Broadcasting Procedural Letter addressed to Mr. Alain Strati (Bell Media Inc.)

Ottawa, 14 September 2020

Our reference: 2020-0487-8


Mr. Alain Strati
Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Affairs
Bell Media Inc.

Re: Part 1 Application filed by 2251723 Ontario Inc. (VMedia) – Undue Preference Complaint against Bell Media – Request for Extension

Dear Mr. Strati,

This is in response to your letter dated 11 September 2020 requesting that Bell Media Inc. (Bell) be granted an extension of time to file its answer to Part 1 Application 2020-0487-8, filed by 2251723 Ontario Inc. (VMedia) on 5 August 2020. Bell stated that since the filing of this application, the parties have been working together to negotiate a resolution to the matters at hand and are confident that a settlement agreement can be completed in the very near future. In light of this, Bell requested a seven-day extension of time to file its answer to VMedia’s application to provide the parties with the time and opportunity to conclude that agreement.

In order to encourage a settlement of this application, and in light of the short extension of time being requested, Bell’s request has been granted. Therefore, the timetable for the Part 1 process for the above-noted application will be modified as follows:


Jean-Pierre Lefebvre
Distribution Compliance

Cc: George Burger, Director, VMedia

Date modified: