Broadcasting Commission Letter addressed to Jonathan Frantz (Isuma Collective)

Ottawa, 21 November 2022

Public record: 2022-252

Reference: 2021-0527-0


Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by return email.

Johnathan Frantz
Isuma Collective
Igloolik Office: P.O. 223 Igloolik, NU X0A 0L0
Montreal Office: 5333 Casgrain Avenue, Suite 910 Montreal, QC H2T 1X3

Re: Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2022-252 - Application by Nunavut Independent Television Network to receive mandatory distribution as part of the digital basic service for its discretionary service Uvagut TV – Procedural request

This letter is in reference to the procedural request filed on 15 November 2022 by Nunavut Independent Television Network (NITV) regarding a procedural request that was filed by Inuit TV on 7 November 2022 in relation to the above referenced application.

In response to the Inuit TV request, you were permitted to file a reply by no later than 17 November 2022 after which Inuit TV is permitted to respond by 22 November 2022. In your 15 November 2022 procedural request, you requested the permission to submit a sur-reply to Inuit TV’s reply. You stated that this measure would be fair in response to a late request filed on 7 November 2022 by Inuit TV. You indicated that you would ensure that your reply would be focused solely on the issues raised in Inuit TV’s reply.

On 17 November 2022, Inuit TV filed a letter with the Commission and stated that it had no objection to NITV being given the opportunity to reply to Inuit TV, if necessary.

NITV had the opportunity to file a full response to Inuit TV’s procedural request in its 17 November 2022 submission (final reply). 

In the circumstances, should Inuit TV raise something in its reply to which NITV has not had the opportunity to respond, it may file a reply related only to such matters, serving a copy on Inuit TV, by 25 November 2022.

NITV and Inuit TV must provide to the other party copies of their submissions on the same date they are filed with the CRTC.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Michael Craig
A/Director, Television, Broadcasting

c.c: Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (

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