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Ottawa, 13 October 2022

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Subject: Telecom - Procedural Letter addressed to the Distribution List dated 20 September 2022

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the Commission) is in receipt of an e-mail from Tbaytel to Commission staff dated 29 September 2022, seeking clarification on a question posed to small incumbent local exchange carriers (SILECs) in Appendix 2 of the referenced procedural letter of 20 September 2022Footnote1, signed by the Secretary General. Specifically, Tbaytel requested assistance to clarify Question 5 and where it could find related documents, noting that tabs Table 3 & Table 4 could not be found within NG9-1-1 tariffed documentation submitted to the Commission.

Upon review of the Request for Information (RFI) questions contained in Appendix 2 of the procedural letter dated 20 September 2022, it is apparent that Question 5 only contained wording specific to SILECs represented by the Independent Telecommunications Providers Association (ITPA), and inadvertently omitted instructions for Tbaytel.

Therefore, Commission staff communicated the following message to Tbaytel on 7 October 2022 by e-mail:

Commission staff are responding further to your e-mail of September 29, 2022, which was sent in response to the Commission’s Procedural Letter addressed to the Distribution List of 20 September 2022.

We wish to clarify references made to documentation containing tabs titled “Table 3” and “Table 4” in Question 5 of our request for information (RFI) dated 20 September 2022.

Staff notes that the aforementioned question inadvertently did not differentiate between the documentation filed by the Independent Telecommunications Providers Association (ITPA) members and Tbaytel.

To clarify, for Tbaytel, Question 5 omitted the following additional text in the RFI question:

In the case of Tbaytel, refer to Table 2 in Attachment 1 to RFI Responses February 7, 2022 Abridged.

Additionally, in part 5b. i. of the question, the following text was also omitted:

In the case of Tbaytel, provide the NG9-1-1 call flow diagrams in which each of your intermediate POIs and NG9-1-1 network provider POIs are identified, clearly identifying where each of the cost components identified in Table 2 in “Attachment 1 to RFI Responses February 7, 2022 Abridged” are incurred.

All other aspects of the question apply, as written.

In the interest of expediency, we are directly responding to your e-mail. However, please be advised that we will be communicating this clarification to the entire Distribution List in due course.

Accordingly, Commission staff request that Tbaytel respond to RFI Question 5 with the aforementioned considerations. The deadlines within the procedural request letter of 27 September 2022Footnote2 remain unchanged for all parties.

All documents filed and served must be received, not merely sent, by the date provided.  Parties are to send an electronic copy of all documents to Commission staff copied on this letter.

The Commission requires the response or other documents to be submitted electronically by using the secured service “My CRTC Account” (Partner Log In or GCKey) and filling the “Telecom Cover Page” located on the Commission’s website.

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the related proceedings.

As set out in section 39 of the Telecommunications ActFootnote3 and in Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-961Footnote4, Procedures for filing confidential information and requesting its disclosure in Commission proceedings, persons may designate certain information as confidential. A person designating information as confidential must provide a detailed explanation on why the designated information is confidential and why its disclosure would not be in the public interest, including why the specific direct harm that would be likely to result from the disclosure would outweigh the public interest in disclosure. Furthermore, a person designating information as confidential must either file an abridged version of the document omitting only the information designated as confidential or provide reasons why an abridged version cannot be filed.


Original signed by Philippe Nadeau for

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.:  Chris Noonan, CRTC,, 873-354-0359;
Stais Armstrong, CRTC,, 819-862-5720;
Étienne Robelin, CRTC,, 873-354-4325;
Daniel Cardozo, CRTC,, 819-862-5720;
B. Natraj (Nat Natraj), CRTC,, 819-953-5081

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