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Ottawa, 15 November 2021

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Distribution List

RE: Introduction of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Services – Tariff applications

In Establishment of new deadlines for Canada’s transition to next-generation 9-1-1, Telecom Decision CRTC 2021-199, 14 June 2021, the Commission directed NG9-1-1 network providers to establish NG9-1-1 networks, complete all NG9-1-1 production onboarding activities and be ready to provide NG9-1-1 Voice wherever public safety answering points have been established in a particular region by 1 March 2022. The Commission further directed NG9-1-1 providers to file proposed NG9-1-1 wholesale and retail tariffs by no later than 1 November 2021.

In compliance with the directives set out in that Decision, the companies listed in the attachment below filed tariff applications on or before 1 November 2021.

With the exception of Bell Canada who filed its application as a Competitor tariff, all other companies filed their tariff applications as Group B tariff applications. Given that these tariff applications address both wholesale and retail aspects, Commission staff is of the view that it is more appropriate to process these applications as Competitor tariff applications as set out most recently in Approval processes for tariff applications and intercarrier agreements, Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-455-1, 19 February 2016 (TIB 2010-455-1).

Accordingly, all NG9-1-1 tariff applications filed as Group B applications will be treated as Competitor applications in accordance with TIB CRTC 2010-455-1. Commission staff does not require that the tariff applications be re-filed to reflect this change.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: Stais Armstrong, CRTC, 819-665-8532,
Christine Brock, CRTC, 873-353-5852,

Attach (1) Distribution list

Distribution list

Large incumbent local exchange carriers
Company Tariff Notice Number Our Reference Number Company Contact
Bell Canada 968 8740-B20-202107094
Saskatchewan Telecommunications 373 8740-S22-202107515
TELUS Communications Inc. 565 8740-T66-202107490
Small incumbent local exchange carriers
Company Tariff Notice Number Our Reference Number Company Contact
9315-1884 Québec inc. 14 8740-Q29-202107466
Amtelecom Limited Partnership 84 8740-A2-202107573
Brooke Telecom Co-operative Ltd. 22 8740-B6-202107325
Bruce Telecom Ontario Inc. 161 8740-B7-202107341
Cochrane Telecom Services 79 8740-C1-202107226    
CoopTel, coop de télécommunication 88
Execulink Telecom Inc. 79 8740-E25-202107333
Hay Communications 33 8740-H3-202107440
HuronTel 40 8740-H4-202107432
Gosfield North Communication Co-operative Limited 22 8740-G2-202107680
Lansdowne Rural Telephone Company 18 8740-L3-202107482
Mornington 70 8740-M5-202107416
Nexicom Telecommunications, a Division of Nexicom Inc. 52 8740-N24-202107367
Nexicom Telephones, a Division of Nexicom Inc 44 8740-N23-202107359
North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Ltd. 35 8740-N7-202107549
North Renfrew Telephone Company Limited Trade 44 8740-N10-202107375
People's Tel Limited Partnership 93 8740-P1-202107565
Quadro Communication Co-operative Inc. 37 8740-Q2-202107581
Sogetel inc. 189 8740-S4-202107458
TBayTel 174 8740-T8-202107531
The Westport Telephone Company, Limited 46 8740-W3-202107383
Tuckersmith Communications Co-operative Limited 34 8740-T7-202107557
Wightman Telecom Ltd. 33 8740-W4-202107474
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