Why isn’t my TV provider letting me pick channels like Super Écran, Crave and HBO individually? Why do I have to buy all the different feeds together?

HBO is a part of the Crave service. Similarly, the various Super Écran feeds are part of the Super Écran service. Each service has one licence. When you choose a service, they automatically come bundled with the additional feeds. These feeds include regional feeds for the sports channels or branded content for Crave (like HBO).

There is no obligation on the content owners and their programming services to bundle their various feeds when they sell content to your television service provider. It is up to these content owners to sell these feeds separately if they wish. This could also allow your television service provider to sell these to you on an individual basis, if the content owners agree. If you are unhappy with how these services are bundled, we suggest you voice your concerns to your television service provider. It’s important they know what their customers prefer for the next time they negotiate with the content owners on how they offer these services to consumers.

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