Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Louise Bégin (9315-1884 Québec Inc.)

Ottawa, 16 January 2020

Our reference: 8740-Q29-201900184


Ms. Louise Bégin, Legal Counsel
Director, Legal Disputes
9315-1884 Québec Inc.

Re:   Tariff Notice No. 12 – Local Service Request (LSR)

On January 14, 2019, 9315-1884 Québec Inc. (Québec Inc.) submitted Tariff Notice No. 12 to obtain authority to charge for the following items:

Section 4.1.1 – Local service request expedited processing charge

Section 4.1.2 – Ongoing port-out cancellation charge

Section 4.1.3 – Local service request rejection charge

Québec Inc. has proposed to match its above-mentioned rates with Commission-approved rates as permitted in the Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2013-160 (2013-160). Paragraphs 35 to 37 of 2013-160 state that it is appropriate to set the rates for small incumbent local exchange carriers (ILEC) competitor services by matching them with rates in the adjacent large ILEC territory for the same service. If a similar rate does not exist for a large ILEC, the company must provide a cost study in support of its proposed rate.

Commission staff notes that Québec Inc. proposed that the rate for the expedited processing charges of a local service request, Section 4.1.1, be based on an existing Sogetel rate as determined in Telecom Order 2018-451. Commission staff notes that Quebec Inc. is in violation of the rule because Sogetel is a small ILEC whereas according to 2013-160, rates must be matched with those of a large ILEC. Commission staff therefore advises Québec Inc. that it must provide a cost study for the rate for the local service rate expedited processing charge, i.e., section 4.1.1, within 30 days following the receipt of this letter.


Original signed by

Lyne Renaud
Directoe, Competitor Services and Costing Implementation
Telecommunications Sector


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