Telecom - Commission Letter adressed to W.N. (Bill) Beckman (SaskTel)

Ottawa, 21 December 2021

Our reference:  8740-S22-202107739


W.N. (Bill) Beckman
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs
2121 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK, S4P 3Y2

RE: Tariff Notice (TN) 374 – Public Telephone Service

Bill Beckman:

On 9 November 2021, the Commission received an application from Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) under TN 374 proposing changes to General Tariff – Basic Services (CRTC 21411) Public Telephone Service to reflect the intention to migrate its Millennium pay telephones to a new Guardian Telecom pay telephone. SaskTel is proposing to provide free local calling and free in-province long distance calling from the new Guardian pay telephone once installed. Calls made to other provinces or internationally would still be charged toll rates, either through collect calls, third-party billing, or calling card methods of payment. 

Commission staff is of the view that, as this application raises issues in relation to, among other things, accessibility and existing pay telephone policies, it would be more appropriate to process this request through a Part 1 application as set out in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Rules of Practice and Procedure.

In light of the above, the tariff application filed under SaskTel TN 374 will now be closed.

Should SaskTel refile its proposal as a Part 1 application, in addition to the information provided in TN 374, SaskTel should among other things also address the following issues:


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Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c: Julie Boisvert, CRTC, 819-953-2421,

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