Telecom Commission Letter adressed to Philippe Gauvin (Bell Canada)

Ottawa, 20 April 2020

Our reference: 1011-NOC2019-0420


Philippe Gauvin
Assistant General Counsel
Bell Canada
160 Elgin Street, Floor 19
Ottawa, Ontario  K2P 2C4

RE: Bell Canada – Request to Suspend Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-420 – Call for comments – Access to in-building wire in multi-dwelling units, as amended by Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-420-1

Dear Sir:

The Commission received an application from Bell Canada, dated 15 April 2020, in which it requested that the Commission suspend the procedure established in Call for comments – Access to in-building wire in multi-dwelling units, Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-420, 16 December 2019, as amended by Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-420-1, 8 April 2020 (the Notice), until such time as:

  1. The Commission determines that the unprecedented situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has ended;
  2. Bell Canada has sufficient time (taking into account the continuing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation) to assess, evaluate and analyze the state of its fibre in-building wiring (IBW) at the various multi-dwelling unit (MDU) addresses which it is due to receive by 11 May 2020 from local exchange carriers (LECs) and carrier Internet Service Providers (Carrier ISPs) who on 16 December 2019 were using its IBW, pursuant to the Commission's direction in Telecom Decision 2020-122; or
  3. Such other date as the Commission considers just and reasonable in the unique circumstances of this proceeding.

Bell Canada served its application on “those organizations and individuals who were parties to prior related proceedings, to provide them with the earliest possible notice of this Application so that they can comment in a timely manner.”

While Bell Canada submitted its request in the form of a Part 1 application, Commission staff considers that it is substantially a procedural request, it is appropriate to treat it as such, and it should be incorporated into the process associated with the Notice. Commission staff also considers it important that all interested parties have the opportunity to comment on Bell Canada’s request.

Consequently, Bell Canada’s request has been added to the record of the Notice. Given that the current intervention deadline for this proceeding is 7 May 2020, Commission staff invites interested parties to provide comments on Bell Canada’s request by 22 April 2020.


Original signed by

Philippe Kent
Director, Policy
Telecommunications Sector

c.c  Cogeco Connexion Inc.,
Canadian Network Operators Consortium,
Cloudwifi Inc.,
Iristel Inc.,
Independent Telecommunications Providers Association,
Les.Net (1996) Inc.,
Marc Nanni,
Novus Entertainment Inc.,
QMI/Vidéotron ltée.,
Public Interest Advocacy Centre,
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.,
Shaw Telecom G.P.,
TELUS Communications Inc.,
Parties to Telecom proceeding 2019-420 (via posting on CRTC website)

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