Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Marielle Wilson (Bragg Communications Inc.)

Ottawa, 9 June 2020

Our reference:  8621-C17-202002856


Marielle Wilson
Vice President, Regulatory
Bragg Communications Inc.

RE:  Follow-up to Part 1 Application requesting an Order directing Bragg Communications Inc. o/a Eastlink to move its TPIA POI from Pennant Point to the core of Halifax

Dear Madam:

The Commission has received a Part 1 Application from City Wide Communications Inc., dated 22 May 2020, in which the company requests an order directing Bragg Communications Inc, operating as Eastlink (Eastlink) to move its TPIA point of interconnection (POI) from Pennant Point to the core of Halifax.

To assist the Commission in its consideration of the application, identify separately:

  1. all current TPIA customers interconnected at Eastlink’s Pennant Point POI;
  2. all former TPIA customers that had interconnected at Eastlink’s Pennant Point POI, along with the time period during which they were interconnected at that POI;
  3. all other TSPs that have approached Eastlink with a view to interconnect at the Pennant Point POI, including an indication as to whether efforts are still being expended with a view to providing each such TSP with TPIA service; and
  4. whether any TSPs are obtaining, or have previously obtained, TPIA service from Eastlink by interconnecting at a different POI in Nova Scotia, along with the location of such POI and the date during which TPIA service was provided to each such customer via the relevant POI.

The information requested above is to be filed with the Commission by 16 June 2020.



Original signed by


Lyne Renaud
Director, Competitor Services & Costing Implementation
Telecommunication sector

c.c.:  David Pothier, City Wide Communications,
Marc Pilon,


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