Telecom - Procedural letter addressed to Distribution List

Ottawa, 7 October 2020

Our reference: 8621-C17-202002856


Distribution List

RE: Part 1 Application filed by City Wide Communications requesting an Order directing Bragg Communications Inc. operating as Eastlink, to move its TPIA POI from Pennant Point to the core of Halifax – Requests for Information – Deadline Change

To All:

On 11 September 2020, Commission staff sent requests for information related to the above noted proceeding to City Wide Communications Inc., Bragg Communications Inc., operating as Eastlink, and Rogers Communications Canada Inc. The deadline for responses was set to 12 October 2020.

The purpose of this letter is to modify the process so that responses are not due on an official holiday.

Therefore, the process is now as follows:

Please contact Marc Pilon should you have any questions in regards to this letter and requests for information.


Original signed by

Chris Noonan
Director, Competitor Services & Costing Implementation
Telecommunication sector
c.c.: Marc Pilon,

Distribution List:

David Pothier ,
Marielle Wilson,
Howard Slawner,
Jeff Brownlee,
Andy Kaplan-Myrth,

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