purposes of the MAPL system, the CRTC’s Radio Regulations define a Canadian as being one of the following:

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