Telecom Procedural Letter addressed to Philippe Gauvin (Bell Canada)

Ottawa, 11 May 2020

Our reference: 8662-B2-201912626


To: Bell Canada
c/o Mr. Philippe Gauvin, Assistant General Counsel
160 Elgin Street, Floor 19
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2C4

Re: Part 1 Application For Exemption From Certain Reporting Requirement Pursuant To Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2018-466, Review Of The Regulatory Framework For Text-Based Message Relay Services – Extension Request

Dear Mr. Gauvin:

On 30 April 2020, Bell Canada (Bell) submitted a procedural request seeking to extend the deadline to file responses to a Commission staff request for information letter.

Bell noted that the reason for this request is because the resources required to respond to the Commission staff’s request are currently being allocated to ensure Bell’s networks continue to function at peak efficiency to meet the unique and heavy demands placed on them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commission staff recognizes the unique situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and considers that it would be appropriate for Bell to focus its resources on maintaining its networks during this period of high demand.

Accordingly, the deadline to file information has been extended to 31 July 2020. The deadline for parties to the proceeding to file interventions has been extended to 20 August 2020, and Bell may reply by 4 September 2020.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Nanao Kachi
Social and Consumer Policy
Consumer, Research and Communications

c.c.: Albert Xie, CRTC,
Lisa Anderson, DWCC-CSSSC,
Jim Roots, CAD-ASC,
Megan McHugh, CNSDB,
Elliott Richman, DAANS,

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