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Ottawa, 1 November 2021

Our reference: 8638-B2-202107268


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Re:  Urgent and Expedited request for a Commission direction deferring the effective start date for the application of the STIR/SHAKEN condition from CETD 2021-123 to NG9-1-1 voice calls pending the development of milestones to be determined by the CISC ESWG and the CISC NTWG as may be approved by the Commission.

The Commission has received the above-described urgent and expedited request by letter dated 28 October filed by the Emergency Services (ESWG) and Network (NTWG) Working Groups of the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC), Bell Canada, TELUS Communications Inc., and Sasktel.  The applicants submit that in the absence of specific standards with respect to the application of the STIR/SHAKEN framework to emergency 9-1-1 calls, there is a risk that the application of the framework to such calls could result in the misidentification of 9-1-1 calls as spoofed or misidentified calls, thereby creating confusion for the public safety answering point (PSAP) answering the call, or worse, a risk that the legitimate 9-1-1 calls could be dropped.

Interested parties who wish to comment may do so within five days of this letter, serving a copy on the applicants.   The applicants may file a reply to any such comments within eight days of this letter, serving a copy on the interested party or parties who filed comments.


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Alain Garneau
Director, Telecommunications Enforcement
Compliance and Enforcement Sector

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