Telecom - Commission letter

Ottawa, 30 March 2020

To: Persons who viewed the 2019 Price Cap Filings between 17 June 2019 and 28 January 2020

Re: 2019 Price Cap Filings – Inadvertent Disclosure of Confidential Information on Commission’s Website

On 28 January 2020 Commission staff became aware that confidential versions of Northwestel’s 2019 annual price cap model and Télébec’s 2018 price cap model (the Confidential Documents) had been posted on the Commission’s website in error. These documents were immediately removed from the website. In addition, all Price Cap webpages were verified to ensure that no other confidential information had been inadvertently published. 

The Confidential Documents were filed in June and August 2019 and were included in the ZIP file for the 2019 Price Cap Filings. If you viewed the 2019 Price Cap Filings between 17 June 2019 and 28 January 2020, it is possible that you may have downloaded some or all of the Confidential Documents.

Given the confidential nature of these documents, the Commission requires anyone who downloaded the ZIP file for the 2019 Price Cap Filings to:

In addition, the confidential information contained in the Confidential Documents should not be disclosed to any person, used to gain an improper benefit, or used to the detriment of any person to whose business or affairs the information relates.   

The Commission is committed to protecting confidential information and has confidence in the processes it has in place to verify the classification of documents before they are posted to the Commission’s website. However, in light of these inadvertent disclosures, the Commission has modified its internal processes and procedures to add an additional safeguard to the verification process.

The Commission appreciates your urgent attention to this matter. Should you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact Claude Doucet at

Yours sincerely,


Claude Doucet
Secretary General

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