Broadcasting Commission Letter adressed to Mr. Alexei Tchernobrivets (2251723 Ontario Inc. (VMedia))

Ottawa, 24 September 2020

Our reference: 2020-0487-8


Mr. Alexei Tchernobrivets
Chief Executive Officer
2251723 Ontario Inc. (VMedia)  

Re: Part 1 Application filed by 2251723 Ontario Inc. (VMedia) – Undue Preference Complaint against Bell Media – Request for Withdrawal

Dear Mr. Tchernobrivets,

Commission staff acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 18 September 2020 withdrawing the Part 1 Application 2020-0487-8, filed by 2251723 Ontario Inc. (VMedia) on 5 August 2020. In the letter, you informed the Commission that the issues raised in the above-noted application have been resolved to VMedia’s satisfaction.

In light of the above, the application is now closed. A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record.


Jean-Pierre Lefebvre
Distribution Compliance

Cc: George Burger, VMedia
Alain Strati, Bell Media Inc.
Andy Kaplan-Myrth, Hastings Cable Vision Ltd.
Christopher Hickey, Distributel Communications Limited
Chris Edwards, Canadian Communication Systems Alliance
Susan Wheeler, Rogers Sports & Media
Lecia Simpson, TELUS Communications Inc.

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