Telecom - Commission Letter addressed to Jacques R. Sarrazin (Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority (CST-GA))

Ottawa, 25 October 2021 

Our reference: 8638-M75-202008953


Jacques R. Sarrazin
President and CEO, Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority (CST-GA)

RE:  Report on Industry Consultation as directed by CETD 2021-267

Dear Mr. Sarrazin,

I acknowledge receipt of the Report describing the CST-GA participant’s recommendations to extend participation in the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem to previously ineligible TSPs. I greatly appreciate that the CST-GA was able to file the Report within the brief timeframe set out by the Commission in CETD 2021-267.

I am looking forward to consulting the detailed policies and processes that will be put in place by the CST-GA Shareholders’ Board to implement the Report.

Commission staff will monitor the impact of these new policies and processes through the STIR/SHAKEN implementation status reports that were requested in CETD 2021-123. The May 2022 report will specifically provide updates and information on previously ineligible TSPs’ capacity to acquire SPC Tokens and Secure Telephone Identity (STI) Certificates, and on their level of participation in the STIR/SHAKEN framework in Canada.

Yours sincerely

Originally signed by:

Steven Harroun
Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer

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