Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2020-89-1

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Reference: 2020-89

Ottawa, 17 April 2020

Public record:1011-NOC2020-0089

Show cause proceeding and call for comments – Changes to procedure

Telecommunications service providers that have failed to become participants in the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services Inc.

Revised deadline for submission of interventions: 20 May 2020

  1. In Telecom Notice of Consultation 2020-89 (the notice), the Commission initiated a proceeding concerning telecommunications service providers (TSP) that appeared not to be participants in the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services Inc. (CCTS) as required (the CCTS participation requirement). In the notice, it required:
    • each of the named TSPs to show cause why it should not be found in violation of the Telecommunications Act for contravening the CCTS participation requirement, and
    • the director(s) of each TSP to show cause why they should not be considered liable for any violation by the company that they direct.
  2. Further, the notice also required that in the case of any TSP found to have committed a violation,
    • the TSP is to show cause why an administrative monetary penalty (AMP) in the amount of $50,000 should not be imposed against it;
    • the director(s) of the TSP is to show cause why an AMP in the amount of $15,000 should not be imposed against them; and
    • the TSP and its director(s) are to show cause why a Mandatory Order requiring the TSP and its director(s) to take the necessary steps for the TSP to become a participant in the CCTS should not be issued.
  3. On 17 March 2020, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission announced that it had suspended all deadlines between that date and 10 April 2020 associated with open proceedings, and that it would announce new deadlines in the coming days.
  4. Accordingly, the Commission amends the procedural dates set out in paragraphs 49, 50, and 52 of the notice. For ease of reference, the relevant paragraphs of the notice are reproduced below, with changes highlighted in bold italics:
    1. The two TSPs and each of the individuals listed in Appendix 1 are made parties to this proceeding. They are to file their submissions with the Commission by 20 May 2020.
    1. Interested persons may also file interventions on these matters. Interested persons who wish to become parties to this proceeding must file an intervention with the Commission regarding the above-noted issues by 20 May 2020. The intervention must be filed in accordance with section 26 of the Rules of Procedure.Footnote 1
    1. All parties may file replies to interventions with the Commission by 4 June 2020. Parties can consult the Commission’s website to determine who has filed interventions for the purpose of exercising their right of reply.

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