Is Shaw’s Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program being discontinued?

The LTSS program was created by Shaw Direct as part of benefits package when it acquired CanWest Global back in 2010. The free program offers Canadians a satellite-delivered TV service in areas where local broadcasters have not converted to digital.

The program came to an end on August 31, 2019. Even though Shaw Direct’s broadcasting licence was recently renewed until November 30, 2019, it had no impact on the LTSS program ending at the end of August.

It’s a business decision for Shaw Direct to decide to continue to offer the program to subscribers, including its terms and the CRTC is not involved in such a decision.

If you’re currently subscribed to the LTSS program, you should contact Shaw Direct directly for any additional information or to voice your concerns. You should also contact them for any questions related to the equipment used to receive the service.

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