Telecom Commission Letter adressed to Mr. Toni Vidal (Luxline Network Corporation)

Ottawa, 7 August 2020

Our reference: 8740-L40-201611187


Mr. Tony Vidal
Regulatory Liaison
Luxline Network Corporation
3165 South Talbot Road
Cottam, ON N0R 1B0

RE:  Tariff Notice 1 – Introduction of Access Services Tariff

Dear Mr. Vidal,

On 25 October 2016, the Commission received an application from Luxline Network Corporation (Luxline), under Tariff Notice 1 (TN 1), in which the company submitted for the Commission’s consideration and approval its proposed Access Services Tariff (CRTC 15110), for its intended operation as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC).

A Commission staff letter was sent to Luxline on 21 December 2016 requesting that the company revise its application to reflect changes discussed with Commission staff in November 2016. A revised filing of TN 1 by Luxline was never received by the Commission.

On 26 March 2020, Commission staff sent an email to Luxline requesting that the company indicate whether it still planned to operate as a CLEC. On 11 May 2020 Luxline submitted a draft amendment to TN 1 to Commission staff for preliminary review to ensure it had made the necessary changes.

Commission staff informed Luxline of revisions required to ensure the necessary compliance and Luxline indicated it would revise and submit an amended application. Subsequently, Commission staff have contacted Luxline on several occasions to determine when the amended application would be filed. As of today’s date no amendment to the application has been received from Luxline.

In light of the above, the tariff application filed under TN 1 from Luxline will now be closed.Please note that, pursuant to the Telecommunications Act, in order to operate as a CLEC and offer local voice services Luxline must have a tariff approved by the Commission.

Should Luxline wish to operate as a CLEC, the company must file a new application for its Access Services Tariff that addresses all the necessary revisions.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c: Joanne Baldassi, CRTC, 819-997-3498,

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