Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2020-374-1

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References: 2020-25 and 2020-374

Ottawa, 11 January 2021

Call for comments – Commercial radio policy framework review

New deadline for the submission of comments: 29 March 2021

New deadline for the submission of replies: 28 April 2021

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  1. Further to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2020-374, the Commission received a joint procedural request from various associations representing the music sector, namely the Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo, the Alliance nationale de l’industrie musicale, the Professional Music Publishers’ Association, Artisti, the Quebec Musicians’ Guild, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, the Quebec Collective Society for the Rights of Makers of Sound and Video Recordings, the Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec and the Union des artistes, to extend the deadline for the submission of interventions.
  2. Having considered the request, the Commission extends the deadline to submit interventions to 29 March 2021 and the deadline for the submission of replies to 28 April 2021.

Secretary General

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