Telecom - Commission Letter addressed to Kelly T. Walsh (Canadian Numbering Administrator)

Ottawa, 7 November 2022

Our reference: 8621-C12-01/08


Kelly T. Walsh
CNA Program Manager
Canadian Numbering Administrator
150 Isabella Street, Suite 605
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5H3

Subject: 2023 Numbering Resource Utilization Forecast Survey

Dear Kelly Walsh;

In the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) non-consensus Task Identification Form (TIF) Report CNRE135A, Potential Remedies for CO Code and NPA Exhaust (the Report), the CSCN noted that the telecommunications industry does not have an understanding of the utilization rates for telephone numbers that carriers provide to third parties, such as resellers, VoIP providers or other carriers.

This extensive report included a series of consensus and non-consensus recommendations for the Commission’s consideration. One of the Report’s recommendations, however, was that a one-time, proof of concept utilization survey be conducted to obtain information on number utilization rates of third party users. This information can be obtained by modifying the January 2023 Numbering Resource Utilization Forecast (NRUF) process to include the collection of number utilization data from telecommunications service providers that do not obtain numbering resources directly from the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA). To assist in this activity, the Report suggested in Section, the use of a data collection form for the collection of this information.  This was a consensus recommendation, which reflects a simple information gathering exercise which is essentially an extension of CISC’s work on these matters.

The Commission is concerned with the overall rate of numbering resource consumption in Canada. A better understanding of how numbering resources are being utilized by third parties could be useful information in finding ways to improve the use of the limited numbering resources.

Commission staff, therefore, requests that the CNA conduct a numbering utilization survey, as discussed in section 7.6..1.2 of the Report that includes third-parties who receive numbering resources from other than the CNA as part of the January 2023 NRUF data collection. Commission staff considers that this work can go ahead without a formal Commission determination.


Original signed by

Fiona Gilfillan
Executive Director
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.:  Michel Murray, CRTC,
Alex Pittman, CRTC,
Suresh Khare, CNA,

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