Telecom - Commission letter addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 27 May 2021

Our reference: 8638-B2-202006345


Distribution List

RE: Part 1 Application for Permanent Commission Approval to Allow the Bell Companies to Continue to Block Certain Fraudulent and Scam Voice Calls

In accordance with the procedures set out in Compliance and Enforcement and Telecom Decision CRTC 2021-141 (CETD 2021-141), the Commission has determined that the following parties are eligible to sign Bell Canada’s non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”):

As provided for in CETD 2021-141, the above parties have until 10 June 2021 to execute and deliver the signed NDA to Bell Canada.  Bell Canada must provide the confidential information, as identified in CETD 2021-141, to each NDA signatory within two business days after receipt of the intervener’s signed NDA.

Yours sincerely,

‘Original signed by’

Alain Garneau
Director, Telecommunications Enforcement
Compliance and Enforcement Sector

cc.       Bell Canada
Interested parties to 8638-B2-202006345

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