Telecom - Procedural Letter addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 25 January 2021

Our reference: 1011-NOC2019-0406


Distribution List

Re: Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-406, as modified by Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-406-1 and 2019-406-2 – Telus Request for Extension

The Commission is in receipt of a letter dated 18 January 2021 from TELUS, requesting an extension to file final submissions and final replies. TELUS noted that it only recently became aware of a 14 December 2020 procedural letter, as the letter was sent to an incorrect email address. In a letter dated 19 January 2021, Bell Canada supported TELUS’ extension request.


Commission staff notes that the above noted procedural letter was posted on the public record and reminds parties to monitor the public record of proceedings.

The record of this proceeding will be closed with the filing of final replies.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Lisanne Legros
Director, Telecommunications Networks Policy
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.  Parties to proceeding Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-406 (Distribution List attached)
Julian Brainerd, CRTC,  

Distribution List

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