When will the CRTC announce its selected projects for the Broadband Fund’s second call for applications?

A total of 34 projects have been selected from the Broadband Fund’s second call for applications, targeting all eligible areas across Canada.

The 6 access projects and 1 mobile wireless project announced in March 2022 will potentially benefit 1,255 households in 10 communities, including 7 Indigenous communities, in British Columbia and Alberta.

The recipients are:

  • ATG Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership (Alberta)
  • East Shore Internet Society (British Columbia)
  • South Kountry Cable Ltd. (British Columbia)
  • TELUS Communications Inc. (British Columbia)

In December 2021, 5 projects were awarded up to $9.5 million in funding. These projects will improve broadband Internet access services in 8 communities, including 5 Indigenous communities, in British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

In August 2021, 10 projects were awarded up to $20.5 million in funding. These projects will introduce or improve broadband Internet access services, and in some cases mobile wireless services, in 45 communities, including 16 Indigenous communities, in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

In March 2021, 7 projects were awarded up to $57.7 million in funding. Approximately 1,400 km of fibre network cable will be installed and, as a result, 15 communities will benefit from improved connections to the broadband network in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, of which five are both Indigenous and official language minority communities.

The 5 selected transport projects announced in February 2021 will receive up to $26.7 million in funding to help build over 550 km of fibre transport networks. These projects will benefit 41 communities located in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, of which three are Indigenous communities and one is an official language minority community.

The recipients from those previous announcements are as follows:

  • Shaw Cablesystems G.P. (British Columbia)
  • BH Telecom Corp. (Saskatchewan)
  • Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation (British Columbia)
  • Tough Country Communications Ltd. (British Columbia)
  • Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Ontario)
  • Kativik Regional Government (Quebec)
  • Cogeco Connexion Inc. (Ontario)
  • Nexicom Inc. (Ontario)
  • TELUS Communications Inc. (British Columbia)
  • Bell Canada (Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • ATG Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership (Alberta)
  • TELUS Mobility (Alberta)
  • Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (New Brunswick)
  • Base Technology Limited (British Columbia)
  • We’koqma’q First Nation and Seaside Communications Inc. (Nova Scotia)

Construction for many of the transport projects has begun. It is anticipated that the construction phase for the remaining projects will start in the coming year. Projects should be completed within three years of the CRTC’s approval of funding.

The CRTC continues to evaluate applications submitted under the second call and will announce additional projects once they are approved.

The Broadband Fund has to date committed a total of up to $206 million to improve broadband services for 170 communities, representing approximately 30,405 households.

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