Broadcasting - Procedural Letter addressed to Ms. Peggy Tabet (Quebecor Media Inc.)

Ottawa, 10 March 2021

Application number: 2020-0166-8


Ms. Peggy Tabet                                                           
Public and Regulatory Affairs                      
Quebecor Media Inc.                                          

Re: Closing of Part 1 Application (2020-0166-8) – Videotron against Bell TV and its service Alt TV, and Bell Media and its service Super Écran

Dear Ms. Tabet:

This is with respect to the Part 1 application (2020-0166-8) filed on 23 March 2020 by Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of Videotron Ltd., against Bell ExpressVu Inc. (the general partner) and Bell Canada (the limited partner), carrying on business as Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership (Bell TV), and its service Alt TV, and Bell Media Inc. and its service Super Écran.

Commission staff acknowledges receipt of the letter dated 25 February 2021 submitted by Quebecor Media Inc. seeking the withdrawal of the above-mentioned application.

In light of the above, Commission staff confirms that Application 2020-0166-8 is now closed. A copy of this letter, as well as the one dated 25 February 2021, will be added to the public record.


(Original signed by)

Christina Ivanescu
Senior Analyst, Broadcasting


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