Telecom - Procedural Letter addressed to Jeffrey Beatty (Deaf Wireless Canada Committee), Kimberly Wood (Canada Deaf Grassroots Movement)

Ottawa, 7 June 2022

Our reference: 1011-NOC2022-0065


Jeffrey Beatty
Technical Consultant
Deaf Wireless Canada Committee

Kimberly Wood
Canada Deaf Grassroots Movement 

Subject: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2022-65 – Call for comments – Funding next-generation 9-1-1 access services through the National Contribution Fund – request for extension to deadlines and other procedural matters

The Commission is in receipt of a letter from the Deaf Wireless Canada Committee (DWCC), dated 3 June 2022, in which it submitted that it was unable to submit its intervention to Notice of Consultation 2022-65 (NOC 2022-65)Footnote1 by the deadline of 3 June 2022 due to a lack of personnel resources.

Consequently, the DWCC requested the deadline for its intervention to NOC 2022-65 be extended to 17 June 2022. The DWCC noted that such an extension would impact the deadline for replies, currently set at 15 June 2022.

The Canada Deaf Grassroots Movement (CDGM) filed a letter on 5 June 2022 in which it opposed the DWCC’s request, submitting that the DWCC’s request entails an abuse of process. Having previously requested and being granted an extension to the NOC 2022-65 deadlines, the CDGM filed its intervention on 3 June 2022.Footnote2 Further discussion relating to this intervention is set out below.

Staff recognizes the benefit of collecting a variety of views in relation to the matters being considered in NOC 2022-65. As such, staff considers it appropriate to allow the DWCC an opportunity to provide its views on the matters under consideration in NOC 2022-65, as well as to afford all parties time to consider the DWCC intervention in their replies.

Accordingly, the DWCC may file its intervention by 17 June 2022. Staff reminds the DWCC that its intervention shall be limited to the matter of whether the provision of next-generation 9-1-1 access services by telecommunication service providers should be funded, in whole or in part, through the National Contribution Fund (see specific questions starting at paragraph 16 of NOC 2022-65).Footnote3 Furthermore, in light of the fact that interventions and replies have already been received, DWCC’s intervention shall not address any submissions made by other parties to the proceeding including the intervention previously filed by CDGM.

In addition, the reply deadline for NOC 2022-65 is extended to 28 June 2022. Parties who filed reply comments with the Commission prior to receiving this letter may submit an amended reply though any amendments shall be limited to addressing the interventions filed by the DWCC and CDGM. As well, any reply filed by the DWCC and CDGM shall be limited to addressing comments made in other parties’ interventions and shall not take into consideration any party’s reply comments.

Finally, staff notes that the CDGM and the DHH Coalition filed an addendum to their 3 June 2022 intervention. This addendum was filed with the Commission on 5 June 2022, two days after the deadline for their intervention. Given that this addendum serves to elaborate on points made in their intervention, and having regard to the extension being granted the DWCC and the fact that all parties will be able to file new or revised reply comments, staff considers it appropriate to accept this addendum and place it on the record of the proceeding.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.:  Étienne Robelin, CRTC,
Parties to NOC 2022-65

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