Why am I getting emergency alert messages on my cell phone? What if I don’t want to receive them, can I opt-out?

While these emergency alert messages may pop-up on your phone unexpectedly, they could end up saving your life!

Starting April 6, 2018, your cell phone provider will be required to deliver potential life-saving emergency alert messages to compatible mobile wireless devices that are connected to an LTE wireless network.

This measure was put in place so you know when to take action to keep yourself and your family safe. Given the importance of these messages, it will not be possible to opt out of them.

Should your device be set to silent, you will still receive the message but you will not hear the alert sound.

The message will not terminate your ongoing call or web-surfing session, and you will not be billed.

For more information on these alerts and testing schedules: https://www.alertready.ca

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