Telecom - Procedural Letter addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 2 November 2020

Our reference: 8638-B2-202006345


Distribution List

RE: Part 1 application by Bell Canada for permanent Commission approval to allow Bell Companies to continue to block certain fraudulent and scam voice calls.

As you may know, Bell Canada, on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries, filed a Part 1 Application, dated 25 September 2020, seeking the Commission’s approval, pursuant to section 36 of the Telecommunications Act, to block fraudulent and scam voice telephone calls received or transmitted from, to, or over, its networks.  Bell Canada is proposing to apply the same call blocking methodology as was previously approved, on a trial basis, by the Commission in CETD 2020-185.  

The application was posted on the Commission’s website. In its application, Bell Canada has claimed confidentiality to a similar extent as was approved by the Commission in the process leading to CETD 2020-185.  That is, certain confidential information would be disclosed to interveners pursuant to a non-disclosure agreement and other information would be retained entirely in confidence.

Parties wishing to file a response to Bell Canada’s confidentiality claim and proposed process, set out at paragraphs 13-14 of its application, may do so by 9 November 2020, serving a copy on Bell Canada.  Bell Canada may file its response to any such comments by 13 November 2020, serving a copy on all parties who filed comments.   A ruling on Bell Canada’s proposed process and on its claims of confidentiality will be issued as soon as possible

Yours sincerely

Original signed by

Alain Garneau
Director, Telecommunications Enforcement
Compliance and Enforcement Sector

cc :
Allstream Business Inc.
The Canadian Network Operators Consortium,
Internet Society Canada Chapter (ISCC)
Mr. Marc Nanni,
Me. Mark Phillips,
Dr. Reza Rajabliun
Dr. Fenwick McKelvey
Iristel Inc.
Quebecor Media inc,
Telus Communications inc.

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